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FREE Kids Chore Chart Printable Pack with Reward Coupons!

Instantly download and print this kids chore chart printable! Free printable chore chart includes 4 PDF pages and has pictures for younger kids.

For many parents, (including me!), getting kiddos to do chores is not the easiest job. We have tried so many things over the years and what always ends up working best is a chore chart.

Nagging and telling your kids over and over to do something gets old and can create complaining, but having something neutral that was already decided on can spread some peace throughout the house.

So today I’d thought I’d share this fun free chore chart printable that you can use in a couple of ways!

chore chart printable free pin

The chore chart printable includes 4 different pages in a pdf pack. Quick and easy to download and then print on a home printer!

free chore charts

Included in Kids Chore Chart Printable Pack

The first page in the chore chart for kids printable is an Instructions page that includes daily reward star stickers. You can cut out the circles on this page and give them to your kiddo as a reward at the end of the day for completing the chores.

They will save up these star rewards and at the end of the week, turn them in for a reward coupon!

chore chart for kids printable

Three reward coupons will be found on another page of the chore packet. At the beginning of the week, decide with your child how many stars they need to receive to get a reward coupon. And then fill in the reward that you both decide on.

pdf free printable chore charts

Examples of rewards for chores:

  • picking movie for family night
  • picking what to eat for dinner one night
  • trip to the Dollar Store for one item
  • trip to frozen yogurt or ice cream
  • playdate with favorite friend
  • additional screen time
  • staying up 15-30 minutes later one night
  • lunch date with Mom or Dad

Next is the My Chore Chart pdf. You can print out multiple of the page for each week or you could even laminate the one chart and use dry erase markers on it each week.

kid chore chart printable

The last part of the pdf is the chore chart pictures. This helps younger kids who can’t read yet understand what they should be doing. It also helps them learn what the words are!

free printable chore pictures

Again you can print out multiple copies or laminate the sheet and cut the rectangles apart. Then you can use double-sided tape or magnets to hold them on the chart. Have your kiddo cut out the rectangles, this is an excellent exercise of eye-hand coordination!

chore chart pictures

Depending on your child’s age, you might want to just start with 2 or so age-appropriate chores a week and then you can increase the number and complexity as they get older.

Add the rectangles with the pictures and words to the chore chart list. Then your child can check off the chore each day after it’s completed. They can use markers, stickers, stamps, whatever is their favorite!

weekly chore chart

If there are other chores specific for your house that are not on the printable chore list, simply write them in on the list or have your child draw a picture for it.

kids chore chart printables

That’s it! No more nagging or bargaining. Just point to the chart and leave it at that. If they are motivated to earn the simple rewards, then hopefully the complaining will diminish!

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PDF Free Printable Chore Charts Download

As with all of our free printables, these are for personal use only. Please no reselling or copying, thank you!

If you’d like to share or save this kids chore chart printable for later, simply hover over the image below and PIN It now!

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