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10 FREE Mothers Day Handprint Craft Printable Ideas!

Instant download of ten cute Mothers Day handprint craft printables! Simply print, add child’s handprint, and give to any Mom or Grandma.

I’ve released quite a few Mother’s Day printables lately, and today I have another one that makes the perfect gift for any mother figure.

Moms love receiving keepsake gifts and these adorable handprint crafts will become one of those! Once complete with the kids’ handprints, you can put the beautiful artwork into a picture frame to give as a gift.

Little hands and older kids alike will have so much fun watching flowers, hearts, and bees come to life after they press their hand prints or fingerprint on these free pages.

Super fun Mother’s Day crafts that are perfect for home, church, preschool, or at school if you are a teacher. Grab a few art supplies and have fun making some mothers day handprint craft art projects!

mothers day handprint art printables

What’s Included in Mother’s Day Handprint Crafts

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To make handprint crafts, put some paint on a paper plate and let it disperse so it will be big enough to fit a hand. Or use a foam brush to apply paint to the palm and fingers.

For young children, you or family members (get the siblings involved!) will probably have to help them hold their hand down flat in the paint.

I have one set of PDF files below to download with ten different designs to choose from.

All ten blank art sheets like this handprint flowers in color and then all ten pages of what the handmade gift can look like with a handprint on it.

Mothers Day Handprint Arts
Blank Page
adorable handprint crafts mothers day
After handprint added

These pages are for inspiration only! You don’t have to use the exact same colors as shown for the handprint mother’s day crafts.

handprint flowers printable

 Let the kids decide and get creative on which paint color they want to use! Using Mom’s favorite colors is a great way to make the artwork extra special!

handprint printable art

After they have their little handprints on the worksheet, they can even write a special message on the bottom or back side of the white paper.

handprint art mothers day printable

You can print the pages on white cardstock (which is more sturdy for acrylic paint), colored cardstock, or construction paper if you want a colored background. If you use colored paper, you can use white paint.

Those little fingers will look so cute in yellow paint on this You Are My Mom Sunshine handprint craft! You can add a white pom pom or cotton balls on the clouds to make the art more 3d.

mothers day handprint art free

I love You Mom heart is up next. Kids of all ages will have fun filling in the heart to make an adorable gift.

i love you mom handprint art

Put out other craft supplies like googly eyes, pom poms, different sizes of buttons, sequins, and foam snowflake stickers, and let them get crazy!

cute handprint art mothers day

Younger kids will love this You’re My Hero printable where you add a photo of Mom. Or another great idea would be to have the child color their Mom’s face in the circle!

super mom handprint art printable

Your child’s hand makes the perfect bee wings! 

childs handprint art for mom

Another fun way to use the sweet craft is to make footprint art! It’s a bit messier, but you could place your child’s foot in paint and press it on one of the pages.

mothers day handprint craft

If you are looking for a more permanent way to keep children’s hand prints, check out this post on how another Mother’s Day handprint art idea that uses salt dough.

Handprint Printables Download PDF

As with all my free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files. Thank you!

But I’d love for you to share this post with other teachers or staff or Moms by using the share buttons on the side!

The mothers day handprint craft printables will download and print as a PDF file. Simply print it on a home or school printer. The majority of the adorable Mother’s Day handprint crafts are in color, but you can print them out in black and white also.

You can turn the printables into a handmade card by printing them out on 5×7 size (use your printer settings). Once the cute handprint crafts are completed with those cute tiny handprints and have dried, glue them on a folded piece of cardstock. If you have older children that can print, have them write a sweet message inside the card!

Grab our free Mother’s day coloring pages to use as mother’s day cards also!

Happy Mother’s Day all!

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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