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Dollar Tree DIY Projects Inspiration for Anyone to Make!

Looking for some easy and quick Dollar Tree DIY projects? Check out this huge list of DIY Dollar Tree crafts that can be used as decor and gifts!

I am a huge fan of Dollar Tree! How about you? Any Dollar Store has so many great finds that with just a little imagination can be turned into amazing decor or gifts for just a few dollars.

I love wandering the aisles of the stores thinking about what kind of simple Dollar Store crafts or decor I can make. There really are so many possibilities on how you can flip dollar store items into gorgeous home decor and more, that I asked some of my crafty friends for their favorite Dollar Tree DIY.

I hope this list of DIY Dollar Tree projects inspires you to make something yourself! I have two quick and easy Dollar Tree personalized gift ideas and then a huge list from other bloggers that you can easily hop on over to check out their tutorials.

dollar tree diy

What Craft Supplies Can You Get at the Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree stores around the country have started adding full crafting supply aisles. Instead of having to flip current Dollar Tree items (you still can), there is now a lot of great crafting supplies for just $1. I took some photos of my local Dollar Tree of the specific crafting aisles.

Remember all Dollar Tree stores will have different items and some around the country might not have as extensive crafting supplies as mine do. But I’d suggest make sure to take a look the next time you are near one!

dollar tree crafting aisle
dollar tree craft supplies
dollar tree craft aisle

Some of the gems of the dollar store first craft aisle are:

  • thread and embroidery kits
  • beads of all kinds, googly eyes, buttons, pearls, sequins,small nick nack containers
  • foam pieces, feathers, pipe cleaners, wood sticks, chalkboard stickers
dollar tree acrylic paint

There are also quite a good selection of acrylic paints and small artist canvases. Along with paint brushes, foam brushes, and a bunch of different types of glues (including glitter glue!)

dollar tree glue supplies

And for the knitters out there, a good amount of simple yarn!

dollar tree yarn

And my favorite section is probably the wood pieces they have. If you don’t have a Cricut Maker that cuts wood, the Dollar Tree has a nice little selection of thein wood shapes to paint and personalize any way you want!

dollar tree wood craft supplies
dollar tree wood craft items

Make sure to still wander the school supply aisles, seasonal sections, glass, and floral aisles, really just everything! Some inspiration might hit you just by seeing a certain $1 product.

Look at all of the faux floral stems, wreath supplies, ribbons, glass bowls (which I used to make my light up snowman!), floral foam, and rocks.

dollar tree faux flowers
dollar tree wreath supplies
dollar tree floral products

Ok, so now that you know what kind of craft supplies they have at the Dollar Tree, let’s make a few Dollar Tree DIY projects and then make sure to browse through the list of over 20 DIY Dollar Tree ideas. (Note: You can always order bulk at if your store doesn’t stock the item and pick it up in the store!)

Materials Needed for Dollar Tree Personalized Journal and Clipboard

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These two Dollar Tree DIY projects would be great to make for party favors, birthday gifts, teacher gifts, or even used for girl birthday party activities!

Let’s start off with the personalized journal that would be a perfect DIY project for kids and only takes a few minutes to make!

dollar tree favors
  • Journal – from Dollar Tree
  • Peel & Stick Glam Fur – Dollar Tree
  • Stencils – Dollar Tree
  • Sharpie – I had one but you can get one at the Dollar Tree too!
  • clipboard
  • folder
  • Mod Podge and brush
dollar tree diy project supplies
dollar tree diy ideas stencil

Remove the Glam Fur from the package and lay it on top of the journal so you know how much to cut off.  I just made a little dash where I wanted to cut it.

dollar tree diy ideas
dollar tree diy journal
dollar tree diy ideas

Cut off the two sides where you marked, peel off the paper backing, and stick it on the top of the journal.

dollar tree diy ideas

To personalize the journal, choose whichever letter from the stencil pack you want and lay it where you want the monogram.  Then simply color it in with the Sharpie while you are holding the stencil down.  Make short little lines so you cover all the fur in that area.

dollar tree diy ideas
dollar tree favors

That’s all there is to a DIY monogram journal for a girl or tween!  Super simple!

dollar tree diy projects

Now, let’s move onto the Dollar Tree clipboard tutorial.  This one is easy too but takes a lot longer just because of the drying time.

You can use cardstock or a folder like I did.  I opened the folder up and laid it on top of the clipboard and made marks where I needed to cut it (leave 1/4″ around the folder where the clipboard will show).  Then cut the folder with scissors or a paper cutter to the size you need.  Cut the inside pocket out if there is one.

dollar tree items

This is an optional step but I wanted the edges black so I first started by painting all away around the border with acrylic paint.

painting dollar tree clipboard
dollar tree favors painted clipboard

Once that dries, you will coat the whole board with mod podge.

mod podge on clipboard

Place the folder that you cut out on the mod podge-coated clipboard and scrape it down with a credit card or scraper.  I start from the middle and scrape the edges and then keep going around till the whole board is scraped. 

Mod podge will ooze out the edges so just wipe it off when you’re done.

scraping mod podge on clipboard

Make sure it’s flat and try to scrape out any bubbles if you see any.  Now you need to let it completely dry.  I let mine sit overnight. 

Then you are going to apply another layer of mod podge over the entire folder.  I held the clip up while I was painting on the mod podge then stuck a little piece of wax paper underneath it while it dries.  (If you have a clipboard that you can remove the hardware, I would do that since it would make it a little easier!)

painting mod podge over personalized dollar tree clipboard
dollar tree diy projects
mod podge clipboard project

That’s it!  Just let the clipboard completely dry and it is ready to use!

dollar tree diy projects clipboard

There you have it!  Two easy Dollar Tree DIY Projects!

dollar tree diy projects

I also love using Dollar Tree mugs for great personalized Cricut gifts and cheap Christmas decorations!  Check out my tutorial here on how to make His and Hers mugs!

More Dollar Tree DIY Ideas

Dollar Tree DIY Projects!

Get inspired by this list of Dollar Tree DIY projects, crafts, and decor. Simply click below the picture to hop on over to the full tutorial!

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

dollar tree diy projects
dollar tree diy projects
dollar tree diy projects

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  1. vrmm26 says:

    Cute! Perfect for little girls and great birthday gift ideas. Visiting from Inspire My Creativity party.

  2. Marie says:

    These are both great ideas that can be easily personalized to suit the crafter. I love making clipboards as gifts, too. They’re actually useful and I feel like I’m always looking for one, lol.

  3. These are such crazy simple ideas! I love it! And I love the idea of a personalized clipboard as a teacher gift.

  4. Julia Groves says:

    I loved the follow your dreams clipboard. such a cute idea

  5. What a darling idea! I love the contrast from the front to the back too – so fun! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to