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Paper Fan Decorations DIY Tutorial!

Want a super cheap and easy way to decorate for parties and graduations? Check out how to make paper fan decorations DIY style!

I posted about the decorations for a Dr. Seuss Bingo Night, so I thought I’d share the DIY paper fan decorations tutorial.  

These cute fans are very easy and cheap to make.  You can make DIY paper fans decorations all different sizes and colors and hang them or stick them on a wall!

paper fans diy

Supplies Needed for DIY Paper Fan Decorations

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How to Make Paper Fan Decorations

For these fans, I used butcher paper that we have at our school.  You need long strips for a circle paper fan.  

I used about 45-60 inches depending on size.  We had a 36 inch wide butcher paper and I used one and then used 1/3 of another one and just glued the edges together.  

So, here’s how to make a paper fan circle:

  1. Cut a strip of paper.  The fan will end up being twice as big after you fold it around.  I cut my butcher paper anywhere from 5 inches to 8 inches wide.  
  2. Start folding over an inch or so at a time accordion style.  Back and forth until you have done the whole paper.
  3. With the paper lying down, turn the two ends together.  It will round into a circle.  Pull until two ends touch and glue those ends together.  
  4. Note: If it doesn’t lay flat, you need longer paper.  Glue another piece of accordion-folded paper to the end of the first and it should lay flat then.
paper fan decoration diy
paper fan decorations diy

The next step is to grab your hot glue gun and make a ring of glue around the inner circle.  

Put some glue on the back of your middle piece of decoration (in this case, I used a star.  For the others, I used Dr. Seuss images) and glue it down.

paper fan decorations diy

That’s it!! You just made paper fan decorations DIY style!

paper fan decorations diy

Attach the DIY paper fan decorations to string or ribbon and hang or make a bunch and attach them to make a paper fan wall.

diy paper fan decorations

Or you can even hot glue the DIY paper fan on a vase.

how to make paper fan decorations

Easy Peasy!  I used the red paper fan decorations for a red carpet themed party that you can read all about here!

paper fan decoration idea

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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