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How I Personally Make a Couple Hundred Extra Dollars Each Month

Since I made the decision last year to stop working and stay home full-time, I have had to get creative to make a little extra money.  You can read my story on why I decided to stop working here.  

In the past few years, I have found some easy and fun ways to pay for the extras.  So I thought I’d share how I personally make a couple of hundred extra dollars each month!

easy way making money

Some of these ways require a bit of work but it’s not hard and some require absolutely no work at all.  Some of these include saving money while you shop.  But all require a computer or smartphone.  If you have one of those you are reading to make some money!!

Sites and Apps to Make Money With

I have added affiliate links on this post which will pay me a little commission at NO EXTRA cost to you.  

My favorite way to make money is by testing websites through  This site pays $10 per test.  If I’m around the house I will leave the site open and every time a new test becomes available it pings.  You have to do a trial test for them to approve you to become a tester.  

If you like to visit websites and think out loud then this is a great opportunity for you.  You will need a microphone and speakers on your computer.  You will be talking throughout the whole test and doing assignments that they tell you to do.  The assignments take anywhere from 5-20 minutes and they transfer the $10 into your Paypal account 1 week after the test was completed.  Y

ou can also take tests on phones and tablets for additional chances to qualify.  For the majority of tests, there are screener questions because they are looking for a certain type of person.  I probably qualify for 2-3 tests a week.  I have made $170 over the past 2 months!  Not too bad!


If you aren’t using Ibotta, you should be!!  This is an easy way to make some money off the products you buy.  It requires a bit of work but it’s easy.  

After you download the app, you click on a store that you will be shopping at.  Go through the products and click on the ones you are going to buy.  Sometimes you have to watch a short advertising video.  

The savings is anywhere from $0.25 – $5 or so.  After you purchase the items, you’ll need to scan the bar codes to verify it and take a picture of your receipt.  That’s it!  Then they send you the money!  

I like this app because there are bonuses all the time.  You’ll get an extra dollar or two for redeeming so many rebates.  If you want to try this one, sign up here and you will get $10 for FREE just for signing up and verifying one purchase.  It can even be the $0.25 off any onion and they’ll give you $10 for signing up through my link!!! Go ahead and try it now! 

This app also rewards you for referring people so after you sign up refer your friends and make $5!!  When you have $20 you can withdraw your money through paypal.  I’ve made $23 with this app this past month.

Survey.Com Merchandiser:  Download this phone app and you can start doing some projects at nearby stores you shop at.  They upload projects and you can select a store if you’d like to complete the project.  

Some of them are taking pictures and counting inventory like I did at a few gas stations and some you have to speak to a manager and do some restocking.  I earned $7-8 per project and made $23 last month for about 10 minutes of work.  Click here to sign up for this app!


Mobee is another secret shopper type app.  When you open up the app a map comes up with missions nearby.  

These missions are at stores like Target, Walmart, cellular stores, etc and you earn points by completing the mission.  Usually it’s taking pictures of a certain display and answering a few questions.  

Then you can exchange the points for gift cards.  I’ve gotten a $15 Starbucks gift card already.  If you travel there probably would be a greater chance to earn with this app.  I don’t leave my town often so I’m limited to the ones that pop up around here. Use my referral code WKGF to earn 300 FREE points! Download it here:


EBATES:    Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

This is not really a way to make money but it is a great way to save money while shopping online.  This is an absolute must use site if you do any shopping online.

 It requires no work from you.  You used to have to shop through the link on but now it’s even become easier in that you can install it on your chrome browser.

Then every time you go to a site that you can earn money back on, a box will open up on your screen to activate it and then you just continue shopping (so make sure you look for this option when signing up).  You can save anywhere from 1%-20% depending on the site.  

This is especially important when shopping for the holidays since a lot of us do it online.  You can even get a small percent back from most items on Amazon, Ebay, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.  This is by far the easiest way to save/make money.  

I love getting the email that says “Here is your big fat check” and for me it’s almost always $15-20 each  month.  I have made over $250 in the past year by shopping through this site!!  This is also a site that will pay you for referrals so let your friends know!  Please click on the Ebates icon to sign up now!! Ebates Coupons and Cash Back



This is my new favorite windows app.  After you sign up here, you will have a Honey icon on your browser bar.  Every time I shop at a site, you can click on the icon for coupons for that site and when you go to check out it actually tries all the different coupon codes for you!  It’s amazing!  

On Amazon, it will show up next to the price and tell you if have the best deal.  I have put a few things in my cart and the icon said their was a better deal at a different seller so I ended up saving a few dollars!  Great and easy, right???

Surveys on the Go:

 This is an app that you can download at  You get paid for taking surveys.  Some of the surveys are really short and some a bit longer.  

They range from politics to entertainment to lifestyle.  Some of them you have to qualify for but they usually give you 10 cents if you don’t qualify.  I like taking surveys so it’s fun for me.  

You can earn a couple of bucks while you’re sitting and waiting in an office!  I’ve made $28 with this app over the past month.

What did I tell you??  Super easy ways to make some extra money!!  What are you waiting for??

To save money when you’re out and about in town, click here to check out my post on more tips to saving money!!

What other ways do you use to save money???

I have added affiliate links on this post which will pay me a little commission at NO EXTRA cost to you.  

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