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How to Use Infusible Ink Markers to Make a Cricut Mug!

Learn how to use Infusible Ink markers and the Cricut mug press to create hand drawn unique dishwasher safe mugs!

In my last post, we talked all about the new Cricut mug press and how to use it with Cricut Infusible Ink transfer sheets.

But today I will be showing you how to make two different mugs using Cricut Infusible Ink markers. Since you need to do an extra step when pressing hand drawn mugs in the Cricut mug press I wanted to explain in a new tutorial.

There are so many fun ways to use Infusible Ink markers to make a mug it was hard to condense it to two. But I wanted to show you my favorite ways and maybe a way that you didn’t think was possible (I didn’t even know until I tried!!).

Hand drawn mugs can create a truly unique sentimental gift for Mom, Dad, grandparents, friends, teachers, etc because you are using a hand drawing or coloring in a drawing. Those extra touches and time can mean a lot to the recipient!

infusible ink markers cricut mugs

I do have a full YouTube video link at the bottom of the post and a short overview video to see some of these steps in action.

Materials Need for Cricut Infusible Ink Markers Mugs

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cricut mug press supplies

How to Make Hand Drawn Designs

There are a few ways to make a hand drawn mug design. The most basic is cutting a piece of laser copy paper the size of the mug you are using and using Infusible Ink markers to free hand a drawing.

You can use your Cricut to cut out the exact size of the mug press template and then have fun coloring anything on it you want. Just be careful that it will be a mirror image. So I would caution away from words and other images that are one-directional because they will press on backward!

cut blank mug template cricut

The way I chose to make my hand drawn mug is to have my Cricut trace out a design and then I colored it in. (I am not an artist! That’s why I love my Cricut!!)

Designing Best Friends Mugs in Cricut Design Space

We are going to be making a pair of mugs – best friends mugs! This would be a great project to give as a gift or to have two girls make themselves by coloring in the rainbow.

All of these steps to the Best Friends mug is in my YouTube video. You can find a link to it and the bottom of this post!

The first thing you need to do in Cricut Design Space is to click on Projects on the left side and then find the Drawn Mug Design Setup.

drawn mug design cricut

This is similar to the other mug template in that there is a drop down menu to pick the finished size. Once you select the size click on Customize.

size of hand drawn mug cricut

Again, you will get the mug guides that pop up that you will need to hide before you Make It.

hide layer cricut

I clicked on images and searched Best Friends and found this adorable rainbow.

Once I inserted on to my canvas, I sized it to fit on the template. It ended up being 3.49 inches tall. Then I selected both the template and the rainbow and duplicated them since I will be making two mugs.

diy best friends mugs

Now so that I can have the Cricut draw it on my paper I changed the Operation (used to be linetype) to Draw Pen.

mug draw cricut

This will change the entire image to outlines.

Then I ungrouped each of the duplicated rainbows and deleted off the sides of the image I didn’t want for each mug.

rainbow mug cricut

Now I am left with the one side of the rainbow on each mug template. If you want the outlines to all be drawn in black, you can skip the next few steps. I wanted each rainbow piece to outline in a different color so I changed them.

two hand drawn mugs

Click on each section of the rainbow individually then on the black square up next to where it says Pen. In the drop down, choose 1mm marker and then in the next drop down pick the color you want.

marker setting cricut
red infusible ink marker

Repeat for every section of the rainbow, picking the marker color you want to use for that piece.

changing marker colors cricut

Make sure to hide the guides on both templates by clicking on the eye in the Layers panel.

hide this layer cricut

Now for the Cricut to actually draw on the paper we need to Attach them together. Use your cursor to select the template plus all of the rainbow pieces and click on Attach. Repeat for other template.

cricut drawn mug tutorial

Make sure to save the design and it’s ready to Make It! You can always add names on the other sides of the mugs too to make it extra special!

Click on the Mirror toggle so it turns green on the Prepare screen.

mirror on for mug cricut

Select laser copy paper in the drop down setting menu.

laser copy setting cricut

Now follow all of the Cricut Design Space on screen prompts. Since we picked each color, the machine will pause and tell us exactly what color to put in the A clamp.

multiple infusible ink pens

Writing with Multiple Infusible Ink Marker Colors

Place a piece of laser copy paper on a mat and load it into the machine when prompted.

CDS told me to insert the vivid blue marker first. Open the A clamp and press the marker down until it clicks and then lock it. Press the blinking light.

inserting infusible ink marker in cricut

The Cricut will pause when it’s time to change the color and CDS will tell you exactly which pen to put in next. Do NOT remove the mat. Just swap out the pens and push the blinking light.

best friends mugs cricut tutorial

Once the Cricut is done with all of the infusible ink markers it will cut the mug template.

hand drawn cricut mug tutorial

Remove it from your mat and color in the images!

hand drawn best friends mugs
rainbow mug diy cricut

Lint roll the Cricut sublimation mug well.

lint roll mug

Wrap the paper template around the mug so it’s nice and tight and tape under the handle.

cricut hand drawn mug how to
taping off infusible ink marker mug

Then just to be safe I taped the top and bottom where the image was.

cricut infusible ink marker mug

Now, this is where using Infusible Ink markers and transfer sheets differ with the Cricut mug press. The markers will bleed right through the laser paper and make a mess of our heat plate.

All of these steps are always on the Cricut heat guide which I use all the time to make sure I’m not forgetting anything!

So cut three pieces of butcher paper the size of your mug, wrap them around the mug, and tape them all down.

cricut infusible ink marker mug
butcher paper on mug

Once the mug press is preheated, place the mug inside and push down the lever.

cricut mug press with markers

Once the press is done (after 6-7 minutes, the lights will beep. Lift up the handle and remove the mug by lifting the handle.

The rest of the mug will be very hot! Place it on an EasyPress mat or towel to cool for 15-20 minutes.

Then remove all the tape and paper and be amazed!

cricut infusible ink marker mugs

You’ll see how much of the infusible ink markers go through at least two of the pieces of butcher paper!

butcher paper after mug press

Now you or your child will have a mug for yourself and then gift the other side of the Best Friends mug set to a friend!

cricut mug press markers

Using Infusible Ink Markers on Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets

I’m super in love with how the next mugs turned out! I actually wasn’t sure if it would work and I’m so happy it did!

For these two mugs, I actually had the Cricut write with an Infusible Ink marker directly on an Infusible Ink transfer sheet. Make sure to watch the YouTube video below to see how I made the full wrap around mug.

christian coffee mugs diy cricut

For this tutorial, we will be coloring in letters like before. And if you have shaky hands like me, it will look hand drawn since I went out of the lines:(!

In Cricut Design Space, click on Images on the left side. There now is a way to filter out mug templates in Cricut Access.

Expand Project type on the left hand side and you can choose from Large or Small Mug press designs. For this mug, I am going to press the smaller size so I clicked on it. Scroll through to find a design you like!

small mug cricut template

I inserted a mug template with two circles. Then I found two sayings in the image section and added those to the canvas too.

I converted the saying to Operation->Pen->Draw and then selected Black Infusible Ink under the Fine Point drop down. I did this for both sayings.

select pen
black infusible ink setting

Then I selected the template and both sayings and clicked on Attach so that the Cricut will write on the transfer sheet.

attach words to infusible ink

Again, always click on Mirror for Infusible Ink markers and sheets.

mug template small

Now it’s time to write and cut! Place a piece of Cricut Infusible Ink transfer sheet, color side up on a Cricut Mat. Load an Infusible Ink marker in clamp A. Load the mat and follow the on screen prompts!

I used a 0.3 point Infusible Ink pen for this.

infusible ink pen writing on transfer sheet

The Cricut will write the phrases on the Infusible Ink transfer sheet and then cut out the template.

cricut infusible ink marker transfer sheet mug

When it’s done, unload the mat and peel the mat off of the transfer sheet. Weed off the cut out pieces with your fingers.

weeding infusible ink for mug

So this is a totally optional step! Since the Cricut only writes the outline of letters I decided to color in some of the words with a thicker black marker. After this project I realized the thicker marker, is much more vibrant after it’s pressed!

coloring in infusilbe ink

I had drank coffee this day which was probably not good because my hand was shaky and I was out of the lines quite a bit! It didn’t go as well as coloring in the Best Friends mugs above.

jesus mugs diy cricut

I think next time, I would design the sayings myself in Cricut Design Space with writing fonts so the Cricut could just write the entire word as it did with the wrap around blessed mug.

The other thing to be careful of when using this method is to not get the Infusible Ink markers on your hands and then transfer that to other places on the mug… yes, I did that! I’d recommend to let the ink from the markers to dry before attaching it to your mug!

Once it’s dry, wrap the plastic mug template around your mug. Since this design is actually on the template, the images will already be centered.

jesus loves this hot mess mug

Press the design down well with your fingers and add some heat resistant tape under the handle, and on the top and bottom of the mug where the transfer sheet is close too.

taped infusible ink mug

Then place it in preheated Cricut mug press and press down the handle.

mug in mug press cricut

Once it beeps, remove the hot mug by it’s handle and place it on a heat resistant surface to cool for 15-25 minutes.

cool off time cricut mug

Then the fun part! Pull off the tape and plastic backing and check out the vibrant design!

jesus loves this hot mess mug cricut

So you can tell when you look at the mug closely that I had a shaky hand and also had a few smudges. But that also adds to the charm that it is handmade since it’s not perfect… well at least that’s what I tell my perfectionist self!

diy cricut mug
a little bit of coffee and jesus mug

Infusible Ink Marker Mug Video Tutorial

You can find a full detailed tutorial where I walk through steps of creating two mugs (the Best Friends mug and the blessed/worthy mug) on my YouTube channel here.

pink lemonade cricut mug

Or click play on the video below to get a quick overview of the Infusible Ink pen mug process.

If you’d like to save this tutorial on how to use Cricut Infusible Ink markers on mugs for later or share you can PIN It now! If you are on a desktop hover over the top left of the image below and if you are on a phone simply tap on the image and a PIN It button will pop up to click on!

best friends mug set

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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