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Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma and Grandpa From the Heart!

Hi Friends!  Let’s face it, grandparents are hard to shop for!  When it comes to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas you want to show the amazing grandparents in your life how much you appreciate them.  After all, without them, none of us would be here so finding the perfect gifts for grandparents can be a daunting task. Adding to the challenge, is the fact that they really don’t need anything!  Most of them have all the little things they need already and don’t care too much about material possessions.  If you have funds to send them on a vacation, then you can stop reading this post!  If not, let’s get creative and think about what birthday gift ideas for Grandma and Grandpa could melt their heart!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma


Handmade or personalized gifts should be your focus.  Parents and Grandparents all love gifts from the heart and that you or your kiddos put time and energy into.   You don’t have to spend all your money on some item that will just collect dust from a home goods store.  Something everyone, kiddos and adults, can do is make a homemade card.  Get a piece of paper or card stock and get to work!  You can look up ideas online, cut out pictures from magazines, draw pictures, use stamps, use stickers, etc.  Do whatever you like to do.  There is no wrong way here, have fun with it!  If you want to get a little more creative, read on…

Ideas for Grandparent Gifts

Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma

  • T-shirts with a hand drawn picture.  My kids make one every year for Father’s Day for both my hubby and their Papa.  It’s so cute to see how the pictures have progressed.  They draw a picture, I scan it and print it on iron on transfer sheet.  You can check out my full DIY t shirt tutorial here.   Buy a simple t-shirt and iron it on!  Simple, inexpensive and they are a big hit.  My hubby and dad still wear all of the shirts.
  • Make your own coupon book for hugs, snuggles, making them dinner, pedicures with Grandma, etc.
  • Make a family scrapbook or “All the Reasons I love my ____” book.  You can do this by hand or use an online site like Shutterfly or Costco.
  • Family picture calendars.  There are a lot of sites like Photo gifts from Tiny Prints that you can upload pictures and make a custom calendar with your kiddos sweet smiling faces.
  • Blow up family pictures and have them printed on canvas, metal, or wood.
  • Make a step stone for their garden.  Kids can also paint rocks for the garden.
  • Find a ceramic paint store and paint them a mug, plate, or tile.
  • Memory Jar.  Decorate any plastic or glass jar and fill it with memories.  Cut up pieces of paper or make cute cut out designs and write all your favorite memories of them on each paper.
  • Personalized Items, like Photo gifts from Tiny Prints or from Costco.  Upload your favorite pictures and pick from a ton of different options.  We’ve made mugs, mouse pads, blankets, ties, ornaments… you name it!
  • Gift Cards.  To make this not seem impersonal, consider your parents/grandparents interests and hobbies.  Do they like to travel?  Go out to dinner?  Go to movies?  Or the theater?  Play sports?  You can get gift cards from almost any place – local restaurants, movie tickets, local theater tickets, sports stores, salon, massage therapist, car wash package, bowling alley, golf range, etc.  Or a gift certificate for an extended family portrait session!   Don’t forgot to include your hand made card!
  • Hand made signs.  This is what I made for my mom this past Mother’s Day.  I found some pictures of all the grandchildren and hooked them on top.  The pictures can be switched out anytime as they grow.  Click Here for tutorial on how to make signs.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma

I hope this list will inspire you to give more gifts from the heart!  What are your favorite birthday gift ideas for Grandma or Grandpa?

Have a great day!  Want to save this list for later?  You can Pin it now if you’d like!

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Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandma

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