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Lighted Glass Block Ideas Using Burlap and HTV: Interchangeable Decor!

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Lighted glass block crafts are quick and easy to make especially when using burlap and iron-on vinyl. Make interchangeable decor to stay on budget!

You all know that I love figuring out any way I can save money and still have cute decor.  Lately, I have been making quite a few interchangeable holiday decorations.

The easiest holidays to make reversible decor for is Fall and Christmas since they are back to back.  I recently made reversible tree slice decorations and reversible outdoor wooden decor all out of scrap wood… so for FREE!

Another way to make interchangeable seasonal decorations is with burlap.  I still love my rustic burlap Christmas sign that I change out for every season, so I thought why not make more burlap signs to put on glass blocks. 

glass block ideas pinterest

I love crafting with glass blocks because they are so versatile.  You can easily add adhesive vinyl to frosted glass blocks, but I wanted to see how burlap would look.  And I am in love!

I don’t even have to spend extra money buying more than one glass block.  I can simply make a bunch of small burlap signs with iron-on vinyl and change them out whenever I want!

Where to Find Glass Blocks For Crafts

Luckily decorative glass blocks for crafts are pretty easy to find.  You’ll want ones that have a hole in the bottom so you can put lights in them.  Not the ones they use for showers (unless you want to drill your own hole!)

I was super lucky last year to find them on clearance at Lowe’s after the Christmas season.  It actually wasn’t even at the end, it was more mid-December but that’s the end to them!

They were 75% off so $2.50.  They didn’t have any in stock at my Lowe’s so I went on and found them at a store 20 minutes away and ordered a pick up for 7 of them!

Craft stores also carry them year-round.  Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, and Michaels have a few different sizes.  Wait until they are on sale or use a coupon! also has them sometimes.  

Materials Needed for Lighted Glass Block

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Cutting and Fraying Burlap

The first thing I did was cut the burlap.  My glass block was 8×8 so I wanted the burlap signs to be about 7.5 inches square.  The easiest way to cut burlap is to pull a strand all the way through the piece you are working with and cut parallel to the opening it forms.  Then pull 2-3 more strands off to give it some fray.

Make sure to watch the video at the top where I show how I cut the burlap.

fraying burlap

Then I measure 7.5 inches across and pulled a string that was 3-4 strands to the left (this leaves 1/4-1/2 inch of fray).  burlap on glass blocks

Cut parallel to the line that was formed about 1/4-1/2 inch (or where the 7.5 inch mark was).  Repeat for every edge.  Trim the frayed edges so they are even.burlap on glass block

I have a video tutorial where I talk my way through it on my Christmas burlap sign post, so make sure to watch it if you are having problems with this part.

Cutting Iron-on Vinyl for Burlap Signs

You can design your own saying to apply to the burlap signs or use one in Cricut Access.  For the fall glass block decor, I used a file in CDS found here.  I sized it to 6 inches wide by 5.5 tall.

Make sure to click on the “mirror” setting on both mats (on left-hand side of Prepare screen) and select iron-on setting.


Place the iron-on vinyl shiny side down on a light grip mat. I used black for my Christmas glass blocks and brown and orange for the Fall lighted glass block.

glass block decor

lighted glass block

If you need additional help cutting and weeding HTV, make sure to check out the post for detailed instructions (purple link).

Weed off the extra block craft ideas

FREE Christmas SVG File

Click here for the Glory to the Newborn King cut files.  It should automatically download a zipped file.  Extract and use whichever format you need.  SVG for Cricut Design Space.

glory wise men







For more FREE SVG files, make sure to sign up to join our crafting community!

Applying Iron-On Vinyl to Burlap

I used my EasyPress 2 but you could use a heat press or iron.   When I inputted the materials at the heat guide it said to preheat to 305F.


Once it was preheated, I pressed the plain burlap to make it flat and to also get any moisture block decor diy

Center the iron-on vinyl.  For the fall burlap sign, I was using two different colors, so I pressed the letters for 15 seconds first.  If you are using Cricut iron-on vinyl, let the vinyl cool for 30 seconds to a minute before you peel off the backing.

iron on vinyl on burlap

glass block crafts

Then I removed the plastic backing, added the orange leaves, covered the entire area with a Teflon sheet and pressed for 30 seconds.

htv on burlap

ideas for lighted decorative glass blocks

glass block crafts

Remove the plastic backings of the orange leaves, flip the burlap over and press the backside for 15 seconds.

I repeated the same steps for the Christmas burlap sign but only needed to press it once since it was all the same color.

Attaching Burlap to a Glass Block

I used a double-sided tape glider and added some tape on all corners of the front of the glass block.  Then I just stuck down the burlap on it.

gloss block ideas

Remove the opening and insert a strand of fairy lights.ideas for lighted decorative glass blocks

Close it back up and you’re all done!

glass blocks for crafts pinterest

lighted glass block

So right now I have two signs I can easily change out at the beginning of a new season while keeping the same lighted glass block.

lighted glass block

lighted glass block

lighted glass block

lighted glass block

I hope this gave you some easy glass block craft ideas!

If you’d like to save this idea for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

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Thanks so much for stopping by and have a creative day!

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