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Narwhal Gifts: Using the New Cricut EasyPress Mini!

Looking for some narwhal gifts? Learn how to make a custom narwhal hat and personalized narwhal plush animal with the new Cricut EasyPress Mini.

Do you have a narwhal lover and looking for some cute gifts for one?  I have to admit, I am a fan of the narwhal, unicorn of the sea myself.

We were just on a cruise and saw a ton of humpback whales but we were all hoping to see a narwhal… didn’t happen:(

So I decided to make a few cute narwhal gifts since I just received the new Cricut EasyPress Mini!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.



narwhal plush gifts pin

What is a Cricut EasyPress Mini?

The Cricut EasyPress Mini is the newest and cutest addition of the EasyPress 2 family!  This mini but mighty EasyPress has the same consistent even heat plate and power of the bigger EasyPresses but in a pint-size.

cricut easypress mini

This Mini is a great addition to a larger EasyPress because the precision tip lets you get into all sorts of creases near buttons, zippers, seams, etc.  All sorts of places the larger EasyPresses couldn’t get too!  

I just think it’s so adorable!  It has three preset heat settings for all your iron-on needs.  The hottest setting allows for Cricut Infusible Ink!

Plus it comes with a base so it won’t burn your table when you set it down in between presses.

cricut easypress mini

It’s perfect for all those hard and weird items you want to customize.  Think hats, shoes, ribbons, cuffs, pockets, sleeves, bows, stuffed animals… oh the possibilities!  

It would also be a great addition if you are a seamstress.  Sew down those hems quickly without dragging out the big iron!

You can read more about the EasyPress Mini at

Ok, so let’s make some cute items and see how the EasyPress Mini works!

Items Needed for Narwhal Gifts

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I have a full video tutorial on how to apply the iron-on to the hat below.  Make sure to watch it with the sound on for tips and tricks along the way.

If you would like to get more inspiration on what you can apply iron-on vinyl too, make sure to browse my round-up of 65 HTV Cricut projects.

Cutting Out Iron-on for Narwhal Hat

narwhal hat pin

You can use any image you have or from Cricut Access.  If you would like to use my file click here and it will bring it up in Cricut Design Space.  I took out a few layers from the original image to make it easier to apply to a hat.

narwhal svg cricut

Feel free to customize it to the size you want and even add a name!

Make sure to select the “mirror” setting button on the preview screen.  Cut out all of your layers with your chosen iron-on vinyl (shiny side down on your mat) and corresponding settings.

If you need additional help on these steps, make sure to check out my tutorial on cutting and weeding iron-on vinyl.

Applying HTV on Hat

Once everything is cut out and weeded, it’s time to heat up the Cricut EasyPress Mini.  There are only three settings.  Click the button twice to get to the second level and set it back in its base to heat up.  The lights will be orange until it reaches the desired temperature and then the machine will beep and the lights will turn green.

htv on hat

htv on hat

The secret to using the EasyPress Mini is that you need a firm surface to press the iron-on down on.  With a hat, Cricut recommends folding up an 8×10 EasyPress mat and placing it inside the front part of the hat.  Then you can add rolled-up towels behind it.  I find it easiest to stick the whole thing on a large container (or a pot would work too!)

htv on hat

htv on hat

Now the front of the hat has a nice firm surface behind it.

Making a Narwhal Hat

Now it’s time to start adding the layers.  Layering iron-on is a little different in that you only want to press the layers for about 3-5 seconds each.  This is to prevent them from shrinking too much.  Once every layer is on, you will press for 30 seconds over the entire image and then 15 seconds on the backside.

You’ll also want to use heat resistant tape so the layers won’t move while you are moving the Mini around.

I started with the white layer (Narwhal body).  Center and then apply tape to the edges to keep it in place.  Press for 3-5 seconds while moving the EasyPress Mini around.   Let slightly cool and remove plastic backing.htv on hat

narwhal hat

narwhal hat

narwhal hat

Repeat for every layer.  Make sure to not apply the heat resistant tape directly on the iron-on vinyl, I learned the hard way!  Make sure it’s overlapping the plastic backing.

Also, do not allow the Mini to touch already applied iron-on vinyl directly.  Place a protective or Teflon sheet over the iron-on before pressing it.

narwhal unicorn of the sea

Tip – the holographic and glitter iron-on needs about 30-60 minutes of cool-down time before removing.  If the pieces start coming up, simply place the plastic backing back down and press again.  Use the precision tip of the EasyPress Mini to really get around the edges.  Let it cool for a minute and then try pulling off the plastic again.

For my second layer, I applied the blue waves, pressed for 3 seconds and then removed backing.

narwhal hat

narwhal hat

narwhal hat

Again, if using holographic iron-on, let it cool.  Removing the backing is a little bit harder.  I had to get my fingernails in them to lift up the plastic backing.narwhal unicorn of the sea

If the layers do not seem to line up (especially for the spouting water and horn) cut the plastic backing the iron-on is on and apply them separately. 

narwhal unicorn of the sea

narwhal unicorn of the sea

narwhal unicorn of the sea

Once all the iron-on is applied, cover the entire image with a protective sheet and press it with a constant movement for 30 seconds.

Applying Iron-on to the Hat Brim

Place the hat brim on an EasyPress mat.  Center, tape, and start pressing.  Do each half for about 30 seconds (so 60 seconds total), let cool if using glitter, and then remove the plastic backing.narwhal unicorn of the sea gifts

narwhal unicorn of the sea gifts

Flip the hat over and press the inside on the back of the iron-on for 15 seconds.narwhal unicorn of the sea

Your custom narwhal hat is ready to wear or be given as a gift!

narwhal gifts

Applying Iron-on Vinyl to Hats Video Tutorial


narwhal gifts

Personalized Stuffed Animals

personalized stuffed animals


I love making custom stuffed animals like the elephant birth stat keepsake a few months ago.  The new Cricut EasyPress mini is also perfect in making personalized stuffed animals because you can apply it pretty much anywhere. 

I made this adorable custom Narwhal plush super quick with it.  Make sure to add this to a narwhal gifts list for your narwhal unicorn of the sea lover! 

Watch the video tutorial on how I applied iron-on vinyl to the narwhal plush at the top or side of the post.  Sometimes it floats around!

personalized stuffed animals

If you’d like to save these narwhal gifts for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

narwhal plush pin

Yield: 1 hat

Narwhal Gifts: Using the New Cricut EasyPress Mini!

narwhal gifts

Learn how to apply iron-on vinyl with the new Cricut EasyPress mini to make a cute narwhal hat.

Active Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Difficulty Medium
Estimated Cost Price of Hat


  • Iron-on Vinyl
  • Hat


  • Cricut EasyPress Mini
  • Cricut Explore Air 2


  1. Choose an image in Cricut Design Space or see the link in the post for this file.
  2. Size image, click "mirror" setting on the mat preview screen and select corresponding iron-on type material setting.
  3. Place iron-on vinyl SHINY side DOWN on a mat and cut all the layers. Weed off the extra vinyl.
  4. Press the power button on the EasyPress mini twice so you see two bars. Let the Mini preheat.
  5. Fold an EasyPress mat in half (with words facing each other) and place inside the front of the hat. Fill the rest of the hat with rolled-up towels or put on a container or pan so the front of the hat is taught and firm.
  6. Center the first layer (I did white) and use heat resistant tape to hold it in place. Press for 3-5 seconds using constant movement. Let cool if necessary and then remove the plastic backing.
  7. Repeat for every layer making sure to use a protective sheet over any exposed iron-on.
  8. Once all the layers are applied, cover the entire image with a protective sheet and press with a constant motion for 25 seconds.
  9. Turn the hat over, place on the EasyPress mat and press the inside for 15 seconds.
  10. Your new narwhal hat is set to wear!


See post for a link to the project in Cricut Design Space and a full video tutorial.

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