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Good Choices Week Instead of Red Ribbon Week

This year our elementary school decided to have good choices week instead of red ribbon week. Here is a rundown of what we will be doing!

This year our elementary school PTO decided to bring back Red Ribbon Week.  We haven’t done this week in over 6 years at our school and we decided to mix it up a bit.

The committee decided to call it Cheetahs Make Good Choices Week instead of Red Ribbon Week.  

I love Red Ribbon for the middle and high school age kids but we thought talking about drugs with kindergartners through 5th graders was a bit over their head.  

We wanted to concentrate on making healthy choices and building character.

red ribbon week

Good Choices Week

This is what we decided to do for Good Choices Week:

Monday – Wear RED to show you Love yourself.  We ordered silicone bracelets for all the kids that say “Cheetahs Make Good Choices” and we will pass them out on the first day.  

In the classrooms, the kids will work on an activity sheet about their strengths, what they like most about themselves, etc..

Tuesday – Dress like a SUPERHERO to show you Eat like a superhero. During lunch, we will be having a “What item has more sugar game” and give our prizes.  

red ribbon week food

In the classrooms, the kids will work on activity sheets about eating like a superhero and a few other sheets I downloaded from Super Market Nutrition and

healthy eating activity sheet

Wednesday – Dress in your favorite SPORTS gear to show you love to exercise your body.  

A local orthodontist generously donated a bunch of frisbees and the PTO will be running several activities during recess and lunch.

Thursday – Dress in your PAJAMAS to show you take good care of yourself by getting enough sleep.  We will also be focusing on dental hygiene on this day.  

A few local dentists were kind enough to donate enough toothbrushes to hand out to all our students and we will also give them a handout about good oral care.

Friday – Dress in your School SPIRIT apparel to show you do your best in school.  Our local minor league baseball team puts on rallies at schools all about building character and doing well in school.  

red ribbon week

We will have two rallies in the morning with their mascot leading it.  Should be a lot of fun!  

We ordered superhero bookmarks to hand out to all students to promote reading.  

That’s it!  Pretty easy week to coordinate and it’s much more geared to the younger kiddos.  What other ideas do you have?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a great day,

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