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40 Sites with FREE SVG Files for Cricut and Silhouette Users in 2022!

Looking for free SVG files for Cricut or Silhouette or other cutting machines?? I have put together a huge list for you on where to find free SVG files and explain how to download the free files.

When I first got my Cricut Explore and started using Cricut Design Space, one of the first things I googled was where to find free SVG files to use and I’m assuming most of you do the same!

While Cricut Access is amazing and has a ton of great cutting files, it does cost money. And after shelling out a lot of money for a machine you might not want to spend the extra money to get Cricut SVG files.

You all know I love giving you free SVG images for Cricut or other cutting machines (ie Silhouette machines), but I am only one person and can only make so many free cut files, lol!

Plus I am not a graphic designer. I did show you how to make simple SVG files with Inkscape, but I am still learning how to make more complicated SVG files to share and I learn from some other amazing craft bloggers.

All SVG graphic designers have their own style and different people like different styles of Cricut images which is what makes crafting and art so great.

I have a lot of blogger friends that offer free Cricut designs so I decided to make a huge list of my favorite sites that you can find free SVG designs whether you are a Cricut electronic cutting machine or Silhouette owner.

free svg files for cricut pinterest

What is an SVG file?

SVG stands for scalable vector graphic. It is just a specific file format that is scalable. You can scale it up and down and the quality will stay the same. (Way too much technical stuff that I don’t totally understand either!)

Cricut Design Space recognizes this type of file and therefore you can use the SVG images at any size which means tons of crafting possibilities to make so many different craft projects!

And since it’s actually the Cricut Design Space software that reads the files, all of the free SVG files for Cricut Design Space can be used for any Cricut machine.

So when you find free SVG cut files for download you can cut them on a Cricut Explore, Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut Maker, or the new Cricut Joy. If you’d like to know more about the machines, make sure to check out my post and video on which Cricut is right for you.

Then what can you make with your own SVGs? Almost anything!! This is where the endless projects come in. The free SVG files can be used to cut vinyl to make DIY projects or home decor.

Or maybe you are looking more for free SVG files for t-shirts to make matching family shirts or shirts for birthday parties. That’s the beauty of SVG files, you can use them to cut any material (cardstock, vinyl, iron-on vinyl, kraft board, fabric, thin wood) to make paper crafts, vinyl decals, tote bags, and so much more.

How to Download Free SVG Files for Cricut

But first, let’s talk about how to download free SVG designs for Cricut use. I get this question a lot and I think those that download free Cricut SVG files all the time forget that it can be confusing at first.

I have video tutorials on how to save free SVG files for Cricut at the top or side of this post (it moves around!) so make sure to watch that if want to watch these steps in action. (There are captions but you can also turn your volume on to listen to my explanations!)

Downloading SVGs from different free SVG sites might be a little different depending on where they store their SVG files and also the programs and settings you have for downloads on your computer.

For my subscriber site, you just have to click on the free image and it automatically downloads (yay for instant download!). But for the free SVGs for Cricut within my posts, there are usually a few steps you have to take because they are stored on a google drive.

So depending on which free SVG site you are on, the steps might differ slightly in the downloading part but uploading into Cricut Design Space will be the same.

Let me walk you through downloading this free block SVG file that I made to add to a glass block.

free svg files for cricut

You can find almost all of my free Cricut downloads within the posts themselves. A few are in my freebies for my subscriber section that you need to gain access to be inserting your email (Subscribe here!)

For the love SVG file from above, you’ll find a link to download it on the post.

how to download free svg files for cricut

Simply click on the link and the free SVG should pop up.

Again as I mentioned above, your screen might look different depending on the type of computer you have and the software. My files are in a google drive so if you are not logged into google, you might be prompted to do so.

On my computer, my download button is in the upper right hand corner. Click on it.

how do i download free svg files for cricut

The settings of my laptop are to show downloaded files on the bottom tool bar. Yours might not show up like mine, but the file should download into your downloads section.

how to save free svg files for cricut

So that’s all there is to it to download free SVG files for Cricut on to your laptop or computer.

Now, open up Cricut Design Space and click on New Project.

new project cricut design space

Then click on the Upload button on the left side of a new canvas.

upload button cricut design space

Then click on Upload Image on the next screen.

upload free svg files cricut

Now you have the choice of dragging and dropping your file or browsing your computer for it. I always click on Browse, but that’s just me!

saving free svg files

Then a screen will pop up. I make sure my Downloads folder is selected and find the file I just downloaded. Click on the file and then on Open.

opening free svg download in cricut

It will pop up in Cricut Design Space and have a checkered background behind it which means you don’t need to do anything. Click on Save in the lower right corner.

save free svg to cricut

Then this screen will pop up again. Click on the image you uploaded. When it’s selected a green outline will appear around it. Then click on insert images.

free cricut templates tutorial

Now the free Cricut downloads are ready to use!

free cricut svg file

Also, if you are new to CDS, make sure to check out my series of Cricut Design Space 101 tutorials to get started.

How to Download Free SVG Files for Cricut on Ipad

Downloading SVG files on an iPad is very similar to downloading on a laptop, unlike when you download fonts on an iPad to use in CDS.

Click on the download link in the post and if you are not signed in to Google on your iPad then you’ll be prompted.

how to download free svg files for cricut on ipad

Once you’re signed in, the free SVG file will pop up. Click on the download button in the upper right.

how to download free svg files for cricut on ipad

Then open Cricut Design Space and click on Upload on the bottom left.

how to download free svg files for cricut on ipad

This screen is the main part that is different than a PC. You’ll need to select where you want to Upload from. Click on Browse Files.

how to download free svg files for cricut on ipad

Then find your Downloads and click on the downloaded svg file.

how to download free svg files for cricut on ipad

CDS will prompt you to name the image and then save it!

how to download free svg files for cricut on ipad

Now that you know how to save free SVG files to use in Cricut Design Space, let’s talk about how to get free SVG files for a Cricut.

Where to Find FREE SVG Files for Cricut

So you probably can tell I’m team Cricut, lol! I’ve actually never used a Silhouette Cameo or any other cutting machines, but from what I’m told and read, SVG files should work on all of them.

A lot of the SVG downloads you’ll find come with other file formats in case you’d rather use a .dxf, .eps, or .png with your crafting software. Usually bloggers will state which file types are available for a specific file.

A Word About Licenses

Something you should definitely be familiar with are the licenses offered with the free SVG downloads. I would say the majority of them are for personal use only. That means you are not allowed to sell anything you make with the file.

You will need a commercial use license to sell anything you’ve made from someone else’s files. All the sites you find SVGs on should state if the file is for personal or commercial use and how you can obtain a commercial license if you would like to sell a handmade item using the graphic.

Websites to Get Free SVG Files

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links from Shareasale, Cricut, Awin, and I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my links (purple text). As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

There are different types of free SVG sites on the internet. There are design sites that sell a ton of fonts, graphics, PNG files, SVG files, SVG bundles, etc, and then also have free SVG sections. Sometimes they are always free and sometimes they are free for a limited time.

Here are some resource design sites and great places to start:

And then there are a ton of bloggers that make and give away super cute SVG files for free! (For some, you will have to enter an email to receive the SVG to download.)

Click on the links below and you will be taken directly to their page of free SVG files!

I’m sure you will find a ton of amazing and unique free Cricut designs to download from this list of my favorite places to find free Cricut SVGs.

If you’d like to save these free SVG websites for later or share you can PIN It now! If you are on a desktop hover over the top left of the image below and if you are on a phone simply tap on the image and a PIN It button will pop up to click on!

best websites for free svgs

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a creative day and please let me know if you have any questions! Happy crafting!

leap of faith crafting

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