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How to Make a Beautiful Cross with Ribbon

Make this beautiful DIY burlap cross sign by following this easy cross with ribbon tutorial. A great idea for a gift or to hang on your wall!

I’ve seen a few pictures of a beautiful fabric cross sign and I just had to make one for myself!  This is a pretty quick and easy project and you don’t need any fancy tools.  

Just follow my cross with ribbon sign tutorial and you’ll have a beautiful and inspiring handmade sign to hang up in your house or give as a gift.  You can use any color for the background and for the ribbon depending on what you like.  

Let’s get started!

cross with ribbon sign tutorial

Materials Needed for Cross with Ribbon Sign

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If you want to add a bible or verse or any writing on the side, you’ll need a stencil or vinyl cut from a cutting machine like a Cricut Explore.  

Cut it out, weed it, and apply the vinyl to where you want the saying to go.  (A Cricut is an amazing machine!  Check out my guide for great Cricut ideas here!)

cross sign tutorial vinyl bible verse vinyl canvas tutorial

Once your vinyl is securely down, spray paint the whole board.  Let dry for a few minutes and spray another light coat.  

painting canvas painting canvas tutorialI also added a layer of glitter spray paint too.  Let it dry and peel off vinyl.

cross canvas tutorial

cross fabric sign tutorial

Making a Cross with Burlap

Once it’s dry you can add your cross with ribbon.  Make sure you cut enough to glue the ribbon around to the back side and also cinch it in the middle.  I used twisty ties to cinch the ribbon and keep it in place.

diy canvas sign tutorial

cross with ribbon

Use a hot glue gun to glue the ribbon to the back.  Remember it’s the back side, it doesn’t need to be pretty!  No one will see it!

cross sign tutorial

After that’s dry, turn it back over and add an embellishment. I bought these cute flowers from the craft store and just tied it on.  

That’s it!!  Super easy, right??  I think I’m going to try to make a paper flower to attach to the next one. I’ll let you know how it goes!

ribbon cross sign tutorial


cross with ribbon

I made a few other ones with bible verses and have one in my mudroom (click here for my DIY mudroom).cross with ribbon sign


diy cross sign

Please let me know if you make one and share pictures!!  Thanks for stopping by!

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