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Infusible Ink on Aluminum: DIY Personalized Newborn Baby Gift!

Another fun material you can apply Cricut Infusible Ink to is aluminum! Aluminum sheets are cheap and make beautiful personalized newborn baby gifts.

One of the materials I had not yet tested with Cricut Infusible Ink was the aluminum sheets so I knew I needed to try it out. And I have to say, I’m in love!

The aluminum sheets are pretty inexpensive and can be used to make tons of different DIY decor and personalized gifts.

I made a cute DIY keepsake baby gift that would go perfect with an elephant birth stat gift or other personalized stuffed animal gift as part of a newborn gift basket.

birth stat sign pinterest

I have a full YouTube video tutorial at the bottom of the post that goes step by step through the design process in Cricut Design Space. Sometimes watching a process video is easier than looking at a bunch of pictures!

Materials Needed for DIY Baby Sign

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cutting infusible ink cricut explore air

Designing in CDS

This birth stat design is similar to the one I used for engraving on the aluminum sheets but I wanted the majority of the background to be the color of the Infusible Ink so I needed to slice it all out.

Again, all of this is in the video at the bottom of the post or on my YouTube channel.

On a new canvas in Cricut Design Space, insert a square, unlock the dimensions and size it to 7 inches wide by 5 inches high.

shapes cds

Insert text boxes and whatever text you want it to say. I like to use different text boxes for each line so I can change sizes independently of each other.

birth stat design space

I like to Distribute my bottom text evenly so I select the three lines by holding down my Ctrl or Cmnd key and then clicking on each one then I click on Align and Distribute Vertically.

cds distribute

Once all of your text is in, select all – all text lines and the rectangle- and align them Center Horizontally.

cds center horizontally

Now you can add some cute baby images if you want! I am an elephant fan so I selected one from Cricut Access. Then click on Insert Images.

cds baby elephant image

I wanted the lines in the elephant ear, so on the layers panel, I hid the green layers (click on eyeball and a cross will go through it).

I sized it to how big I wanted it and then hit duplicate. Then I clicked on Fip and Flip Horizontal so I would have two mirror images.

duplicate flip design space

I wanted a few hearts too, so I searched for hearts after I clicked on Images.

heart images cds

I didn’t want all three of them in a row, so this is where the Contour tool comes in! I duplicated the hearts twice so I had three of them. Then I selected one and clicked on Contour.

duplicate hearts cds

On the first one, I clicked on the right two hearts so they turned light grey. After you X out of the Hide Contour screen, you’ll notice those two hearts disappear!

contour cricut designs space

Then I did the same thing for other two heart images except I changed which hearts I clicked on.

cricut contour

Now I was left with three hearts that are separate images. I spaced them out in between and on the sides of the elephants and aligned them all Center Vertically. Then I attached them.

align vertically design space

Now you’ll want to make sure everything is centered. Click on everything and align Center.

If you have a problem not clicking on the rectangle then move the (or hide) the rectangle out of the way then use my cursor to select all the text, elephants, and hearts.

design space center

So once you have everything exactly how you want them you’ll need to Weld all the text and small images together.

If you only click Attach, CDS will not let you slice all the words out at once.

cds weld

Make sure all the text and rectangle are centered by clicking on both of them and then on Center.

cds center

Then with both of them still selected, click on Slice.

cds slice

Delete the parts sliced by clicking on the X.

cds delete

Make sure to save your project and then click on Make It. Since this is using Infusible Ink, select Mirror in the Prepare Screen.

Then select Infusible Ink transfer sheet as your material in the drop-down menu (set Explore Air wheel to Custom to get the menu).

Apply the Infusible Ink to a light grip mat with the Ink Side Up. Load it when CDS prompts you to and then click cut when the light blinks.

cutting infusible ink sheet

Applying Infusible Ink on Aluminum

Now is a great time to preheat your EasyPress 2. I always check the Cricut heat guide since it tells me exactly what to do. I preheated my EasyPress to 385F.

cricut heat guide
infusible ink on aluminum diy

While my EasyPress is heating up, I removed the Infusible Ink transfer sheet from the mat and cut it around the edges to save the extra transfer sheet.

Then I folded it and cracked it with my hands and then began removing all the excess images. Since I was using the background, I removed all of the letters and images.

crack infusible ink
cricut infusible ink sheet
infusible ink birth stat
birth stat plaque cricut

Prepping the Aluminum Sheets

Remove one of the aluminum sheets from the box. They have plastic coverings on both sides! One side is hard to tell, but it’s there!

cricut aluminum sheets

The Infusible Ink transfer sheets will only infuse onto one side of the aluminum – the side with the clear plastic on it!

Remove the yellowish plastic first and stick a piece of heat resistant tape on it. I got this tip from the Cricut website! That way you will know to NOT apply Infusible Ink to this side.

aluminum sheet peel
aluminum sheet project

Then peel off the clear plastic from the side the Infusible Ink will go on. It’s not easy to see! Wipe this side with a lint free cloth.

plastic backing on cricut aluminum

Put a piece of white cardstock over the EasyPress mat (this protects it) and place the aluminum sheet with the right side up. Center the Infusible Ink image over it (the liner will be face up) and use heat resistant tape to keep it in place.

aluminum sheet project cricut

Place a piece of butcher paper over it that covers the entire project. FYI… butcher paper comes in the boxes of Infusible Ink transfer sheets.

Then place your EasyPress over it press with NO pressure for 40 seconds. After 40 seconds remove the press and the butcher paper. Let the aluminum cool down, it will be hot.

aluminum sheet project easy press

When it’s cool, remove the transfer sheet and be amazed!

You can simply put in on top of a small frame or…

birth stat frame

I put some corrugated cardstock inside a large matted frame and then put some foam tape on back of the aluminum sheet and stuck it on the glass.

foam tape
cricut aluminum project

I love how it slightly shimmers when the light hits it!

keepsake baby gifts cricut

You can always spruce up the frame by adding some vinyl images to the outside over the mat. Make a custom minky blanket with matching Infusible Ink for an amazing baby gift basket!

personalized baby gifts with birth information

Make sure to check out my other Infusible Ink projects if you are a fan like I am! Or if you want more baby gift inspo, check out my shadow box tutorial.

If you’d like to save this post for later, simply hover over the image below and PIN It now!

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DIY Birth Stat Sign Video Tutorial

You can watch the full step by step narrated video tutorial over on my YouTube channel here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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