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DIY Personalized Wine Glasses with Marbling Paint!

Learn to make your own DIY personalized wine glasses with marbling paint and FREE PNG files! Follow this video tutorial on how to paint your wine glass!

Hi Friends!!  I have been having fun using Plaid’s new marbling paint to make DIY personalized wine glasses.  On my last post, I showed you how to add the marbling paint to stemless wine glasses. 

Today, I will be showing you how to easily paint the stem of the wine glasses.

diy personalized wine glasses pinterest

Materials Needed for DIY Personalized Wine Glasses

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  • wine glasses – I just used some that I had
  • Marbling Paint

  • Mod Podge – bottle or spray
  • painter’s tape
  • Cricut Explore – Cricut’s are amazing!!  Find out all you can do with one by clicking here!
  • Free wine SVG Files for Cricut Design Space –Click here to go get them!

Using Sharpie on Wine Glasses

You’ll need to decide if you want to use vinyl or Sharpie marker FIRST!!  The Sharpie marker painted glass needs to be cured in an oven so do that before you paint it!  

Download the cut files from the above link, upload them to Cricut Design Space and cut them out in vinyl to use as a stencil. If you’d like step by step directions on how to use vinyl as a stencil for Sharpie paint markers and baking them click here.

sharpie on wine glass

diy personalized wine glasses with sharpie

I use my weeding tool to scrape off any paint that leaked under the stencil before I bake them.

using sharpie on wine glasses

Ok, so if you don’t want to use the Sharpie markers or have already done it, keep going on to the fun part – marbling!

How to Marble Wine Glasses

You might remember when I showed you how to make glitter wine glasses, but if you are not a fan of glitter (what, really??!!) then marbling wine glass stems might be perfect for you!

Apply electrical tape or painter’s tape to the part of the glass you don’t want the paint to get.  That could be around the bottom or the top of the stem. 

Then you are just going to start squeezing the marbling paint on!  No chemicals, no mixing it with anything, nothing!!  Just straight from the bottle.  Watch my video here on how I did it.


Take the tape off before the paint dries.  Once the paint completely dries (can take a quite a few hours up to 24!!), add a couple of layers of mod podge to seal it well.  Or you can spray it with mod podge, just make sure to conceal the unpainted class with plastic wrap.marbled wine glasses diy

marbled wine glasses stem

sealing marbled wine glasses

Make sure to apply the Mod Podge around the base rim and a little bit underneath.  Apply 2-3 layers about 20 minutes a part.marbled wine glasses diy

Once they are dry, add some cute wine sayings to them.  Cut out one of the above files in vinyl.  I used a holographic vinyl which I love. 

I did cut this one out with glitter iron-on to see if it would work….  It goes on but doesn’t stay very long:(  If you want it just for decoration, then it would be great, but not for using.

I have lost a few letters already from handwashing it a couple of times.  It’s not a big deal though…I will go back and add permanent vinyl or paint them once they all fall off!

htv on wine glasses

it's moms turn to wine

Here they are all done!  Super cute, right??  I love them!!  Remember to Hand Wash only!! 

If you are giving them as gifts, you can download my free Hand Wash With Care Tags by clicking here!

diy personalized wine glasses

diy personalized wine glasses

diy personalized wine glasses

diy personalized wine glasses

These are my new favorite wine glasses!!  I love sitting in my backyard on these warm days sipping some nice white wine!diy personalized wine glasses with marbled stem

It even matches our DIY tic tac toe table with marbled rocks!  Click here for full tutorial on how to make your own outdoor tic tac toe game (tutorial coming soon!)!

diy personalized wine glasses

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my DIY personalized wine glasses!!  Have a creative day!

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