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Best FREE SVG Fonts for Cricut You’ll Love (2024)

Learn where to find free SVG fonts for Cricut to use with any of your Cricut projects! Cute fonts can be downloaded and used in Cricut Design Space anytime!

I talk a lot about different fonts and I’ve gone into detail in a few other posts on finding Disney fonts and how to upload fonts, but today I thought I’d list some of the best fonts out there that you can use right now for free!

When it comes to designing personal projects, probably the hardest part (and the longest time spent) is looking for the right font. It can be tedious browsing through thousands of free SVG files and fonts to make that perfect design.

Since we all have different tastes, my favorite fonts might not be yours but I will list some of the best free fonts out there that I love to use with my Cricut machine.

free cricut svg fonts best

Where To Get Free SVG Fonts

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links from Shareasale, Cricut, Awin, CreativeFabrica, and I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my links (purple text). As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

If you are just starting out with CDS you might be asking, where is a great place to get the best Cricut fonts? 

One of the easiest ways to find fonts is within Cricut Design Space itself if you have  Cricut Access.  For a small fee, you can sign up for a standard or premium Cricut access membership and use all of the great fonts they have. 

One of the benefits of using Cricut fonts is that they are specifically made to be used with a cutting machine (Cricut Joy, Cricut Joy Xtra, Cricut Explore Air family, Cricut Maker line – differences in Cricut here).

Not every font style is ideal to use especially if you want to cut a small intricate word or phrase. The smaller the design, the harder it is going to be to get a clean cut without rips if you use fonts with lots of thin lines.

When you click on the text box, type in a text, and click on the font drop-down, you’ll notice there are quite a few things on the toolbar like Cricut, System, Bookmarked, and Recent.

system fonts in cricut design space

You can use the search bar and filter to system fonts or Cricut fonts. There are always free fonts that you can use without Cricut Access under the Filter feature!

cricut filter fonts

Free Font Sites

If you don’t want to pay for Access, the good news is there are a ton of other free fonts that you can download and use with any cutting machine.  Remember that a lot of the free fonts are for personal use only.  This means you can not create products or digital files to sell if you only have a personal use license.  

On most sites, you can filter to occasions or different categories like Sans Serif (without extending features), Serif (have small lines/strokes on edges of letters), Slab Serif (thick block-like letters), Script (fluid strokes with structure), and Handwritten font (often harder to cut with electronic cutting machine).

Just be careful. There are a lot of sites that steal other people’s fonts and have them for free on their site, but they do not have the right to do that. So if it seems like a rip-off site, it probably is.

These are my favorite free font sites.

  • – this is my favorite paid site, but they always offer freebies and if you join their email list, you will be sent a new free font and free svgs every day that comes with a license for commercial projects. I used to look forward to those emails! Plus they have a FREEBIE section on their site, just click on Fonts.
best svg fonts for cricut

Retro (like this fun Honeypirls) has made a comeback in the past year or so and you can find fun groovy fonts if you search for retro, vintage, medieval, or yesteryear.


I have a separate post on where to get Cricut writing fonts if you want to learn more about free writing fonts.

Best Cursive Fonts

I have to admit, I am a free cursive font hoarder! I have hundreds downloaded on my computer because there are so many beautiful fonts out there. Although I never download personal use license fonts anymore since I don’t want to keep track of licenses, I used to and remember some of my faves!

Here are my go-to fonts that play nicely with my Cricut!

free cursive fonts for cricut
free script fonts for cricut

Best Free Retro and Sans Serif Font

Retro fonts area a lot of fun to design with. Some of them will come with extra characters that you’ll need to use a character map to access.

free retro fonts for cricut

And thicker letters work better when making cardstock projects or even cutting vinyl.

free sans serif fonts for cricut

I could go on and on with all my favorites, but I hope this list of my top ten favorite free SVG fonts gets you started!

Where to Get Commercial Use License Fonts

Now, if you want to start selling your products, you’ll need high-quality fonts that come with a commercial license.  Make sure to read the license to know each designers’s individual terms. 

Fonts can range from free to an additional cost of $40.  Some sites will offer daily or weekly FREEBIE commercial use fonts.  I sign up for these website’s updates and download almost all of their free commercial-use fonts. 

Sometimes they will also offer beautiful fonts with special characters for $1. All of these sites off script fonts, block fonts, font bundles, and more!

CreativeFabrica.comThis is one of my favorite sites and favorite place to download all sorts of fonts and graphics.  They usually have a daily freebie or $1 sale. Plus you can get all access subscription here at Creative Fabrica (this is what I have!). also offers free fonts and deals

Creative Market is another one of my faves and is where I purchased my favorite font, Magnolia Sky. They also have weekly freebies! is another site that will sometimes offer free bundles with a social media share. The Hungry Jpeg Also weekly freebies and $1 deals.

What to Do with SVG Fonts for Cricut

So when you actually find some new fonts simply click on the download link to the font.

cute free cricut fonts svg

Fonts will usually automatically download in a zip file and most likely go into your downloads folder. My computer is set so that a pop screen automatically comes up of the file.

You might notice that there are different options in the font file. The most common are OTF (open type font) and a TTF file (true type font). Double-click on the name of the font in the font folder. Do not click on Extract.

downloading free fonts to computer

If there is a true type and open type, I choose the open type font file because sometimes it will contain some additional features. Click on Install button. That’s it!

where to find free cricut fonts

The downloaded font will be installed on your computer.

Open Design Space or refresh it if already opened, and it should appear in your list of fonts drop-down menu (I find it easiest to search for the name). Make sure you have System selected.

find system font in design space
free svg cricut fonts

Then sometimes you might actually get a font that has individual SVG files (or PNG) for each letter of the alphabet (usually a fancy or decorative alphabet like this Mini Font). For those, you treat them like any other SVG cut file and upload one by one into Cricut Design Space.


Just remember the font is only downloaded on the computer you are using, if you go to open CDS on your smart phone, tablet, or different computer the font will not show up. You’d have to download it on that device too! Find out how to install fonts on an iPad here.

Whew, that’s a lot, thanks for staying with me! I hope this post helps getting you started when trying to find the best free Cricut fonts to find and use in the Cricut Design Space software.

I have a ton of tutorials like how to get started in Cricut Design Space and when to use weld and attach, so make sure to check them out if you need more help!

best free cricut fonts

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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