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DIY Film Strip Decoration for Red Carpet Themed Party!!

DIY film strip decoration for red carpet graduation ceremony or party!

My daughter’s 6th grade class is graduating next month and they voted on a red carpet themed ceremony (click here for main post).  So many ideas to choose from!  

This idea was one of the easiest and cheapest ones to make.  I wanted to be able to display baby pictures on the walls of the multipurpose room.  

I decided I wanted them to look like film strips (even though the kids won’t know what film is!) but the adults will.  This is how I made the DIY film strip decoration.

DIY Film Strip Decoration

Red Carpet Film Strip Decoration

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I used black butcher paper for the background.  Our school has some so I didn’t even have to buy any!  Actually the only thing I had to pay for on this project was printing the pictures.  

The yearbook had collected baby pictures from the 6th grade parents to put in the yearbook so I was able to get the pictures from our amazing editor.  I just ordered all of them in 5x7s.  

Some were horizontal and some vertical so I made strips that went both ways.  I put anywhere from four to six pictures on each strip.

I used my Cricut to cut out over 300 rectangles!  I used my older Cricut.  I needed a lot of rectangles so I auto filled 2 12×12 white cardstock sheets.  I made them all 1 inch in length.  

The black strips I cut out were about 10.5 inches wide which fit the 5×7 pictures and a rectangle on each side with some room for black space in between everything.  I used a Zig glue pen which made it easy to just put a drop of glue down since I had to glue over 300 rectangles down and I just aligned them by sight.  

No great measurements.  I put one on each side of the pictures on both sides to align them that way and then just eyeballed the ones that went in between.  

I cut out the phrase “A Star is Born” of cardstock using my Cricut and a font that had a shadow layer.  I bought a pack of gold stars from the Dollar Tree but you could easily cut those out with an electronic cutting machine too.

cutting glitter cardstock cricut

Then I laid it all across my floor to see how I wanted to lay it out once it was on the wall. Then the day we set up I just had to pull up my picture and tape everything to the red butcher paper on the wall!

diy film strip decor paper

Pretty easy DIY film strip decoration project that looked cute up on the wall with the caption “A Star is Born…”.

Here is the finished product!

photo strip decoration

Click here to see all the directions for the evening. 

diy graduation decor baby pics

I have a video tutorial on a bunch more custom Cricut graduation party ideas that would make the day extra special!

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diy film strip decoration

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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