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How to Make a Unique Mom Hat That She Will Love and Use!

Learn how to heat press a hat with your own handwriting to create a unique and sentimental mom hat for Mother’s Day or a birthday.

Ever wonder if you can make your own hat?  The answer is YES, you can and it’s very easy to do.

I’ve been seeing the little mini iron and have been wanting to try it out and I knew a mom hat was the perfect project.  Adding the free SVG file I have for you along with my kids’ own handwriting turned this into my favorite hat!

This is a perfect hat to make for your self or for Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, etc.  You could even make a Grandma hat with my free Happiness is being a Grandma SVG files.

mom hat diy pin

I also made a full detailed step by step video tutorial on how to make your own hat (from the very beginning, through Cricut Design Space, and then to applying HTV to a hat) plus printable directions at the bottom.  Make sure to turn on the volume for the directions@

Materials Needed for DIY Mom Hat

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sentimental gifts for mom

Design Your Own Hat

I wanted this a super personal hat so I had my kids write their names so I could add them onto the hat.  I used the same concept when I made a glitter epoxy tumbler with their handwriting for my Mom as a birthday gift.

The Cricut cutting machine makes all of these possible and opens up the door for so many unique and custom gifts and decor.  Make sure to browse through the Ultimate Guide of Cricut Ideas for more inspiration.

Simply have your kids (or anyone) write their names or anything you can think of on a blank piece of white paper with a black marker.  You want as much contrast as possible.unique mom gift

sentimental gifts for mom

Then take a picture of it with a smartphone and either email it to yourself or upload it a cloud that you can access on your computer.


unique mom gift

Upload it into Cricut Design Space.unique mom gift

To clean it up, click the Simple image type and hit continue.  Make sure the wand is checked in the top right-hand corner and click your mouse on the gray background.  Then place your cursor over any sections that did not turn checkered and click (the insides of letters).unique mom gift

Click continue and then “save as a cut file”.

Download the Mom Hair Don’t Care SVG cut file and upload it to Design Space.  Ungroup the file and delete off any of the ones you don’t want to button svg

If you’d prefer to have the PNG cut file, click here.

As with all my files, these are for personal use only.  If you would like to purchase a commercial use license, click here.

Size everything to how big you’d like it.  I made my Mom Hair Don’t Care about 4.5 inches long and all of the names about 2 inches long.  cricut design space tutorial upload

Cut them out of iron-on vinyl on mirror setting.  Make sure to place the HTV with the shiny side down on the mat. The names will probably take over 5 minutes to cut since the edges are not smooth.  You could also use Adobe Capture like I did when I added my Grandma’s old apple pie recipe to an oven mitt.

Weed off all the extra hat using cricut

mom hat using cricut

How to Heat Press a Hat

Find a container that your hat can fit snuggly on.  It can be a large container, bowl, or even a pot.  Since mine was plastic, I used my EasyPress mat under the front of the hat, in between the hat and the container.  You could also use a towel.  Adjust the back of the hat so that the front is pulled relatively tight.

how to heat press a hat

Turn on the mini iron and set to 4.  Once it’s preheated it will beep.

Start by applying the iron on the plain hat to get the excess moisture out.  Center the Mom Hair Don’t Care iron-on vinyl where you want it and start pressing down with the iron.  I did one side first and then ironed down the other side moving from the center to the outer hat using cricut

mom hat using cricut

Depending on what kind of iron-on vinyl you are using, remove it when it’s warm or wait 30 seconds or so for a cooler peel and remove the plastic backing.

mom hat using cricut

Place a teflon sheet over the vinyl and press all over again to ensure it’s hat using cricut

Add the hearts on.  Gently press them a little with the tip of the mini iron so they hold in place.  Then use a teflon sheet and press them firmly.  I was using holographic vinyl so I let it cool a minute before I took off the backing.

Now I removed the hat from the container and opened the back of the hat so that it would lay flat on the EasyPress mat.  (You could also use a towel or ironing board).

Repeat the same steps for the names.  Apply some heat to the section you want to apply the names too.  Place the name down and then iron all over it.  Remove the backing.  Place a teflon sheet over it and iron it hat

mom hat

mom hat

mom hat

mom hat

Repeat for each name and you’re done!

mom hat diy

mom hat diy

Now you’ll always have something with your kids’ handwriting on it.  I love any sentimental gifts for Mom for myself or my own.  I think they just mean so much hat diy

mom hat diy

If you’d like to save this mom hat tutorial for later, hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now.Cute DIY Mom Hats using vinyl and a mini press. Grab the Mom Hair Don't Care SVG file and make a unique gift for mom. #cricut #mom


Here are the printable instructions on how to make your own hat…

mom hat diy

How to Make a Unique Mom Hat That She Will Love and Use!

Active Time: 15 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Cost: $15

Make a cute DIY Mom hat using vinyl and a mini press. Grab the Mom Hair Don't Care SVG file and make a unique gift for mom.


  • hat
  • iron-on vinyl
  • teflon sheet


  1. If you want hand-writing on your hat, have your kids write their names or any sentiment on a white piece of paper with a black marker. Take a picture of it and upload to a cloud or email it to yourself so you can open it on a computer.
  2. Upload the picture into Cricut Design Space. Delete background with wand tool.
  3. Download the Mom Hair Don't Care file found in the post and upload to CDS.
  4. Size to however big you want. Cut out of iron-on vinyl on mirror setting.
  5. Weed off extra vinyl.
  6. Preheat mini iron press to 4.
  7. Place hat on container or pot so the front area is flat and tight. Use a towel or mat under the hat if using a plastic container.
  8. Apply heat to the front of the hat for 3 seconds. Place HTV where you want it and press. I pressed the right side for about 20 seconds and then moved from the to center to the left side and pressed for another 20 seconds.
  9. Remove plastic backing (after cooling if needed) and place a teflon or wax paper over the HTV and press down again for about 30 seconds.
  10. Repeat same steps for the hearts and names.
  11. Enjoy your new Mom hat!


Make sure to watch the video and read the post for full detailed instructions.

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