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DIY Tic Tac Toe Outdoor Game ~ Super Easy and Cheap to Make!!

Hi Friends!  Summer is coming and it’s time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather!!  We have been updating our backyard for a while now. 

One of the things I wanted was some outdoor games that anyone could play.  Last year I made a DIY checkerboard but I wanted a few more. 

So, I decided to flip the board over and make a super easy and quick DIY tic tac toe game!

diy tic tac toe pin

Materials Need for DIY Tic Tac Toe Outdoor Game

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  • wood – I have a bunch of random wood that people give me.  Mine was 22×22 inches or so.  It’s not pretty by any means, but it doesn’t matter!!  It’s only sitting outdoors and will get worn by the elements, so whatever you can find for cheap, use it!
  • Paint – I love Patio Paint found on Amazon here.  It was for outdoor and no sealers are required
  • Sharpie Paint Markers (optional) – I love these pens and make so many fun things with them!!  You could use the Patio paint for everything if you don’t have paint markers
  • Orbital Sander or sandpaper
  • Rocks
  • Marbling Paint (optional)
outdoor tic tac toe diy

Once you have your piece of wood, sand it with an orbital sander or by hand.  I used 120 grit and then 220 grit.  Like I said, my wood wasn’t pretty!

outdoor tic tac toe diy

Once it’s sanded and dusted off, paint it with the patio paint.  I used this same paint to make my DIY towel rack with flip-flops (click here for tutorial!)

outdoor tic tac toe diy
outdoor tic tac toe diy

Once that’s dry, take a ruler and draw your tic tac toe lines.  I drew the lines in pencil and then traced back over them with a silver sharpie marker.

outdoor tic tac toe diy
marbling rocks

You’re all done with the wood part!  Easy peasy, right?? 

Now, you can use whatever you want for the X and O pieces.  We just grabbed some rocks. 

I received a few bottles of Plaid’s new marbling paint at a conference I attended and wanted to play with them so we marbled some rocks.  Super quick!! 

Just squirt the bottles on the rocks and let the paint do the work!  Make sure to put some wax paper or something under the rocks because it’s messy!

how to marble paint rocks
how to marble paint rocks

Once I had a few colors on the rocks, I used a toothpick to zig zag the paint a bit but this is totally optional.

how to marble paint rocks

Once they dried, I used a Sharpie paint marker to add an “X” on top of the marbled ones (let it dry) and then I brushed on a layer of Mod Podge to seal it.

outdoor tic tac toe
outdoor tic tac toe diy

For the other rocks, we just drew an “O” on them.

outdoor tic tac toe

Now, set up your board and you’re ready to play!

outdoor tic tac toe
DIY large checkerboard tutorial outdoor

If you flip my board over, you can also play checkers or chess!  Check out my full tutorial on how to make a checkerboard here!

My little guy loves playing with the DIY tic tac toe game board (and he’s pretty good at it!!!)!

outdoor tic tac toe

I even have room for my matching marbled wine glass!  Click here to see how easy it is to paint a wine glass!

diy personalized wine glasses

If you like building stuff, check out how I built this coffee table/ storage bench!  It holds a ton of stuff and great to put our feet up on!

outdoor tic tac toe

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a creative day!

leap of faith crafting

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diy tic tac toe pin

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