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How to Make Glitter Ornaments That Are Elegant and Cheap!

Learn how to make glitter ornaments from Dollar Store clear ornament and vinyl.

Decorating a tree shouldn’t have to cost a lot of money.  I love strolling through the Dollar Store and checking out their Christmas decor. 

There is a lot of cute stuff that you can turn into really cute stuff!

Last week I was doing my weekly stroll and came upon these cute clear cheap ornaments and a light bulb went off.  I could actually make these ones light up!

How to Make Glitter Ornaments
how to make glitter ornaments

They are cute with a tea light on their own but, being a glitter lover, I knew I needed to make them sparkle too!

how to make glitter ornaments

I’ve made a bunch of DIY glitter ornaments, Santa cam ornaments, and glitter acrylic ornaments before, which have been one of my most popular posts, but I was never able to light them up.  But now I am and it’s super easy… happy dance!

Let’s get started on how to make glitter ornaments with a Cricut and glitter.

Materials Needed for Light Up Glitter Ornaments

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how to make glitter ornaments

How to Make Glitter Ornaments that Light Up

Make sure to watch the video at the top of the post to see the easy steps in action.  There are also printable instructions for these Cricut glitter ornaments at the bottom of the post.

These Dollar Store cheap glitter ornaments are quick to make.  You can definitely make multiple at a time while the others are drying.

When I made the smaller ornaments, I was able to dry them upside down in the packaging or an egg carton.  With the bigger opening of this ornament, I couldn’t get it stable.

So, I just copied the opening size onto a piece of cardboard from a box and cut it out.  Place it on top of the poly can while draining or over a container when drying the glitter.

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the top of the ornament and tape it off with painter’s tape.  Or you could probably put on a glove and use your finger if you’re coordinated!
  2. Pour some polyacrylic inside the ornament and rotate it around.  Make sure it evenly coats the whole ornament. I rotate horizontally to vertically and then let the extra drain back into the container.  Tap gently.
  3. Dry upside down for a minute or so.  Tap again.
  4. Dump glitter inside and again rotate so it covers the inside.  Drain extra glitter back into glitter container or onto wax paper.
  5. Dry upside down for about an hour.
  6. If you would like to access the tea light easily, drill a hole in the lid.  I put a dot of dry erase marker on the switch and pressed it onto the lid.  This will leave a little mark of where the hole should be.  Drill a hole big enough to move the switch.  I started with a smaller drill bit and worked up bigger.  Attach in place with a bit of hot glue.  (I tried other ways so it would be easier to remove, but couldn’t get it to hold strong enough.  Let me know if you figure something else out!)  
how to make glitter ornaments

As with all my files, these are for personal use only.  If you would like to purchase a commercial use license, click here.



   8.  Clean off the front of the ornament with rubbing alcohol.  Apply transfer tape to the vinyl and place it on the ornament.  Press down firmly and then peel off transfer tape.

   9.  Screw in the bottom and insert top back in.  That’s it.  Enjoy your new Cricut glitter ornament with the light on or off!

Tea light off…

glitter in ornaments

Light on during the day and you can still see the glitter in ornaments…

dollar store ornaments diy

You could also paint the bottom piece or add a bow if you want it even fancier.

dollar store ornaments diy

Light on at night…

dollar store ornaments diy
dollar store ornaments diy

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Here are some printable directions on how to make do it yourself glitter ornaments if you prefer to have a hard copy.

dollar store ornaments diy

How to Make Light Up Glitter Ornaments

Yield: 1 ornament
Active Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $2

Learn how to make glitter ornaments from a Dollar Store clear ornament and vinyl. These light up ornaments will easily add elegance to your tree!



  1. Remove top or ornament and cover opening with painter's tape.
  2. Pour some polyacrylic into ornament. Rotate until entire inside is covered. Tap out extra. Dry upside for a minute.
  3. Pour glitter inside and rotate. Rotate horizontally until vertical drumping extra glitter out. Dry upside down for an hour.
  4. Clean off front of ornament with rubbing alcohol. Let dry.
  5. Cut out decal on cutting machine. See blog post for FREE Joy to the World file. Weed extra vinyl off and apply to ornament with transfer tape.
  6. Drill hole in bottom of lid for easy access to on/off switch. Add hot glue to adhere light to lid.
  7. Screw on bottom and insert ornament cap.
  8. Enjoy!

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How to Make DIY Glitter Ornaments that Light up! Use Dollar Tree ornaments, glitter, and some vinyl to add elegance and warmth to your Christmas tree. #diyornaments #cricut #christmasdecor #glitter

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a creative day!

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