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FREE Empathy Worksheets PDF

Instant empathy worksheets PDF activity book to teach kids or students all about empathy and being kind to others.

After the last couple of years and the increase of mental health in my family, I have done a lot of my own work on how to be more empathetic and just listening to others.

With social media and all the craziness of the world today, taking time to learn about empathy is a good thing, no really, a much needed lesson for everyone.

And the good news is that you can make a positive change in others just by learning some empathy skills and empathetic behaviors.

These skills are important social skills to have throughout one’s life and it is never too early or late to learn these important traits. By learning empathy skills during a child’s development we can start to change the world around us.

So today I have all new empathy worksheets that anyone can use. These are mostly geared towards elementary students and middle school aged kids but older students and adults will learn from them too.

empathy worksheets activity book

All of the printable worksheets include fictional characters and people of all colors. The visual representations of body language and facial expressions help to show young people what’s going on.

This is a good activity to pair with our printable kindness activities.

What’s Included in the Empathy Workbook

Let’s take a quick look at what’s included in the empathy activity book. The first page is basic info on “What is Empathy?” in simple language. Kids or teenagers can read through four different ways of what being empathetic means.

Learning about what empathy actually is a great way to start the conversation about how to react, listen to the feelings of others, and learn when someone is in need of encouragement.

what is empathy worksheet

Empathy and sympathy are both nice things to have, but since a lot of kids and some adults get confused about the difference between Sympathy and Empathy, there is a page discussing these differences with images to back up the points.

empathy vs sympathy printable

Now it’s time to put what they’ve learned about empathy into real-world situations and learn how to treat other human beings in a compassionate way.

The next activity sheet is “What would you do?” and lists six different scenarios and asks questions on how you think the other person will feel, if the kid has felt that way themself, what made them feel better, and then problem solving on what the best thing to say to someone.

Putting the child in someone’s elses shoes is a good way to teach empathy. Thinking about the personal question of “Have you ever felt that way?” can be uncomfortable at first but it will slowly start shifting their thinking and own feelings.

empathy printables

The next empathy printable is a blank toolkit page. This page is a great place for kids to brainstorm ideas on what they can do to show others empathy. Then they can talk with an adult, teacher, or other kids of what they came up with.

Some important topics to discuss here would be good listening skills and how to practice accountability. Also writing down some empathy use sentiments or statements could be a good idea. Find a list of some great empathy statements here.

empathy printable toolkit

The next empathy printable PDF is an important thing. A lot of people say things to others in trouble or grieving thinking they are helping. But most of the time these statements hurt the person and makes them feel like you are not listening or trying to understand.

Make a couple of copies of this Don’t Say list (aka Empathy Busters!) and hang them around so you can keep being reminded of everyday phrases that shouldn’t be used when showing empathy.

empathy busters worksheet

Then the last two empathy printables are coloring pages. This is an easy activity that can be done at the beginning of class or when winding down the day.

Any age can color these empathy coloring pages and then hang them up around the classroom or on walls at home.

empathy coloring sheet
easy empathy coloring page

To learn even more about empathy, I love this article on the 6 habits of highly empathic people.

Empathy Worksheets PDF Download

As with all my free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files. Thank you!

Simply click on the download button below for an instant download of the PDF file. Simply print the 8 page empathy activity sheets book on a home printer or at school. The pages are in color but you can print them out in black and white also.

I’d also love for you to share these free printables with different classrooms. Simply send another staff member or teacher the url so they can download and print their own copies, so we can teach everyone to practice kindness!

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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