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Fruit Snack Valentines with a FREE Printable!

Download a free I’m so Berry Happy We’re Friends Valentine’s printable and attach a bag to make fruit snack valentines for classmates or students!

Are you frantically searching Pinterest for some cute last-minute Valentine’s for your kiddo to take to school?  My youngest is the only one that still does Valentine’s and it seems like I’m leaving most everything to the last minute with him…sigh!

If you’ve read my non-candy Valentine roundup post, you’ll see I’m also not a huge fan of candy for Valentine’s day.  Having a child with allergies has made me rethink a lot of what we hand out.

Over the past few years, we’ve made DIY Valentines bookmarks out of felt and DIY homemade stamps to hand out (both come with free printables so make sure to check them out!).

But this year….womp…womp… I’ve run out of time and energy to actually make the Valentine’s.  So, I made a quick printable and attached some fruit snacks to them, and presto… cute, easy, and they’re done!!

I’ve also had a lot of you ask for a free printable Valentines for students from teachers so I have added one below!

fruit snack valentines pin

Fruit Snack Valentines

These fruit Valentine’s are very similar to the unicorn Valentine printables I have on our DIY Valentines list.

I used white and red cardstock to make these I’m so Berry Happy We’re Friends Valentine cards.

Print out the printable (find below) on white cardstock or paper.

fruit snack valentines printable

Cut them with a paper trimmer or scissors so you have four separate cards.

fruit snack valentines
fruit snack valentines

This is an optional step, but I always like a little extra color!

Mount the card on a contrasting cardstock.  I used red.  You can use a glue stick, glue dots, or tape glider.

fruit snack valentines with free printable

Then cut the red cardstock so you have about 1/4″ trim around the entire card.

fruit snack valentines

Then all you have to do is have your child add names to them and attach a fruit snack bag.  I used glue dots again. 

My bags were a little big so I folded over the top of the bag and taped it down before I attached them. You could also attach individually wrapped fruit roll ups or fruit leather.

fruit snack valentines

If you like non candy Valentine’s for classmates, you might also like my FREE school Valentine cards for goldfish Valentines and sticker Valentine’s and free printables to use with Pop Its!

Or a cute tic tac toe Valentine printable to add tic tacs or pencils to!

Don’t forget Valentine’s for teachers!  I have a list of over 10 cute teacher Valentine gifts ideas.

 Free Fruit Snack Valentine Printable Download

As with all of my free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no reselling any of our files, thank you!

Click the button above or here to download the fruit snack Valentines pdf.

** Update – I’ve had some people ask for one without the To: on it, so if you prefer that one click here.

NOTE:  If those don’t work for you, click here to download a zip file of both printables.  Depending on your computer, once you open the folder you can double click on the one you want and it should pop up or you can extract them all.

Free Printable Valentine Cards FROM Teachers

Teachers – I’ve been asked to have a free Valentine to give to your students. I have made three different options for you that you can find on my Valentines from Teacher to Student post!

 So you can now download and print a similar fruit snack Valentine that says “happy you’re in my class” (click here).

free printable vaelntines for students from teachers

If you’d like to save this idea of fruit snacks Valentines for later, hover over the top left of the image below and PIN it now.

Free Valentine's printable! Attach fruit snacks to them to make a cute allergy free fruit snacks valentines for classmates. #valentines #printables #valentineprintables #fruitsnacks #diyvalentine

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a creative day!

leap of faith crafting

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