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DIY Spring Wreath That Can Easily Be Changed Every Season!

An easy and cheap way to update your front door! Use this DIY spring wreath tutorial to make a wreath that you can change flowers out for seasons.

My front door really needs to be repainted but it’s been raining so much that I need to wait a while for that project.  So instead I decided to make a spring grapevine wreath to update the door a bit.  

This is a super easy DIY spring door wreath to make that doesn’t cost very much either.  The fun part of making your own wreath is that you can make it as unique and different as you want to. 

By using different florals, flower picks, monograms, or signs you can design your own one-of-a-kind DIY spring wreath.

DIY spring wreath

Welcome to Our Home Sign Directions

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First I’ll show you quickly how to make a Welcome to Our Home Sign that you can leave up year-round or you can easily switch it out for an Easter or Christmas sign when the holiday season comes.

For the sign inside, I used a spare piece of wood I had lying around.  If you are like me, and hoard all your wood scraps, this shouldn’t be hard to find!  The wood I ended up using was an old fence board that I sanded down.  

I’ve made so many DIY home decor signs using fence boards so I always try to grab some if I see them lying around.

DIY grapevine spring wreath materials

I made the file in Cricut Design Space and then cut it out on vinyl with my Cricut. 

If you are new to Cricut and want to learn much more about a Cricut cutting machine and all that you can do with it, make sure to check out my free Ultimate Resource of Cricut Ideas.

After I weeded off the extra vinyl, I transferred it to the wood with transfer tape and brushed on some mod podge to seal the edges to prevent paint from bleeding under the vinyl since the wood was a little uneven.

welcome to our home sign tutorial

After the Mod Podge dried, I brushed paint over it.  

After the paint dried, I peeled the vinyl off.  Sorry, for some reason I don’t have pictures of this process but I have a lot of posts that I use this same method on.

Make sure to check out my wood sign step by step tutorial for additional help on the DIY sign for the Cricut spring wreath.

Adding Faux Greenery to a Grapevine Wreath

For the spring wreath DIY, all you need is a grapevine wreath (I used a coupon at Joann’s and got it for $2-3!), a couple of artificial greens, spring twigs if wanted, floral wire, and cotton stems. 

I ordered mine from Magnolia Market!  It was the first time I ordered from the Fixer Upper store itself and they came in a lovely box all wrapped nicely with a thank you note for Chip and Jo.

magnolia cotton flowers gift box

I first attached the sign to the plain grapevine wreath.  I put two nails in the back of the Welcome sign and tied wire around them and then tied it on the back on some of the branches of the wooden wreath.

DIY spring wreath with Welcome sign

I laid the flowers on top to arrange them how I wanted.  I ended up putting one of each greenery, floral, and two cotton stems on each side towards the bottom of the wreath.

I put the two greens down first and pushed the stems into the wooden wreath and wrapped floral wire around it.  Then I laid the cotton stems down and secure those also.

adding leaves to grapevine wreath
DIY grapevine spring wreath tutorial

For the burlap bow, I wrapped a piece of burlap ribbon around the wreath first.

attaching burlap bow to spring wreath

Easy Way to Make a Burlap Bow

I have always admitted that making bows is not a gift of mine!  It’s always something I’ve struggled with and I have watched a ton of YouTube tutorials on how to tie them. 

I ended up finding a way to not even having to tie it!

For the bow itself, I cut out two pieces of ribbon and folded each side into the middle.

burlap bow tutorial
folding burlap to make a bow for a wreath

I used a zip tie and placed it on the bottom and then placed both folded ribbons face up onto it.  Then pull the bow together with the zip tie.

easy burlap bow

I cut another piece of ribbon and folded it in an angle and put it on the bottom.  These will be the wings.  

Then I cut a small piece of burlap, folded it in thirds, and then wrapped it around the middle of the bow and angled ribbon and hot glued it on.  (Sorry, hard to take pictures while I had a glue gun in my hand!)

I hung the DIY grapevine spring wreath up on the back of my door so I could make sure the bow would be on straight.  Then I just hot glued it on and trimmed the ribbon pieces at the bottom. 

DIY grapevine spring wreath tutorial

That’s it!  On the red door, it went.  I love how the DIY spring wreath stands out on my red door!

I will be able to switch out the DIY spring wreath color accents every season so it will be used as an interchangeable seasonal wreath!

DIY grapevine spring wreath tutorial
DIY grapevine spring wreath tutorial with welcome to our home sign

If you’d like to save these instructions on how to make a spring grapevine wreath, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now.

DIY grapevine spring wreath tutorial

Thanks for stopping by!  If you’d like some more Spring decor inspiration, check out my DIY Easter decor here!

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