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DIY Notice Board the Easy and Frugal Way!

Hi Friends!  I finally finished my daughter’s room!!  Woo – Hoo!  Only took me a year to make the final item I had told her I’d make since other projects kept pushing it down in list.  Well I finally made it the other day and it took about 30 minutes!  Frugal, cute, and quick… my kind of project!!  This is something you can make with no fancy tools and limited creativity, I promise you can do it!  Keep reading to learn how to make this DIY notice board!DIY Notice Board

Materials for DIY Notice Board

    • Foam Board insulation – I got mine at Lowe’s and had them cut it there.  I’ve made a few projects with the pieces of one board!
    • Fabric of your choice a few inches bigger than the foam board
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Ribbon – optional


The first thing you want to do is lay your foam board over your fabric and cut it so you have about 2-3 inches sticking out on all 4 sides.  Iron the fabric if needed.

DIY Notice Board

I like starting on a long side. Just start adding some glue near the edge of the board and fold over the fabric and press it down with your hands.  It’s hot so be careful!  I just gently press.  I put down about 12 inches of glue at a time and then pull the fabric and fold over.

DIY Notice Board    diy memo board tutorial

After you’re done with the first long side, do the other long side.  Make sure you are pulling the fabric taught before putting it down on the glue.  Don’t pull it so hard it pulls off the other side, but pull it firmly.

DIY Notice Board


diy memo board tutorial


For the small sides I like to fold the end fabric like you’re folding a present.  Fold the corners in, apply glue, and pull taut over and stick down.

memo board instuctions

diy memo board tutorial

DIY Notice Board

Do both sides the same way, making sure you’re pulling the fabric taught.  Don’t worry what the back side looks like…. no one will see it!!   Here’s what mine looked like after the fabric was glued on.

diy foam board

DIY Notice Board

Now you can stop there if you want and hang up your DIY notice board.  You can use tacks to hang papers up on it.  I wanted to add a bit more color so I hot glued some ribbon on.  This way my daughter could also use small clothespins to hang things.  There wasn’t really a rhyme or reason on how I put it on, I just eyeballed it and crisscrossed it.

I started at one of the small sides and glued the ribbon in the middle.  Leave enough on the end to glue it around the side.

memo board tutorial

Pull it to wear you want it and put a dab of hot glue down and push it down.  Repeat until all your ribbon is on where you want it!

diy personalized memo board

diy foam board tutorial

DIY Notice Board

DIY Notice Board

Take off the extra hot glue if you want if you’re a bit messy like me!


That’s it! Easy Peasy, right???  I added some 3M Command Strips on the back of the DIY notice board to hang it up on her closet.

hanging foam board


My daughter was so happy with the way it turned out!  I used fabric that was the same as her chair seat that I recovered.  What do you think? Not too shabby for a 30 minute project!

diy memo board tutorial

I also made a cute JK Rowling quote wall art for her reading nook out of an old canvas.  You can read full DIY canvas art tutorial here!

DIY Notice Board

I’ve also used this same technique to make a foam board above my mantel in my DIY mantel makeover.   So many possibilities!!

diy foam board

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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