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How to Make a Split Letter Monogram: Cricut Design Space Tutorial

Learn how to make a split monogram on Cricut in just a few easy steps. Full written and video tutorial!

Some of the easiest and most unique gifts you can make with a Cricut are personalized signs, tiles, tumblers, etc.  I think adding a split letter monogram with a name inside adds elegance to anything.

And making a split letter within Cricut Design Space is actually pretty easy once you learn how. Then you can make the design to suit your needs.

I use to find some in FB groups or on Etsy but now I like to design my own using fonts and flourishes I love!

So in this 4th installment of Cricut Design Space 101, I will be going over how to make a split letter monogram.  With just using the slice function and weld function, you can whip up some in any font that you want.

Learn how to make a split letter monogram in this Cricut Design Space tutorial. DIY monograms are easy with the slice tool and weld tool. Watch a CDS video tutorial to learn how! #cricutdesignspace #monogram

Here is an example of a simple but elegant wedding gift made with a tile and some adhesive vinyl! Super quick but very meaningful gift.

(This is not a split letter monogram I designed, but one that I found on google or in a Facebook for free at the time.  You can always google “split letter monogram” and a bunch of paid and some free ones will come up.)

Or if you need something right away, I have an entire split letter monogram downloadable alphabet to use for free.  It a script font that I used on this DIY glitter tumbler.


Cricut Design Space 101 Video Tutorials

If you are new to Cricut Design Space, make sure to check out the first video in this series of an overview of Cricut Design Space. If you already know the basics, then one of these video tutorials might help you dive deeper into the software.

What about Split Image Monograms??

Last year, our family of eleven took a two week long trip to Disney World and I decided I wanted to make two personalized shirts for each person…eek!  This was no simple task, especially since I wanted everyone to have their favorite character and name on their shirt.

I ended up making a split image monogram of each Disney character, which is a little more time consuming than a split letter monogram since there are multiple layers.

DIY Disney Shirts tutorial

But I love how they came out!!!  If you’d like to learn how to make your own family DIY Disney shirts, make sure to watch the video tutorial on that post.

If you don’t want to split a letter, but would rather add a shadow layer, check out my video tutorial on making a shadow layer in Cricut Design Space by using the bleed.

cricut monogram tutorial

If you need more inspiration for Cricut projects, I have put together an Ultimate Resource Guide of Cricut Ideas you can browse through.

How to Make a Split Letter Monogram on Cricut

I do have a full video tutorial on how to split letters in Cricut Design Space below, but I wanted to give you a few screenshots of the process also.

You can make a split letter monogram very basic with just the first letter of the name or you can add some flourishes or to it!

In this first example, let me show you how to split letters on Cricut Design Space.

First insert a letter in the font you want. I find fonts on the thicker side work best for split monograms.

Then click on Shape and select square. Unlock the square and size it into a rectangle the size you want the split to be. Place the rectangle over the letter where you want it to split.

how to make split letter monogram cricut

Then select both the letter and rectangle and click on Slice (lower right side).

how to make split letter monogram cricut

Delete off the parts that were cut out.

split letter cricut

Now insert another square and unlock it again.

split monogram cricut

After the square is unlocked, turn it into a thick line by dragging the four arrows.

split monogram cricut

Place the line on one side of the split and make it the length you would like. Then click on duplicate so you have two.

split monogram cricut

Move the second line so that it touches the bottom piece of the split letter. Select all and click on Center Horizontally (under Align).

how to make a split letter monogram on cricut

Then with all selected, click on Weld. Now you have a split letter.

how to make a split letter monogram on cricut

Add a text box and type in the name you want in the split monogram. Size it to fit inside and Attach all of them if you want to cut them out in the same color.

how to make a split letter monogram on cricut

How to Design Split Monogram with Flourish

Ok, so let's say you want to kick up the split letter monogram up a notch. This is where creating truly unique items gets exciting!

We are going to follow the same steps of how to make a split monogram in CDS, but we are going to weld another element.

If you have Cricut Access, you can search for flourishes and find one you like or you can find some online.

I always like I searched "flourish" and found one I liked and downloaded it to my computer.

flourish for split monogram

Then upload the design into Cricut Design Space and add it to your canvas.

This is where personal preference will come in. You can make the design big, small or duplicate it as I did. Once I duplicated the image, I rotated it by 180 degrees so I had two mirror images.

how to do split monogram on cricut

Then I placed them both behind the letter A where I liked it and centered them all Horizontally.

how to make split monogram on cricut

Make sure they are all selected and click on Weld to make them one image.

how to split monogram on cricut

Now it's time to repeat the same steps in making a split monogram. Add a square and size it to the size of the separation you want then click on slice.

monogram cricut

Add another square and turn it into a thick line the length of your image. Duplicate it, place them on the top and bottom of the split overlapping the letter, and then center all of them.

Then with all selected, weld the image together.

how to split letter on cricut

Add the name inside the split monogram and you're done!

split monogram cricut how to

Split Letter Monogram Video Tutorial

Here is a quick video tutorial without narration if you'd like to get an overview of designing a split letter in Cricut Design Space.

If you'd like to watch a longer video where I walk you through the steps, make sure to watch my YouTube video on making split letters here.

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss any videos in the series.

Please let me know if you have any questions after you watch the video!


If you'd like to save this tutorial on how to split letters on Cricut for later or share you can PIN It now! If you are on a desktop hover over the top left of the image below and if you are on a phone simply tap on the image and a PIN It button will pop up to click on!

split monogram cricut tutorial

If there is anything else you would like a Cricut Design Space video tutorial on, please leave it in the comments below.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a creative day!

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Great tutorial. Thanks for the step by step instructions. Worked perfectly.

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