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Personalized Makeup Bags With a Cricut Maker!

Make your own personalized makeup bags from start to finish with a Cricut Maker! DIY makeup bags are a quick and fun gift for anyone.

Making personalized gifts is my happy place.  I love figuring out what someone likes and to incorporate that into a truly unique gift for them.

As a recipient, when someone gives me a handmade gift I know they put time and thought into it and that means so much more than any store-bought gift. 

A homemade gift really touches someone’s heart.  And isn’t that what gift-giving is really all about right??!!

Having a Cricut cutting machine makes creating personalized gifts easy and it also opens up the door of endless possibilities.  This holiday season I am using my Cricut Maker to make a ton of gifts!

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diy makeup bags pinterest

With the release of the Cricut Makers’ new blades and the ability for it to cut hundreds of different materials including fabric, wood, chipboard, and leather, the sky is really the limit on creativity!

One of my personal favorite things to use my Cricut for is to transfer someone’s handwriting to a custom gift.  I used this method when I transferred my Grandmother’s old handwritten recipe to an oven mitt and also when I made my Mom a custom glitter tumbler with the grandkid’s handwriting on it.

This time I decided to make personalized makeup bags from start to finish with my Cricut Maker.  This pattern is FREE if you own a Cricut Maker in Cricut Design Space.  The Maker cuts out the fabric perfectly and then all I had to do was sew it together with the directions given and add some iron-on vinyl to personalize each of them.

I made three different custom zipper pouches at one time for teacher gifts and one for my daughter.  Make sure to watch the video to see how I put them together. 

Since I’m making different colored ones you’ll notice the cutting videos and sewing videos are using different colored fabrics…oops!  My bad!  But I used the same exact method in making all three of them.

Materials Needed for Personalized Makeup Bags

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 Designing Personalized Zipper Bag in Cricut Design Space

If you own a Cricut Maker, then you were given access to a bunch of Maker projects in Cricut Access for FREE.  Under “My Projects” there is a section that says Free for Cricut Maker.  


Click on it and you’ll see all that you can make.  These cute little personalized makeup bags are listed as Little Zipper Bow Pouch.  Click on it and all the instructions will come up.  I like to print them out so I can refer to them while I’m making them.


Click Make It and follow all the on-screen directions.

Make sure your material is ironed (I like to use my EasyPress for this!)diy makeup bags

Place your fabric on a pink fabric grip mat and press it down with a brayer.cricut maker gift ideas

cricut maker gift ideas

Cut all of the fabric out.  I was able to use the scrap piece of the liner fabric to cut out the second matching piece.cricut maker gift ideas

cricut maker gift ideas

I just used a white fabric I had for the interfacing.  Peel off the extra fabric so you are left with your beautifully cut pieces!  Use some fabric scissors to snip any pieces if needed.

diy makeup bags

I didn’t want a bow so I skipped that mat and step.

Sewing Together Your DIY Makeup Bags

Follow all of the instructions to sew your zipper bags together.  The one step that’s not included is putting the stripe on one of the sides (I show this step in the video).  If you don’t want a coordinating stripe you can skip this step.

You can do this right at the beginning.  Place the two cut striped pieces right sides together and sew 1/2 inch seam on both long lengths.making diy makeup bags

making diy makeup bags

making diy makeup bags

Flip it inside out so the right sides are facing out.  You’ll have a long trapezoid.  This is where I love using my Cricut Mini Press to press down all my seams while I’m sewing.  I can set it up right next to my sewing machine and press while I go!

making diy makeup bags

making diy makeup bags

Once it’s pressed flat, pin it on the right side of one of your outside pieces.making diy makeup bags

Sew 1/4 inch from edge along both long sides.making diy makeup bags

making diy makeup bags

Now continue on with the rest of the directions you printed from Cricut Design Space.  Use a Mini to press down those seams!

Decide What You Want to Add to the Zipper Pouches

Here’s the fun part!  Decide what you want to put on your custom zipper pouches. 

Pouch 1:  I decided to make one monogram pouch using the wavy blade.  I searched “monogram” in Cricut Access and found an A I liked.  I then changed the linetype to Wave.  Then I found the “slay the day” file and added that onto the front side.  cricut maker wavy blade setting

Pouch 2:  I filtered “multi-layer” fonts in the Cricut texts and added Sydnie.  I typed in one of my daughter’s favorite quotes from Shakespeare ( I know, a little dark, but she’s 16!) for the other side.

Pouch 3:  This one was going to be for my youngest’s teacher so I wanted to use his handwriting on it.  I had him write her name with a  Sharpie on a blank piece of paper.  I took a picture of it and uploaded it to CDS.  Select a simple image and clean it up by clicking on the background with the wand in the select and erase screen.  For a full tutorial on how I do this process, check out my sentimental gift post.personalized makeup bag




Cut Out the Iron-On Vinyl

Make sure to size everything.  I made the images that were going to be on the stripe about 2 inches tall by 6 inches long.  For the other side of the pouch, I sized things to about 4 x 6 inches.

Make sure to toggle on Mirror Setting in the prepare screen.

Place the iron-on vinyl shiny side down on a mat and cut.  Insert separate blades if using the wavy blade when CDS prompts you.personalized makeup bags

Weed out the extra vinyl.  If you need additional help with these steps, make sure to check out my cutting and weeding tutorial.personalized makeup bags

Using the EasyPress Mini to Apply Iron-on Vinyl

Preheat the EasyPress Mini to medium (second line).personalized makeup bags

Once it’s preheated, press the DIY makeup bag on a mat and press the fabric where the image is going for about 5 seconds.  Then center the image and press while constantly moving the Mini for about 40 seconds.personalized makeup bags

Peel off plastic backing after 20-30 seconds.

personalized makeup bags

For two layers, press the first layer of iron-on down for about 5-10 seconds.  Peel off the backing when warm.

personalized zipper pouch

personalized zipper pouch

Then align the top layer and press that one for about 40 seconds, moving the Mini around the entire time.  Make sure to press the edges well.personalised makeup bag

I used the same process for the monogram pouch.monogram pouch

monogram pouch

monogram pouch

Press the images on the other side and the personalised makeup bag is done!

personalised makeup bag

personalised makeup bag

Three gifts done…. boom!

Teacher….check!diy personalised makeup bags

diy personalised makeup bags

diy personalised makeup bags

Daughter…check!diy personalized makeup bags

diy personalized makeup bags

diy personalized makeup bags

Friend…check!diy personalised makeup bags

diy personalised makeup bags

diy personalised makeup bags

Who would you make a personalized zipper pouch for??

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Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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