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Make Your Own Banner With Chalk Markers and a Cricut!

Learn how easy it is to make your own banner with pictures, markers, and a Cricut.

Do you know how easy it is to make banners with a Cricut??  You can easily customize any kind of DIY banner with pictures, names, positions, years, etc.

Using chalk markers and the write and cut function you can really make your own banner stand out!  The Cricut can write in multiple colors and then cut out the banner pieces all at once without even unloading the mat.

Our elementary school likes to put up pictures of the PTO board members and committee leads in the office so parents know how to look for.  Whipping up a personalized banner with pictures was super quick and everybody loved how it came out (including me!)


banners diy

Materials Needed for Personalized Banner

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  • Cardstock – I used Cricut black cardstock 12×12
  • Chalk Markers or Gel Markers
  • Pictures
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Cricut cutting machine – always check prices between and Amazon (click links to compare!) 

How to Design Pennants in CDS 

I designed this all in Cricut Design Space.  It’s very quick to do!  I utilized the Cricut write and cut function for writing the position and name on the individual banner pieces.

If you remember I made these cute Christmas mason jar centerpieces using the write and cut function too.

mason jar centerpieces diy

For this project, I used chalk markers.  The chalk markers I used worked perfectly in the Cricut pen holder.  I just made the text different colors so it would prompt me to insert the next marker.

Make sure to watch the Cricut Design Space video tutorial here to see exactly how I designed it.


Cut DIY Banner with Cricut

I placed two 12×12 pieces of black cardstock on a 12×24 mat just so that I wouldn’t have the change the mats as often.  It’s perfectly fine to just use a 12×12 mat.  However, with a 12×24 mat, you can cut out twice as many at one time!

Load your mat and insert a marker.  I used a white chalk marker and a gold one.  When CDS prompts you, insert the corresponding marker.

diy banner cricut

Press the flashing go light and let the Cricut write.  When it pauses, CDS will prompt you to insert the next color.  Switch out the markers and push the blinking light again.  (Do not remove or unload the mat during this process!)

diy banner cricut

diy banner cricut

After all the writing is done, the Cricut will cut out the banner pieces.  Unload the mat when it stops and the load light starts blinking.  Peel off the cardstock pieces.

Tip:  If you have a sticky mat, it’s easier to remove cardstock by flipping the mat over and “peel the mat off the cardstock“.  Mine are pretty old and not that sticky so they peeled right up.

diy banner cricut

diy banner cricut

I love how the chalk markers pop on the black background of the DIY banner pieces.

make your own banner

Make Your Own Banner by Adding Pictures

I had Costco print out all the pictures of the PTO board.  I put them on the backside and moved them around so they were centered in the frame.  I taped down one side and then trimmed the excess photo off.  Then I taped the rest of the sides down. 

make your own banner

Add twine or string through the holes and hang them up.  You can make your own banner short with just a few pennants or long as I did with every piece on one string.

make your own banner

make your own banner

Here is the banner at our PTO booth at the Back to School bash.  Now that the night is over, I will more the personalized banner into the office and make short sections to fit on a bulletin board.

pto diy banner

If you’d like to save this tutorial for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!diy banners pin

Thanks so much for stopping by and please let me know if you have any questions!

Have a creative day,

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