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Graduation Card DIY: How to Make a Cute and Easy Money Card Holder

Make a cute money holder graduation card DIY style with some help from a Cricut.

Can you believe it’s almost the end of the school year?  For some, it’s a bigger life moment than others.  There will be a lot of students graduating and moving on to a new phase of their lives.

You might be celebrating one of these soon to be graduates and wondering what on Earth you should be gifting them.  For the majority of grads, I would gander that cold hard cash is the best way to go!

I know it seems impersonal and I get it.  It’s hard for me to just give money too.  I usually will make something little and add money inside!

handmade graduation cards pin

But if you are like me, I always have to give money in something cute too.  If you are wanting to make a graduation card DIY style, you are in the right place!

I made one that is super quick to whip up if you have a cutting machine.  But if you don’t, do not worry!  I also made free printable graduation cards that look the same and all you need to do is print, cut, and glue.

If you are throwing a party for a grad, make sure to check out my DIY graduation party ideas and graduation ceremony ideas.

I have printable directions at the bottom and a full video tutorial explaining all the steps, so make sure to watch that!

Materials Needed for Handmade Graduation Cards

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There are a few options when making this graduation money card holder.  You can use all cardstock and just glue them together.  I had just received a glitter mesh iron-on vinyl from Cricut and I really wanted to try it out and I am so glad I did.  The end result was so cute and easy!

Graduation Card DIY Tutorial

You can find this file in Cricut Design Space here.  If you’d like to customize it further by adding a name or changing the year, click customize on the bottom.

design space graduation
cricut card tutorial

Cut all of your materials out.  The first mat it had me cut out was the large white cardstock.  Set the material to cardstock.  The Cricut screen will prompt you to insert a scoring wheel and pen into the pen holder.

graduation card diy
graduation card diy a
graduation card diy a

When it’s done with the scoring wheel, the Cricut will stop, the go light will start blinking white, and the screen will tell you to remove the scoring wheel and insert the cutting blade.

graduation card diy

Once you have changed the blades, push the white flashing light on your machine for it to continue.

graduation card diy
graduation card diy

Cut out the rest of your materials.

graduation card diy

Applying Iron-on Vinyl to the DIY Graduation Card

Skip this section if using all cardstock!

graduation card diy

If you are using iron-on like I am, make sure to click on the mirror setting in the preview screen and place the plastic backing/shiny side face down on your mat. Weed off the extra iron-on vinyl.

handmade graduation cards

If you need extra help with this step, make sure to read my cutting HTV and weeding tutorial.

Preheat an EasyPress 2 to 290F and set to 30 seconds (if using glitter mesh).  If not, refer to the interactive EasyPress guide to find the perfect temperature.

graduation card diy

If you’ve never one, I have a full review and how to get started with an EasyPress 2.

Place the white cardstock on a mat and press the front for 3 seconds.

handmade graduation cards

Center the iron-on on the cardstock and press for 30 seconds with light pressure.  Flip the cardstock over and press the back for 15 seconds.

handmade graduation cards
handmade graduation cards
handmade graduation cards

Peel off the backing.  Repeat the same steps for the other piece of iron-on.

handmade graduation cards

Putting the Graduation Card DIY Together!

graduation card diy

You can attach all the pieces and fold in the card in any order.  I attached all the cardstock pieces with a glue stick.

Fold the card along all of the score lines including the two side flaps.  Fold the flaps inward.

handmade graduation cards
diy graduation card money holder

Then apply glue to the flaps where they will touch the bottom side, fold it over and press down.

diy graduation card money holder
diy graduation card money holder
handmade graduation cards

Then I glued on the rest of the cardstock.

handmade graduation cards a

I wanted to make it pop a little more, so I used a dauber and ink pad to spread ink along the creases.  Totally optional step though!

handmade graduation cards a

To make the envelope, fold all of the score lines.  Fold the bottom piece in.  Add some glue on the edge of one of the side flaps and press it down.

Put cash or a check inside the graduation card DIY and write a few sentiments on the opposite blank side. And then put the whole thing in the envelope and write a much deserving grads name on the front!

graduation card diy
graduation card diy a
graduation card diy

I’m loving the glitter mesh iron-on!  It gave the card fun depth and sparkle, but as you know I love everything glitter!

graduation card diy
graduation card diy

If you’d like to save this idea for later or just want to share, please hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

graduation card diy pin

Here are the printable directions…

Yield: 1 card

Graduation Card DIY: How to Make a Cute and Easy Money Card Holder

graduation card diy

Give the gift a grad really wants with these handmade graduation cards that hold money.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Cardstock
  • Glue stick
  • Iron-on Vinyl (optional)


  1. Go to Cricut Design Space and open up file. Customize if you want to add name or change year.
  2. Cut out all materials. Cricut will prompt you to insert scoring wheel and pen.
  3. If using iron-on vinyl, cut on mirror setting with shiny side facing down on mat.graduation card diy
  4. If using iron-on, preheat EasyPress. I set mine to 290F since I was using iron-on glitter mesh. Check Cricut interactive guide. Press the cardstock for 3 seconds. Center iron-on and press for 30 seconds on front. Flip over and press for 15 seconds on back. Remove plastic backing.
  5. Attach all pieces of cardstock together with a glue stick or glue dots. Optional- add stamp ink to edges with a dauber.
  6. Fold the white cardstock on all of the scored lines. Fold the flaps inward and glue them to the bottom graduation card money holder diy graduation card money holder
  7. Fold the score lines of the envelope. Fold in bottom flap and glue the top flap to the one underneath.handmade graduation cards a
  8. Put money or cash in the handmade graduation card and give it as a gift! graduation card diy


See post for full step by step tutorial with photos and video.

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