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How to Make DIY Paper Flowers for Wall Tutorial

DIY paper flowers for wall tutorial with step by step instructions. Make beautiful large flowers to decorate for any occasion!

As mentioned in a few posts ago, I am working on a series of tutorials all on making different types of paper flowers.

My previous post was on how to make sunflowers and I will have posts coming up about making tissue paper flowers, paper tulips, and paper roses (find the rose template here!) so stay tuned for those!

But today we are going to make giant paper flowers with just a few craft supplies. The beauty of making your own flowers is that you can make different sizes to suit your needs.

Large wall flowers are a budget-friendly way to decorate for baby showers, bridal showers, or just for beautiful home decor!

And you don’t even need a cutting machine for this tutorial (but if you have one, you can check out how to make small flowers with a Cricut here).

diy paper flowers for wall

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How to Decorate with Large Paper Flowers

There are many different ways to decorate with wall flowers. Since you are using colored paper, the sky is really the limit on the variety of flowers you can make. Once you know the process, you can change the petal design to make different types of flowers.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use giant flowers:

  • Make a paper flower wall to use as a photo backdrop for showers or parties.
  • Use different colors to create wall decor for a first birthday party, or graduation party, or to decorate your little girls’ rooms or nursery.
  • Check out my Pinterest Board with a bunch of different beautiful flowers and different color combinations that liven up any room!
wall flower with petals tutorial

DIY Paper Flowers for Wall Tutorial

Yield: 1 Large Flower
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Cost: $2

Make a beautiful large paper flower for wall decoration out of everyday crafting supplies with this step by step tutorial!


  • Scissors
  • Black Marker
  • Glue Stick or Hot Glue Gun


  1. Draw a rose petal on a colored paper. Make it as big or small as you want. These will be the outer petals. Cut out one with a pair of scissors then trace on four more pieces of the same colored paper so you have five to make large paper flowerscutting leaves for wall flower
  2. Draw a two inch line at the bottom of the petals and cut with scissors (so there is a slit in each of the largest petals).easy large paper flower dlarge wall flower petals
  3. Cross the end pieces and use a glue stick or hot glue to glue the sliced ends together of every single petal.put together wall flowerlarge flowers
  4. Use your hands to gently roll out the top of the petals if desired. Glue all of the large petals together. To make a sturdier bottom, glue the petals on a circular piece of cardboard or paper wall paper flower instructions
  5. Repeat all the steps from above to create two more layers of petals making each layer a few inches smaller than the previous one.making large paper flowers
  6. Attach all the petal layers together by hot gluing the center of the flower together so you have a section of medium petals and a section of small large flowers papereasy diy flowers for wall
  7. Cut a long rectangular piece of the same colored paper or coordinating color for the center of the flower. Fold the rectangle in half vertically.instructions for large paper flowerinside of large flower
  8. With the folded side down and not cutting through the rectangle, cut the paper in thin slits all the way down the length of the folded rectangle.inside of wall flower
  9. Roll the paper up so the slits are facing up and glue at the end to hold it's shape.rolling paper flower insideinside of flower
  10. Now glue the flower centers to the middle of the flower petals and you're done!beautiful easy wall flower diyRepeat all the steps to make a bunch more flowers of different sizes to fill a full paper flower backdrop or use as party decor!
  11. If leaves are desired, cut a few leaf shaped pieces out of green paper or cardstock and glue them on the back.wall flower with petals tutorialeasy wall flowers diy


  • The easiest way to hang up the easy paper flowers is by using some command strips or tacks in the center of your flower to hang it on a wall.
  • Did you make this project?

    Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram

    If you do have a Cricut machine, you can always find an SVG file for paper flowers in Cricut Access or purchase cut files from Etsy or other digital stores.

    Abbi Kirsten has a lot of beautiful paper flowers in her store and offers a giant flower bundle!

    diy paper flowers for wall

    Stay tuned for more flower paper crafts to come!

    Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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