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DIY Personalized Shirts for Mom with Names!

Make your own DIY personalized shirts for Mom for yourself or the special Mom or friend in your life using a Cricut and iron on vinyl.

Looking for a cute and unique idea for Mom, Grandma, friend or yourself?  Recently I showed you how to make custom glitter tumblers using kid’s handwriting and today I have a perfect shirt for you to make.

Making custom t-shirts is so easy with a Cricut cutting machine and EasyPress.  I whipped up this shirt in less than 15 minutes!

Creating the file in Cricut Design Space is easier than you think.  I have a full video step by step tutorial on how I designed in CDS.

diy mom shirt pin

If you’ve ever wondered what all a Cricut can do, make sure to browse my Ultimate Resource of Cricut Ideas.

Materials Needed for Personalized Shirts for Mom

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Using I Love Glitter Font in Cricut Design Space

I made a full CDS video tutorial of how I designed my shirt since it’s hard to give you the steps in words.  Make sure to watch it with the volume turned on.  (Sometimes the video moves to the top!)

If you need additional help in Design Space, make sure to check out my CDS 101 series with a bunch of videos on using the Cricut software.

You can download I Love Glitter font from  for free for only personal use.  If you would like to sell items then you’ll need a commercial use license.  You can purchase the font with a commercial use license from for about $8.  Just search “I Love Glitter”.

These are the keys that you use for I Love Glitter’s special characters:

  • * = small heart.  I added one to each end and then moved them manually.
  • [ = left side swish
  • ] = right side swish
  • | = connecting swish with a solid heart.  On my keyboard, this key is right above my enter key and below the backspace.  It shows two short vertical lines and the black slash on the bottom.  You’ll need to hold the shift key to use the | key.
  • _ = connecting swish with an open heart.  It’s the underscore key (next to the 0).  Hold shift to use it.

So, this is what I typed for the text with my kids’ names:


personalized shirts for mom

A fun thing about CDS, is using the templates to see what it will look like.  Click the template icon on the left-hand side. 

I picked a classic t-shirt.  You can change the size and color on the top left drop-down menus.

personalized shirts for mom
personalized shirts for mom

After you click Make It, make sure to turn on mirror setting in the preview screen.

Place iron-on vinyl with the shiny side down on your mat and cut out with the iron-on setting.

personalized shirts for mom

Making Layered Personalized Mom Shirts With an EasyPress 2

Once the iron-on is done cutting, weed off all the extra vinyl.

personalized shirts for mom
personalized shirts for mom

Turn on the EasyPress to 315F (or you can use a heat press or iron). 

Check out my full EasyPress instructions if you need help with this step.

personalized shirts for mom

The first thing you’ll always want to do is press the t-shirt for 5 seconds to get the moisture out.  This helps the iron-on bond better.

personalized shirts for mom

To center my designs on a t-shirt, I fold the t-shirt in half and press again so that there is a visible crease down the middle.

personalized shirts for mom

Then I fold the largest piece of the iron-on in half to also get a crease down the middle.  Then I just line up the two creases!

personalized shirts for mom
personalized shirts for mom

Since we are going to be layering the iron on and pressing more than once, there is a different technique.

Make sure you are using the EasyPress on the EasyPress mat or a soft towel, not an ironing board!

Use two hands and most of your body weight on the EasyPress 2 for only 3-5 seconds.  Let the vinyl cool for about 30 seconds and then peel off the plastic backing.  The iron-on is not fully attached but it will be once we press it again with our next layer.

personalized shirts for mom
personalized shirts for mom

Center the next layer with the names on it.  I had sliced the two out so I knew where it went but you can just fold it in half again to get the middle or measure it.

personalized shirts for mom

Place a protective sheet over the iron-on and apply light pressure for 20-25 seconds.  Let it cool for 30 seconds and then remove the plastic.

personalized shirts for mom
personalized shirts for mom

Flip the shirt over and press the back for 15 seconds.

personalized shirts for mom

That’s it!!  Enjoy your new personalized shirts for Mom. If you need an even more detailed process, you can check out my super in-depth tutorial all about making shirts with a Cricut.

personalized newborn baby gifts

Finish off the gift for Mom, with our free birthday cards for Mom printables!

personalized newborn baby gifts

If you’d like to save this tutorial for later, hover over the image below and PIN It now!

DIY Mom shirts with vinyl!  Watch a step by step video tutorial and grab printable instructions on how to design using I Love glitter font in Cricut Design Space.  #cricut #mom

Here are some condensed printable directions.

personalized newborn baby gifts

Personalized Shirts for Mom: DIY Gift That Mom's Will Love!

Yield: 1 shirt
Active Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Cost: $5

Make personalized shirts for Mom or Grandma using a Cricut and EasyPress. The I Love Glitter font is perfect for this project!


  • t-shirt
  • iron-on vinyl


  1. Download I Love Glitter font if you don't have it. See post for links on where to find.
  2. Design the file in CDS. I used Child's Year in Cricut Access for MOM. Click "attach"
  3. Using I Love Glitter type the kids' names. With the special characters, I typed *[Sydnie|Jeffrey|Nathan]*
  4. Move the letters as close together as you can using the letter space arrow.
  5. Then "ungroup" them and move the individual letters closer as needed. Attach sections as you go.
  6. When everything is how you want it, select all the names and "weld" them.
  7. Repeat the same process for "Est." line.
  8. Click the template button on the left side. Choose classic t-shirt or whatever you are using. Choose size and color from drop-down menu on the top left.
  9. Position them over MOM and size. You can unlock and make them taller.
  10. Click on Mom, hold down Ctrl and click on Est. line. Click "Attach".
  11. Select all and "group". Now you can resize everything at once. I made mine about 11.5 inches wide.
  12. Make sure to turn mirror setting on and cut out of iron-on vinyl.
  13. Weed off extra vinyl.
  14. Heat EasyPress to 315F.
  15. Press front of shirt for 3-5 seconds. Fold in half and press again to crease it.
  16. Fold the Mom iron-on in half to crease the center of the plastic backing.
  17. Line up the creases so it's straight. Press down with two hands and a lot of pressure for 3-5 seconds.
  18. Let the vinyl cool for 30 seconds and remove the plastic.
  19. Align the names. Place a protective sheet over the shirt and press lightly for 25 seconds.
  20. Let cool for 30 seconds. Remove plastic.
  21. Flip shirt over and press for 15 seconds.
  22. Enjoy your shirt!


Make sure to watch the CDS video tutorial in the post. It will make more sense while you are watching me design the file!!

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leap of faith crafting


Friday 6th of May 2022

Hi Amy, Thank you for the tutorial. I did not see what size you made your letters for MOM. Thank you for the help.

Leap of Faith Crafting

Friday 6th of May 2022

I ended up making them about 4 inches tall!


Sunday 30th of June 2019

This was extremely helpful. Thank you!! I would like to take the same design and print it on wood using permanent vinyl. Aside from not using HTV and a heat press, are there any other things I need to consider? I don’t think I should mirror the image (right?), and I need to figure out the size of the wood I’ll be using so I can figure out the image sizes. Anything else? Thank you!!

Leap of Faith Crafting

Monday 1st of July 2019

You can actually put HTV on wood! I haven't done it (on my list!), but there are a bunch of tutorials out there. If using adhesive vinyl, then no need to mirror anything. Make sure the wood is sanded down. Depending on the type of wood, it might be easier to have a base on it so the vinyl sticks better, like stain, paint or mod podge. And make sure your transfer tape is not too grippy. I apply it to different kinds of wood all the time, even got it on pallet wood! Good luck! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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