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Grinch Wreath Made Out of Dollar Tree Supplies!

Love the Grinch?? Check out this step by step DIY Grinch wreath tutorial to add to your Christmas decor. Links to more Grinch projects too!

“Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more”.  Amen!  One of my favorite lines from a Christmas movie.  

The Grinch was always my favorite Christmas show when I was growing up so of course, I have to make some Grinch decor in honor of Mr. Grinch.

Are you ready for some fun Grinch tutorials??  I made this DIY Grinch wreath tutorial so all of you can make your own. 

There is no sewing involved in this Grinch Christmas wreath.  So, you can definitely make this!

grinch wreath with legs coming out of tree

I made a great round-up of all things Grinch!  Make sure you check it out by clicking here!

Materials for DIY Grinch Wreath Tutorial

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  • metal wreath ring – I had this square one on hand so I used it.  They have the circle ones at the Dollar Tree
  • decorative mesh – I used 6 (5 yd) rolls of green from Dollar Tree
  • flannel fabric – red and green
  • Unique stitch
  • pipe cleaners/chenille stems
  • Christmas hat or tree skirt
  • Christmas tree decorations – I got all mine from the Dollar Tree
  • Fairy lights or string lights – optional
  • green spray paint – optional

How to Make a Grinch Wreath Out of Mesh

Ok, let’s get started!  The first thing we are going to tackle is making the mesh wreath.  For this part, you will need the wire wreath, pipe cleaners, and mesh ribbon.

DIY Grinch Wreath Tutorial

To start off, cut the pipe cleaners in thirds. 

Then wrap one around on the outside edge of the wreath (where it crosses with a perpendicular bar) and squish the end of the mesh and twist to secure it.

DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial
DIY mesh Wreath Tutorial

Make sure the mesh is under the wire wreath frame.  Pull about 3 inches or so of mesh through the first opening and hold onto it.

adding mesh ribbon to a grinch wreath

Then pull another few inches through the opening in front of it and hold it all together.  Then just keep repeating this process until the end of mesh roll. 

diy mesh christmas wreath from dollar store supplies

Then attach another small pipe cleaner to wire and twist the end of the mesh into it. 

There are a lot of great video tutorials on youtube if you need more assistance on this part!

This is my square Dollar Tree wreath all covered with the mesh.

green dollar store mesh ribbon wreath

Since the flannel fabric I had was a light green and didn’t stand out very well with the same color mesh, I decided to add some color to my wreath. 

In comes the spray paint!  I just sprayed it all over the mesh.  Quick fix!

spray painting mesh ribbon
green Christmas square wreath

Decorating a Whoville Christmas Wreath

Once that’s dry, you’ll decorate it however you want to!  I got these cute ornaments and tinsel from the Dollar Tree. (I also got the small present ornaments there too!)

DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial

I started wrapping the tinsel around and tucking an inch or so of it under one of the bars every 6-8 inches or so.

wrapping tinsel on a Christmas wreath

You can add some lights on the backside of the Grinch wreath if you like.  I hung the ornaments on with ornament hangers and glued the presents on with tacky glue since I wanted them facing forward. 

grinch Whoville wreath from Dollar Store supplies

That’s all there is to the wreath.  As I said, you can decorate yours however you want!  Have fun with it!

Now on to the Grinch legs and shoes for the wreath…

Making Grinch Legs Hang Out of Tree Wreath

I quickly drew a pattern to use to cut out the pants and shoes.  I knew I wanted him about 6.5 inches wide to fit inside my wreath.

grinch pants pattern
grinch pants out of felt

I cut the pants pattern out twice of green flannel fabric and ironed all the edges in about 1/4″.

grinch pants tutorial
grinch pants tutorial

If you sew, it’s super easy to sew the edges and be done.  But, I promised you this is a no-sew project!  So, what to do??? Unique stitch to the rescue!

unique stitch on felt Grinch pants

Apply a thin strip on the 1/4″ of fabric that was ironed in.

grinch pants tutorial

I did half at a time.  Then place the other piece of the fabric right on top and squeeze the edges. 

Then add the unique stitch on the other leg and press down the rest of the fabric.

grinch pants tutorial

Do the same thing with the Grinch shoes.  Cut out 4 sides of the shoe (2 for each shoe) and 2 bottoms.  Iron all the edges in.

DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial
DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial
DIY grinch shoes out of felt

I made a quick video showing how I glued these together since it’s hard to explain in pictures so make sure to watch it at the side or top of this post.

Once everything is dry, you can stuff the legs and shoes with stuffing.

DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial

Making the Grinch Coat

I used this chair cover from the Dollar Tree to use for the coat because it already had the white trim on it. 

Makes it easier and it’s cheap!  Then you can use the pom-pom and rest of the fabric for something else.

DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial
DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial

Cut it down the seam and wrap it in a circle to see how big you need it.  It needs to fit around the top of the stuffed pants.  I glued the white trim over in half so it wasn’t so thick.

DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial
DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial

Ok, so now I even go simpler than sewing.  Since I knew no one would see the back of my Grinch wreath I just used good old fashioned safety pins to attach the sides together!

DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial

Then apply some glue inside the rim and stick the pants in and let them dry.

grinch wreath

I added a bell on the little Grinch felt shoes.   You can put a pom-pom if you want! 

I just straightened a paper clip and stuck it in the toe of the shoe, bent it, and added the bell on that.

diy felt grinch shoes
DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial

Stick a little bit of the leg in the shoe and glue them together.

DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial
DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial

For the white trim, you could use different things – cotton balls, more of the chair cover fabric, etc..   I had this Dollar Tree tree skirt that had fuzzy trim on it so I cut that off and used it. 

Just wrap it around where the two colors meet and glue in place.

DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial
DIY Grinch Tree Wreath Tutorial

That’s really all there is to it!!  Just stick the open-ended red part into the middle of the Dollar Tree mesh Grinch wreath and have him hang out.  You can safety-pin it to the back of the wreath if you need to. 

Then you can hang him up or have him on a table.  Where do you think the perfect place for it is??

Couple it with this DIY Grinch wine bottle , an adorable glitter Grinch, and a Grinch plate to make a cute Grinch table!

grinch christmas decorations
DIY Whoville Grinch Wreath
Grinch sticking out of tree Christmas Wreath

“You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch!”  Now that song is stuck in my head!!

If you love making Christmas decorations, make sure sure to check out my ultimate guide to DIY Christmas decor.

Grinch Wreath out of Dollar Store supplies

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DIY mesh grinch wreath with legs sticking out

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Tuesday 4th of December 2018

This is the cutest wreath ever You are so talented. Keep up the great tutorials. And thank you.

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