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Father’s Day Cricut Ideas to Make Dad Feel Extra Special!

Some Father’s Day Cricut ideas for you to make the Dad or Grandpa in your life feel extra loved this year. Learn how to make a Father’s Day shirt with Infusible Ink and also browse a list of more Cricut Father’s Day gifts to inspire you this year!

I believe that homemade unique and sentimental gifts are the best way to go when gifting to family members. These handmade gifts can be treasured for years to come instead of stuffed in a closet or drawer to barely be seen again.

So today I have a tutorial on how to make a Father’s Day shirt with a Cricut and then after that, I have a bunch more Cricut Father’s Day ideas for you from other creative bloggers.

When it comes to Father’s Day, my kids have been making my hubby and their Papa shirts since they were little. I have them draw pictures or write little sayings that remind them of their Dad and we apply them to a shirt.

We started out using printable iron-on transfers to make cute Father’s Day shirts and then we moved on to using their own handwriting and cutting it out of HTV to make a Dad shirt. My husband and Dad still wear these shirts ALL. THE. TIME! They are definitely well-loved and washed.

But when Cricut released Infusible Ink last year, I knew that this year we needed to try it to make a fun and colorful shirt for Dad. And boy, did they!

fathers day cricut ideas

The Cricut Infusible Ink markers and transfer sheets actually infuse into the shirt so that it will never fade and never come off (a perfect gift, right?). It really is amazing and super fun to watch!

Next year I plan on using it to make a Cricut Father’s Day mug or a new hat with the Cricut hat press to make some fun gifts!

Ok, so let’s talk about how we made this Father’s Day Cricut gift, and then I have some other Father’s Day Cricut ideas from around the blogosphere.

Materials Needed for Cricut Father’s Day Shirt

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infusible ink shirt ideas

How to Make a Shirt with Infusible Ink

The first thing you’ll want to do is have your children draw pictures on laser paper with Infusible Ink markers.

There are markers for your machine and also freehand markers. We only have the ones for the machines so I had them use that, but I’m sure the freehand ones are easier!

infusible ink fathers day shirt

Try to have them draw pictures that are non-directional. These will be pressed directly on the shirt upside down so it will become a mirror image.

One of our drawings had letters and words on it so I actually used my TrueControl knife and cut it out. My kids don’t always listen to the directions…sigh…but I can’t complain too much when my teenagers actually do something I ask!

using truecontrol knife
beer drawing infusible ink

Then I just cut the letters out of the transfer sheets on mirror setting so they wouldn’t be backwards.

I designed the phrase “BEST DAD EVER just ask my kids” in Cricut Design Space and sized it to fit the shirt. Then on the prepare screen make sure to toggle on “mirror setting”.

cds mirror on

To cut the transfer sheets on your Cricut cutting machine, make sure to put them ink side up on the mat.

cricut infusible ink shirt

Then load the mat when prompted into your Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore Air, or Cricut Joy. Select Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet as material setting and cut.

infusible ink transfer sheet

While it’s cutting is the perfect time to preheat the EasyPress. I always check out the cricut.heatguide to see what temperature I need to set my EasyPress 2 at. It also tells you exactly how to layer everything. I still look at it every time I press anything!

cricut heatguide settings

When the Cricut is done, remove the transfer sheet from the mat and roll it in your hands until you hear cracking. Then use your fingers to remove the extra sheet from the backing.

cracking infusible ink transfer sheet
cricut transfer sheets
using infusible ink transfer sheets

Once all the excess is removed, you’ll be left with the words you are going to infuse into the shirt.

fathers day cricut ideas

Cut all of the drawings so you can place them where you want on the shirt.

Place the shirt on an EasyPress mat and put a piece of white cardstock inside where the images are going to go. I ended up using two. Then lint roll the shirt.

lint rolling infusible ink

Cover the shirt with a piece of butcher paper that is larger than the heat plate and press it for 15 seconds.

fathers day cricut ideas

Then I placed the transfer sheet cut out words and all the small drawings (ink side down) where I wanted them on the shirt. Secure with heat resistant tape so they don’t move during the transfer.

infusible ink fathers day shirt

Since I had a lot of drawings and words, I had to press them in two different sections. I placed a clean piece of butcher paper over the top half of the design and pressed with light pressure for 40 seconds first.

pressing infusible ink
fathers day cricut ideas infusible ink
This is why you need butcher paper to protect the heat plate and a new piece for every press!

I lifted the press and then put a new piece of clean butcher paper on the bottom half and pressed that for 40 seconds. Let everything cool to the touch.

best dad ever diy shirt
cricut infusible ink shirt idea

Then you can start removing the paper and backings.

fathers day shirt diy
fathers day cricut ideas

Look how vibrant and fun those colors are!

fathers day cricut ideas
fathers day cricut ideas

Father’s Day present done…check! I love marking things off my To-Do list!

fathers day cricut ideas

While I love making shirts with kid’s artwork as presents, there are so many other Father’s Day gifts made with a Cricut that would be perfect for other Dads.

Here are some of my favorite Cricut gifts for Dad from around the Cricut blogosphere! I’m sure you willl find the perfect Father’s Day gift on this list!

Father's Day Cricut Ideas!

Simply click on the Continue Reading button to check out the step by step tutorial on the other great ideas for Father's Day Cricut gifts.

Did you find something to get you crafting? Which of the Cricut Father’s Day ideas did you like best?

If you need even more Father’s Day gift ideas, I have a roundup of other DIY gifts without a Cricut.

I also have an amazing list of gifts for Mother’s Day too!

Don’t forget to save these Father’s Day Cricut ideas for later! Simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

cricut fathers day ideas pinterest

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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