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Mason Jar Centerpieces DIY Tutorial!

Mason jar centerpieces are so easy and inexpensive to make for all occasions. Follow this tutorial on how to flock mason jars for Christmas. 

Hi Friends!!  How are your holidays going??  Mine are going too fast! 

I had the pleasure of making cute and inexpensive table decor for our Ladies Night Out at church so I thought I’d share these super fun mason jar centerpieces with you.

You all know I’ve been on flocking kick late and nothing was safe…

I rounded up 25 mason jars from my stash and made these mason jar luminaries with scripture on them. These were pretty quick to make and inexpensive to decorate 12 tables with. 

mason jar decor

We use a cake plate centerpiece with treats so these are just on either side.  It gave a nice warm glowing light to the room!

Christmas mason jar decor

Materials for Mason Jar Centerpieces

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  • mason jars – I used some wide mouth and some regular.  They don’t even have to be mason jars, just keep your empty spice or spaghetti glass jars
  • Snoflock – You can find this by clicking here!
  • spray bottle with water, sifter
  • jute twine – I got mine at the Dollar Tree
  • Rust-oleum hammered silver spray paint
  • small pine cones or any other embellishment – I got mine at Joann’s
  • green cardstock
  • Distress Ink pad
  • Cricut Explore (optional!) – this machine is so amazing!!  You can check out why I love it so much by clicking here or check out the Christmas decor and gifts I have made with it by clicking here!

Painting Mason Jars

The first thing I did was spray the hammered spray paint just on the top of the jars.  If you spray the whole jar you won’t be able to see the light through!

spray painting mason jars for centerpieces
mason jar luminaries

I had another can of paint with some metallic gold so I spritzed that on the top as well to give it more dimension.  But completely optional! 

We had brown on the table we were matching so I wanted to tie it in a little.

painting mason jar centerpieces

Once they are dry it’s time to start flocking!  If you don’t know the wonders of snoflocking yet, click here to read my post on how to flock a Christmas tree.  This stuff is so fun! 

I’ve done a 7-foot tree, 4-foot tree, 2-foot tree, 2 wreaths, 5 9ft long garlands, and now 24 mason jar centerpieces with lights and I still have 1/4 of the bag left!  Great value for only $30!!

Applying Snow to Glass!

Put a container or something under where you will be working because the SnoFlock will get everywhere if you don’t!

flocking mason jars

Then hold your mason jar and spritz water on it while you turn it.

Christmas mason jar decor
Christmas mason jar decor

Then just start sifting the snow over the jar while you rotate the jar and it just sticks!!  Super easy!  

Christmas mason jar decor

My 6-year-old took a bunch of pics of me doing it and we made a gif since the video didn’t come out very well:)

christmas mason jar decor

Spritz a little water on top after Snoflock is on the jar.  Once they dried I spritzed them once more to make sure they wouldn’t flake all over the tables.  Let the flocked mason jars dry for at least 24 hours.

You could tie some twine around the mason jar centerpieces and add some bells or pine cones for embellishment now and be done! 

I wanted to add the bible verses so I designed the holly leaves and printed and cut them out with my Cricut.

Draw and Cut with a Cricut

I made this video many years ago so the sound is horrible! Sorry, I have learned so much in that time and have a newer video and blog post on using the write and cut function if you need a bit more help.

Aging Cardstock

Christmas mason jar decor with paper holy

I wanted to age the leaves a bit so I dabbed some distress ink pad on the edges with a blotter.

distressing card stock
distressed holy leaves

I wrapped the twine around the top of the snowy mason jars a few times and tied in a knot.

snowy mason jar

Then added some hot glue on the back of the holly cardstock and tucked it underneath the knot.

Christmas mason jar decor

Apply some hot glue to a pine cone and attach it.

Christmas mason jar decor

There you have it!  Add a tea light and display these easy mason jar centerpieces that light up to your Christmas table or wherever you need a warm Christmas glow!

Christmas mason jar centerpieces with lights
mason jar centerpieces diy

These are a perfect addition to all of my other DIY Christmas decor.

mason jar centerpieces diy with snoflock and bible verse
Christmas mason jar decor with lights

You can put them anywhere!  What would you do with them?

mason jar centerpieces diy for christmas

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christmas mason jar centerpieces with snow

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day,

leap of faith crafting

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