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DIY Valentines for Classmates plus Free Printable Tag!

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Want to make some easy DIY Valentines for classmates? Grab some leftover napkins, fabric, and mod podge and create these cute DIY Valentine bookmarks!

Are you gearing up for Valentine’s Day with the kiddos and wondering what on earth you are going to put together for them to pass out at school?  Well, I have a super simple one for you that probably won’t cost you anything to make! 

Sound good??  I made these cute DIY Valentines for classmates for my 6-year-old and even created printable tags to go along with them. 

Round up some old party napkins, fabric scraps, and mod podge to create these DIY Valentine bookmarks!DIY Valentines for classmates

When my son and I were talking about what kind of valentines he wanted to give to his classmates, he said stamps or bookmarks.  We made some super cute DIY Valentine stamps also to see which one he liked better. 

Make sure to check out the full tutorial for making your own DIY Valentine stamps and get your free printable tag.

For these DIY Valentine bookmarks, he wanted different ones for girls and boys so we went to the party store so he could pick out some napkins.  This is a great project if you have any leftover birthday party napkins!  (We didn’t have a party for him this year since we went to Disney World so we had to go to the store!)

Supplies Needed for DIY Valentines for Classmates

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    • napkins – you can raid your stash or find them at the dollar store or Walmart or Party City (we found both of these at Party City)
    • fabric – any kind. I used flannel for the green ones and whatever white fabric I had.  We tried felt but it was a little too thick.
    • Mod Podge – click here to find on Amazon
    • foam brush
    • hole puncher
    • ribbon
    • printable tags – Click here to grab your printable tags (4 different ones!)

DIY Valentines for classmates

Let’s get started!

How to Make a DIY Bookmark out of Felt

The first thing you’ll want to do is pull the napkin apart.  They are either 2 or 3 ply and you only want the very front layer!  The easiest way I have found is to rub my thumb and index finger on a glue stick and then pinch the napkin and pull my fingers apart.peeling napkins apart

The napkin will open up.  Just pull the layers apart!napkins on felt

Lay out your fabric and apply Mod Podge over an area big enough for the entire napkin.  Make sure to put something like wax paper under the fabric so you don’t get glue all over your counter!applying mod podge to felt

Then lay down the top layer of the napkin on the mod podged fabric.  Gently press it down with your hands. 

If you have a brayer, roll it over the napkin to smooth it out.  Or you can put a piece of saran wrap on it and smooth it down or even put your hand in a Ziploc.DIY Valentines for classmates

DIY Valentines for classmates

DIY Valentines for classmates

It’s not a big deal if you don’t get it totally flat.  The texture looks neat and these are for kids, they don’t care!  Then apply another layer of Mod Podge on top of the napkin.DIY Valentines for classmates

DIY Valentines for classmates

I did three napkins of each.  I only ended up using 2.

DIY Valentines for classmates

Let them dry for at least 24 hours!  They will be nice and hard and the napkin will be totally stuck to the fabric.  Then cut them out! 

Assembling Valentine Bookmarks

I used a rotary cutter and a ruler but you can just cut them with scissors.  I cut the whole square out first then lined up a ruler that was 1.5 inches thick to the edge and cut.cutting fabric bookmarks for valentines

DIY Valentines for classmates

DIY Valentines for classmates

Then cut them in half.  You’ll end up with about 12 bookmarks.  So depending on how many you need, you might need to only do 1 or 2 napkins.DIY Valentines for classmates

For the unicorn napkins, I wanted the wording to be on some of the bookmarks so I cut that part out first.  I put the ruler over it and cut on either side.  Then I cut the remaining pieces with the unicorn bookmarks

DIY Valentines for classmates

Punch a hole at the end of each bookmark and tie a ribbon on.  I experimented with different knots.  Tying ribbon has never been a strength of mine:(DIY Valentines for classmates

DIY Valentines for classmatesYou can put the tag (get it here!) on the same ribbon and they can just rip it off or you can tie it through the same hole with a little thread or ribbon.DIY Valentines for classmates

If you need more Valentine’s for classmates, you can grab my free printable tag for fruit snack Valentines here.

DIY Valentines for classmates

DIY Valentines for classmates

There you have it.  Easy peasy, right?  With these easy DIY Valentines for classmates, your kids will be ready for Valentine’s Day in no time!  These would also be great for party favors!DIY Valentines for classmates bookmarks

DIY Valentines for classmates

DIY Valentines for classmates

DIY Valentines for classmates

Want to save these DIY Valentine’s for classmates tutorial for later?  PIN it now!  Thanks so much!DIY Valentines for classmates

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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DIY Valentines for classmates

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