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Peel and Stick Planks are Beautiful and So Easy to Install!!

Learn how easy it is to install peel and stick planks! They are a cheap, quick and easy way to upgrade any room in your house!

Hi Friends!  Have you seen my other posts about my laundry room remodel??  I had fun making this blah space into a cute farmhouse laundry room on a very small budget. 

The last thing I needed to do was update the flooring.  I am all about finding something that is easy to install. 

I used vinyl tiles when I remodeled my bathrooms a few years back and even grouted them so they looked like tile (you can check out that post here.). 

However, I wanted something a little different for my laundry room and so I decided on peel and stick planks… and I am so glad I did!  They were super easy to install and look great!peel and stick planks

I didn’t even rip up the linoleum floor that was there, I just stuck these right on top of it.  This was my beautiful flooring before…laundry room floor update

I lived with that for 14 years so it was definitely time to get updated!  So, let’s get started!

Materials Needed for Peel and Stick Planks Installation

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How to Apply Stick on Planks

First vacuum and clean your floor.  Then I laid out all the planks on the floor to see how I wanted to offset them. 

I didn’t even take up the baseboards.  I just pushed them as far over to the side as I could.  It is just the laundry room!!peel and stick wood planks tutorial

I recommend doing the ones butting up against the wall first.  I started going horizontal but I started getting uneven gaps in between the planks. So I went back and just did all the planks up against the long wall and then added the rest off of those. 

Make sure all the arrows on the back are going the same way.  On to backside of every plank, there will be an arrow on the paper you peel off.  The manufacturer puts the arrow on so if they are all put down with the arrows going the same way, the flow will look ideal.

diy peel and stick wood planks

Simply peel off the backing paper and stick them down.  If you want extra assurance they’ll stay, apply some liquid nails to the back of the floor planks.peel and stick wood planks

Once you have all the full planks down, you’ll start cutting the others to fit.  I put the plank in the spot and made a little cut or pencil mark where the next plank started.

peel and stick wood planks

Then I used an L shaped ruler and cut the plank.  You really don’t have to push that hard.  It doesn’t need to go all the way through.peel and stick wood planks

Then bend the plank and it will snap where you cut it.peel and stick wood planks

Peel off the backing and stick it in place!  Continue cutting the boards and putting them in place.

applying peel and stick planks Tips for Putting Planks Under a Door Jam

At the door jam, I used a crowbar to lift up the transition enough to stick a plank under it.lifting up floor transition

peel and stick wood planks

You’ll need to do some measuring and creative cutting when you get to the door frame if you can’t get the boards under it.peel and stick wood planks

For under the cabinets, I used liquid nails to secure it.liquid nails on stick floor planks

peel and stick wood planks

peel and stick wood planks

Once everything was in place, I caulked around the edges where the planks met the walls.  That was it!  Quick and easy and they look great!farmhouse laundry room

farmhouse laundry room

I love how they contrast with my new painted cabinets!  Check out my full tutorial on how I painted the cabinets with chalk paint here and my tutorial on how to make a cute laundry sign.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a creative day!

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Wednesday 17th of March 2021

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