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Learn How to Make Wooden Signs with Quotes: Porch Rules Sign

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An easy way to add personality and color to your patio is to make a Porch rules sign. Check out how to make wooden signs with quotes step by step tutorial!

We have been caught in another heat wave here in Northern Cali.  Almost 107 today and it’s the end of August!!  We are ready for our cool down so we can hang out in our backyard more.  

My hubby and I have been busy this summer making our backyard patio into a place that we would love to hang out.  We got new furniture, put up some cute lights, took down our pool fence and I made a few bar tables(tutorial here) to add extra entertaining and storage area.  

The last piece of the remodel was to come up with some decor.  I have always wanted a cute backyard patio sign so I whipped this one up.

It’s really an inexpensive way to add a personal touch and some color to your patio.  So keep reading to learn how to make wooden signs with quotes or sayings!how to make wooden signs with quotes

Materials Needed for DIY Patio/Porch Sign

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  • Wood – I used 1×6 for the top piece, 1x2s on back side, and then a combination of 1x3s and 1x4s for the rest.  It was really whatever scraps I had on hand.
  • Paint – I used chalk paint and spray paints.  I prefer working with chalk paint but I had the other colors on hand
  • 631 vinyl or contact paper
  • Transfer tape
  • Blue Tape
  • Wood glue
  • Nail Gun – not necessary but goes much quicker!
  • Cricut or stencils – If you’d like to cut out my Ultimate Guide of Cricut Ideas click here!

For this project, I used contact paper for my stencil but every time I do that I tend to fight with it a little to get it to stick.  It doesn’t stick down as well as the vinyl but it’s a lot cheaper for the amount I needed.  I just got a $2 roll from Walmart.

To find the design, I looked on Pinterest for inspiration and found some phrases that I wanted.  Then I designed it myself in Cricut Design Space.  I made all of them less than 24 inches so I could get each phrase on one mat.  This is what my CDS looked like when I cut it.

DIY cricut patio sign

Cut all the contact paper or vinyl and weed it.  For the boards, paint them whatever color you want the words to be.  I painted 2 -3 boards each of the same color.  I used cream, blue, and yellow for this part. (*Tip – I wish I would have done all the bottoms with chalk paint.  The contact paper sticks easier to it.  I just used spray paint I had on hand and some of them were Satin finish which the vinyl doesn’t like to stick to!:(  Live and learn, right??!!)

Once they are dry, apply the vinyl to the boards.  Apply transfer tape to the to make wooden signs with quotes

DIY outdoor patio porch sign tutorial

Line it up where you want it on the board by measuring and getting it centered.  Then add a strip of blue painter’s tape down the middle of the transfer tape.  This is called the hinge method.  Then you will lift up one side of transfer tape with wording stuck to it and cut off the bottom paper close to the blue to make wooden signs with quotes

DIY outdoor patio porch sign tutorial

DIY outdoor patio porch sign tutorial

Then lay the transfer tape down on the board and smooth it down with a scraper.

DIY outdoor patio porch sign tutorial

DIY outdoor patio porch sign tutorialThat side is now held in place.  Now you can take off blue tape, lift up the other side, take off the bottom paper and press the tape down on the board.DIY outdoor patio porch sign tutorial

Scrape it down really good.  Then you will start lifting up the transfer tape.  You might have to scrape as you lift.  If you use chalk paint, it should stick pretty easily without much fight.DIY outdoor patio porch sign tutorial

To reduce the amount of paint bleeding underneath, paint a thin coat of the same color paint over the vinyl lettering.  Or you can apply a light coat of mod podge if you used spray paint like I did.

DIY how to make wooden signs with quotes DIY outdoor patio porch sign tutorial

Allow the boards to dry.  I moved them around to see where I wanted them to go and then I could tell better what colors I wanted to put on to make wooden signs with quotes

Then I spray painted the tops and sides of them with the top coat color I wanted.  (*Tip – don’t do this when it’s really hot and leave them out in the sun like I did:(  The contact paper started sticking too much and I had to fight with it to get it off!)DIY outdoor patio porch sign tutorial

Let them dry to the touch and then you can start peeling the vinyl or contact paper off.  You can use a weeder or utility knife to get up the edges.  Just try not to scratch the paint too much.  You can do touch up wherever is needed afterward though!how to make wooden signs with quotes

Now comes the time to put the boards together!  Arrange them how you want them and then measure down the vertical length.   You can push all the boards together or leave a little space between the rows like I did.  Play around with it and see what you like!

Cut two 1x2s this length.  Flip all the boards over.  (Make sure to put a towel or something down so you don’t scratch them!)  

To get them straight, I put a ruler at the top to make sure the 1×2 was flush with the top board and then make sure it’s flush with the bottom board.  Then I just eyeballed the boards in the middle in making them parallel and straight to the top board.DIY outdoor patio porch sign tutorial

DIY outdoor patio porch sign tutorial

Then apply some wood glue.DIY outdoor patio porch sign tutorial

And nail the boards on for extra strength.  If you have a nail gun (click here to see the one I love!) this part goes really quick! DIY outdoor patio porch sign tutorial

how to make wooden signs with quotes

That’s it!!  I sprayed on a few layers of spar urethane to give it extra protection against the outside elements.  Add a couple of sawtooth hangers on the back and hang it in your favorite spot and enjoy!  

I put mine right above a bar I made out of pallets.  Click here to check out my tutorial on how to make these super easy and cheap bar/counter. Now, all we need is some cool fall nights to enjoy the backyard!!  I’m so excited for roasting s’ mores and watching movies with my kiddos!how to make wooden signs with quotes

Now that you know how to make wooden signs with quotes, you can make one for any room in the house or for gifts!  Click here to check out other signs I make with a free cut file!

how to make wooden signs with quotes

Thanks for checking out my blog!  Have a great day!

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Sommer Dull

Sunday 28th of June 2020

Can I ask why you remove the vinyl instead of just leaving the vinyl on to get 2 different colors?


Sunday 17th of May 2020

Please help Can you tell me where to get the svg file for the Porch Rules sign? I love it. Thanks in advance. Blessings

Leap of Faith Crafting

Sunday 24th of May 2020

Hi Cecilia, I actually just made it with different fonts I had in Cricut Design Space so there is no file for it. Sorry! I will add it to my list to make though!

Sherry Clement

Sunday 10th of September 2017

I want one too! How much? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to