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Fabric Memo Board: How to Make a Unique DIY Pin Board

You can easily make a custom and unique fabric memo board with just a few supplies.

We recently updated my 15-year-old daughter’s bedroom since she wasn’t still too keen on the bright colors of her tween bedroom makeover.

As much as I love the bright colors, she is more into the more subtle natural colors, namely grey.  Everything is grey now… backpack, shoes, clothes, jackets…

I did manage to squeeze some color in her room with a beautiful mauve Harry Potter comforter.  And since she picked grey paint for her walls (shocker!!), I kept all of her furniture and curtains white to add some lightness to the room.

fabric memo board diy

Her teen bedroom makeover took several months since I was busy doing other things.   A few of the items on the wall stayed teal and coral.  I finally finished the last makeover which was a fabric memo board.

I had made the DIY notice board a few years ago out of some foam and fabric.  This time I wanted to customize the DIY memo board with some inspirational quotes since we all know that teenagers can use more affirmations!

How to make a fabric DIY memo board with positive inspirational quotes! Perfect for a girl's teen bedroom. #cricut #teengirlbedroomideas

Using my Cricut and EasyPress 2, I was able to update the fabric memo board in under an hour and I actually didn’t spend any money since I used fabric I already had!  Woo Hoo!

Here is the large pin board and her brightly painted room before.  We kept the acrylic wall calendar DIY and little reading nook with the DIY canvas sign.

diy memo board tutorial

It was so easy to make over the memo board and I love how it came out.  I also updated her bright wall hangers by decoupaging them, another easy and free makeover!

decoupage on wood

DIY Fabric Memo Board Supplies Needed

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How to Make a DIY Pin Board

For the full tutorial on how to make the memo board, check out my DIY notice board post where I walk you through the entire process.

I searched through Cricut Access and found a bunch of quote files that suited my daughter and cut them out on mirror setting with a few different colors of iron-on vinyl.  If you need more help with this part, please check out my cutting HTV and weeding iron-on vinyl tutorial.

Then I weeded out all of the extra vinyl using my Cricut bright pad.

cricut bright pad

diy memo board

The first thing I did to recover the fabric memo board was to take it off the closet door, lay it on the table and find a piece of fabric that was big enough to cover the front and sides. 

I took off the ribbon but I just left the coral fabric on and added the grey fabric over it.  Why do extra work, right??

diy memo board

diy memo board

I laid the ribbon out where I wanted memo board

Then I figured out where I wanted all of the positive quotes to memo board

This is one of the reasons I love my EasyPress 2.  It’s portable and I can easily bring it into my dining room and press this without moving it too much.  Read my full review of the EasyPress 2 versus my heat press if you’d like to learn more about it.

diy pin board

Using a Cricut opens up the door to so many home projects!  If you are wanting to check out all that it can do, make sure to browse my Ultimate Resource of Cricut Ideas.

Applying The Iron-On Vinyl 

I just lifted up the fabric enough to slide the EasyPress mat between the fabric and the foam and it worked perfectly!  I was worried it might melt the foam, but nope!diy memo board

I presssed it for 30 seconds at 315F and then moved the mat on top of the fabric and a few inches to the side of the iron-on. Then it was easy to flip the fabric over on it so I could press the back for 15 seconds.

diy pin board

diy pin board

I let the vinyl cool for about 30 seconds and then peeled off the plastic pin board

I repeated this process for each of the iron-on pieces rotating the fabric memo board around so I could get to the pin board

Securing the Fabric to the DIY Memo Board

I needed the fabric to stay in place while I flipped it over, so I added push pins around the edges of the fabric.fabric memo board

Then I flipped it over and started hot gluing the fabric down.  Since it was a thicker fabric, I stuck the push pins in while the corners dried.fabric memo board


fabric memo board

I flipped it back over and hot glued the edges of the ribbon in place.  I added push pins where the ribbons crossed.fabric memo board

fabric memo board

That was it!  I used the same command strips that were on the back to put it back on the wall.  

fabric memo board diy

fabric memo board diy

Hopefully, my daughter looks at the positive messages while she’s getting ready in the morning!

fabric memo board diy

fabric memo board diy

fabric memo board diy

What quotes would you add to a DIY pin board??

fabric memo board diy

If you’d like to save this idea for later, hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

How to make a fabric DIY memo board with positive inspirational quotes! Perfect for a girl's teen bedroom. #cricut #teengirlbedroomideas

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Please comment below if you have any questions.

Have a creative day,

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