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Coffee and Wine Sign DIY Step by Step Tutorial!

There are a ton of cute wine signs lately and I decided to try my hand at one for a present for a friend.  These are relatively easy to make and super cute!  Who doesn’t like a sign to hang mugs and wine glasses?  With a few basic tools you can make yourself an easy coffee and wine sign!how to tell time DIY tutorial

For this sign you just need two pieces of wood.  One larger piece of plywood cut to the size you want your sign.  Then a small piece that the wine glasses will hang off of.

Other Materials for Coffee and Wine Sign

  • Chalk Paint – I used Sheepskin Chalk Paint found here
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Screws
  • 2 pieces of wood mentioned above
  • Cricut and vinyl for wording  – found here
  • Transfer paper – I use this one
  • Hooks for mugs

Once you have the wood piece the size you want, you can either paint it or stain it the color that you want the words.  I stained the wood first and then I painted it a maroon color.  I stained it because when I distress it I wanted the darker color to show through.  Apply stain with a foam brush, wait a minute or two, and then wipe off extra stain.

Coffee and Wine Sign    DIY how to tell time signDIY how to tell time sign

I designed the saying in Cricut Design Space with Samantha font and AR Julian for AM and PM.  I cut out vinyl (Oracal 631) with my Cricut.  Weed the vinyl and then apply transfer tape.  Tape it down with painter’s tape and use hinge method to apply.  For more detailed instructions on applying vinyl, check out my tutorials here and here!Coffee and Wine Sign

DIY how to tell time wine sign

DIY how to tell time wine sign

DIY how to tell time wine sign

Once it’s applied and pushed down with fingers or scraper, paint the SAME color over the words.  This helps prevent leaking of the top color.DIY how to tell time sign tutorial

After that’s dry, paint the whole board the color you want.DIY How to Tell Time Wine Sign tutorial

Once it’s dry, peel the vinyl off with a weeding tool or utility knife..  You can also distress with sandpaper as little or as much as you want.  Then apply a wax or poly over it.DIY How to Tell Time Wine Sign tutorial


You’re done with that part of the coffee and wine sign!  So for the small part of wood, I set two wine glasses on it and traced the bottoms so I knew where to drill holes and to see how long I wanted

Cut off the end with a miter saw or jig saw.  This is mine that I love!

DIY How to Tell Time Wine Sign tutorial

To make sure the holes are even, I used my carpenter’s square and drilled two pilot holes.

DIY How to Tell Time Wine Sign tutorial

Then you need a big drill bit.  I didn’t have a big enough one so I used the biggest one I had and then kind of twirled the bit around to make the holes bigger.  I have since gotten a large drill bit set, so it will be much easier next time!

DIY How to Tell Time Wine Sign tutorial

Then I drew two lines from edge of wood to hole and cut it with my jigsaw.  I had a really old jigsaw but for Christmas I got a bunch of new tools and I love my new cordless jigsaw!

Coffee and Wine Sign

I sanded the holes and then painted the wood the same color as the big board.  Now all you have to do is attach it.  I screwed it on from the backside.DIY How to Tell Time Wine Sign tutorial

Then I added some hooks on the front and that was it!  DIY How to Tell Time Wine Sign tutorial

Not too shabby for my first coffee and wine sign!  I wish I had room in my kitchen to hang one!DIY How to Tell Time Wine Sign tutorial

Thanks for checking out my tutorial! Have a great day!

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