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How to Host a Wine and Painting Party at Your Own Home!

Must read easy steps on how to host a wine and painting party that everyone will love and be stress-free for you!

You all know I love a good craft party (like my ornament-making holiday party) and wine, so what better way to put them both together than having a wine and paint party?

Hosting a wine and painting party (AKA paint and sip party) is a great way to have a fun and creative evening with friends.

Whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner, paint and sip parties are a perfect way to unwind and let your creative juices flow and all from the comfort of your own home. 

There are so many occasions you can have a good time with a paint and wine party. Think baby showers, a date night (for just you and your significant other or for couples), birthday parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and more!

Plus all party guests will get to take home their own painting after the party, so no need to buy party favors, win win!

So today I will be sharing some tips and tricks on how to host a wine and painting party that your guests will have a great time at and maybe even be social media worthy, lol!

how to host a wine and painting party

I am a huge fan of paint studios that offer painting classes for larger groups. I have been to a lot! My craft room is overflowing with all the painted canvases I have made, but it can get pricey.

During shut down, my daughter and I did a couple of virtual painting parties and watched step-by-step instructions on our TV on how to paint and I realized it wouldn’t be too hard to host your own paint party with some planning!

wine and paint night

How to Host a Wine and Painting Party

So let’s talk about some tips on how to host a wine and painting party that will have everyone talking about it for weeks.

1. Decide on a theme and choose a painting tutorial

First things first, it’s a good idea to decide on a theme, especially if you are wanting to make or buy decorations.

It could be anything from “springtime flowers” to “abstract art.” Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s something that everyone will enjoy and feel comfortable painting.  

When you are hosting a paint night you’ll want to be mindful that everyone will have a different skill level so be sure to pick something that doesn’t seem too intimidating.

paint and sip party diy

2. Choosing a Painting Tutorial

Unless you are hiring a professional artist or teaching the painting project yourself, you’ll need to find a video tutorial that everyone can follow. You can find painting tutorials on YouTube or by doing a quick Google search.

Make sure to choose a tutorial that is easy to follow and not too complicated for beginners.  

YouTube is a fantastic resource for finding step-by-step painting tutorials for beginners. Channels like The Art Sherpa, Bob Ross videos, and Painting with Jane offer a wide range of tutorials, from simple landscapes to more complex portraits.

Just make sure to watch the full video tutorial before you decide to use it to see good places to take breaks, what color paints you’ll need, and to make sure you can get it on your TV.

how to host wine and paint sip party

Here are a few of our favorite tutorials of a full painting process:

3. Pick a venue

Once you have a theme in mind, it’s time to choose a venue depending on how many people are on your guest list.

If you have enough space it’s definitely easiest to host the private event at your home so you spend as long as you need to set up during the days before the party.

painting party tips

Or you could rent out a space like a community center or art studio. The important thing is to make sure that there’s enough room for everyone to paint comfortably.

Check that off our printable to do list!

4. Gather your painting supplies for paint and sip party

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Now it’s time to gather your art supplies.  You can either buy all of these supplies or rent them from a local art supply store. 

  • Canvas: You will need one stretched white blank canvas per guest. Make sure to choose the appropriate size for the theme of your party. Usually 9×12, 11×14, or 16×20 work best.
  • Paint: You will need a variety of paint colors for your guests to use. Make sure to have enough paint for each guest to use. Acrylic paint is the easiest to find and use on canvases. You can purchase it online at Amazon in large containers or at your local craft store.
  • Paintbrushes: You will need a variety of paintbrushes in different sizes for your guests to use. Make sure to have at least one brush per guest. Brush sets are easy to find online or at places like Walmart or craft stores.
  • Easel: You will need one easel per canvas. This is ideal, but not totally necessary. Guests can always just lay their canvases on a table to paint.
  • Water cups, paper towels, and paper plates: Water cups are needed to place dirty paintbrushes in or to rinse paint out in between colors. Paper towels for blotting water out of the paint brushes. Paper plates to add different paint colors on for each guest. Or a paint palette would also work (I have found packs of small ones at the Dollar Store, 12 packs on Amazon, or Walmart)
  • Apron: You will need an apron for each guest to wear to protect their clothing (affordable 12 pack on Amazon here). If you are crafty, you can make personalized aprons for everyone that they can take home at the end of paint and sip night!
wine and paint party setup

5. Decide on Snacks

You will need some snacks or finger food for your guests to enjoy while they paint. Choose easy-to-eat finger foods that won’t make a mess.

You can have guests bring small snacks and treat potluck style or order a few appetizers from your or the guest of honor’s favorite restaurant.

Here are some food ideas that are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed without requiring a knife and fork, making them perfect for a paint and wine party where guests will likely be standing and mingling.

finger foods
  1. Cheese and crackers
  2. Vegetable and dip platter (charcuterie board anyone?)
  3. Fruit skewers or fruit salad
  4. Bruschetta or crostini with various toppings
  5. Mini quiches or savory tarts
  6. Stuffed mushrooms
  7. Mini meatballs or chicken skewers
  8. Pita chips and hummus
  9. Caprese skewers with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella
  10. Deviled eggs
  11. Bacon-wrapped dates
  12. Shrimp cocktail
  13. Mini pizzas or flatbreads
  14. Sushi rolls or sushi bites
  15. Chocolate-dipped strawberries or other fruit.

6. Choose your wines

No wine and painting party is complete without some delicious wine. You can either choose a few bottles yourself or ask your guests to bring their own.

If you’re providing the wine, make sure to have a variety of wines that will suit everyone’s tastes. Choose a selection of red (like Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Zinfandel), white (like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc), and rose wines.

wine party

If you are feeling crafty, make some personalized wine glasses for your guests!

You should also supply some non-alcoholic beverages for those that don’t drink or need to drive.

7. Set up your space for wine and paint party

If you have decided that the right place to have the private paint party is at your home, then you can start setting up for the event a few days in advance.

Make sure to lay down some newspaper or a drop cloth to protect your floors from any spills in the room you have designated to paint in. If you don’t have a large TV in the room and will be watching a painting instructor online, bring one in so everyone can see it.

Set up your easels, canvases, and paint supplies on tables. Every guest should have a canvas, stack of paint brushes, cup of water, paper plate or palette, and paper towels at their place.

Put small bottles of paint in between every few spots, or have guests come up to a main table and squeeze some paint on their plate.

Use a dining room table or kitchen table along with card tables for more room.

home wine and painting party tips

Ask neighbors or family members if they have portable tables you can use for the night! cover the tables with table cloths and set up a table top easel every two feet or so.

Make sure that each person has enough room to paint comfortably and that there’s enough good lighting in the room. You can also decorate the space to match your theme

Have a separate space or table to set out your snacks and wine glasses!

8. Get started

Before your guests arrive, make sure to set the mood for your wine and painting party. Dim the lights, light some candles, and play some relaxing music. You want your guests to feel relaxed and comfortable while they paint.

Once your guests arrive, give them each an apron and a glass of wine. Make sure to explain the painting tutorial and answer any questions that they may have.

Once everyone is settled in and has gotten some different colors of paint on their plate, it’s time to start painting! Turn on the video tutorial and have everyone follow along.

how to host a home wine and paint party

As your guests start to paint, make sure to walk around and offer any assistance on finding their inner artist and anything else that they may need. You can also offer tips and tricks to help them improve their painting skills.

Make sure to keep the conversation flowing and the wine glasses full!

9. Take breaks

Painting can be tiring, so be sure to take breaks every once in a while. You can use this time to refill your guests’ wine glasses, offer some snacks, or just chat with your friends.

10. Show off your work

Once everyone has completed their paintings, the last thing is to show them off. You can hang the finished paintings up on a wall or set them up on easels for everyone to admire. You can even have a mini art show and award prizes for the best paintings.

Then make sure to take a group photo to remember the special occasion!

hosting wine and paint night

11. Clean up

Finally, once the party is over, it’s time to clean up. Make sure to clean any spilled paint, pack up your supplies, and dispose of any trash. 

Hosting a wine and painting party is a great way to have a fun and creative evening with friends. By following these tips and tricks, you can host a fun experience that your guests will love (whether a small group or large party!) 

Remember to choose a theme that is easy to follow, gather the necessary supplies, and set the mood for your party.

With a little bit of planning and preparation, your wine and painting party will be a huge success!

Happy Hosting!


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