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Free SVG Files for Cricut Design Space ~ Cute Wine Sayings!

Learn how to make DIY painted wine glasses with marbling paint and Free SVG files for Cricut Design Space!! Marbling paint is an easy and fast way to make cute painted wine glasses!

Hi Friends!!  Have you heard of the new marbling paint by Plaid??  When I was at a blogging conference last month, I received a couple of bottles of it and I finally got around to playing with them. 

I marbled some wine glasses, flower vases, and rocks.  Super easy and fun!!  No chemicals needed, just squeeze the paint on and watch the magic. 

I made three different DIY personalized wine glasses and also have some free SVG files for Cricut Design Space of cute wine glass sayings for you!

Keep them for yourself or add them to a wine gift basket DIY to give to a friend.

free svg files for cricut design space pin

Materials Needed for DIY Marbled Wine Glasses

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How to Marble Paint Wine Glasses

There are different ways to add marble paint to your DIY painted wine glasses.  Use your painter’s tape and apply the tape around where you don’t want the paint to get! 

For tall wine glasses, you can add the tape at the bottom of the stem or the top depending on how much you want painted ( click here for video tutorial!) 

For the stemless wine glass, I also added plastic wrap around the top of the cup since I had to dry it upside down and I didn’t want any of the paint to run on to the glass.

marbled wine glasses diy

Do not shake the paint!  It causes air bubbles.  Just open the paint and squeeze.  Then add another color. 

You can slowly turn the wine glasses around to spread the paint around. 

Here’s a quick video on how I applied the marbling paint to the stemless glass.

marbled wine glasses diy

Once the paint was dry, I carefully used an exacto knife to cut the paint right below the tape line so that the paint wouldn’t pull up.

marbled wine glasses diy

Then pull off the tape.

marbled wine glasses diy

I then added a few layers of mod podge about 20 minutes apart.  I used a flat paintbrush and got right to the edge of the paint. 

You could also apply another layer of tape 1-2 mm above the paint line and spray it with mod podge (I only had the jar on hand).

marbled wine glasses diy
marbled wine glasses diy

Wipe off any excess mod podge with a baby wipe or wet paper towel.  The Mod Podge will dry clear so you will barely see the line.

Once it’s dry, you can add one of my FREE cut files with vinyl or use them as a stencil and paint it on with Sharpie paint markers! 

To learn how I apply vinyl with the hinge method click here.  I love this Cricut holographic vinyl!!  (Find it on Amazon here!)

diy personalized wine glasses
diy personalized wine glasses

I always run my embossing gun over the vinyl and press it down with my fingers to give it a little extra hold.  Let it cure for 72 hours before it gets wet!  Hand Wash ONLY on these!

diy personalized wine glasses
diy personalized wine glasses

Make sure you don’t let these glasses sit in water. I did that once and the paint started getting loose but I was able to push it back down and it still looks perfect!

diy personalized wine glasses

Your cute DIY personalized wine glasses are all set to go!

diy personalized wine glasses
Free SVG Files for Cricut Design Space

Here are Your Free SVG Files for Cricut Design Space:

Download the FREE Wine Sayings SVG Here!

Download the FREE Wine Sayings PNG Here!

If you’d like more funny wine sayings and other free SVG files, hop on over to my free SVG file section.

 If you’d like to see a video on how I applied paint to the base of a tall wine glass click here.  You can also read how to paint the sayings on with Sharpie paint markers in the same post!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!  Have a creative day!

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