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FREE Printable Classroom Jobs PDF to Use Now!

Instant download of two different sizes of printable classroom jobs to use with your students! Get ready for back to school with this PDF.

Teachers, today this post is for you! I have a lot of teacher friends and I know teaching takes so much time and patience so I wanted to help you out with this new printable.

The beginning of the year can be crazy when you are trying to get your classroom set up, especially if you are a new teacher or in a new room and figuring out lesson plans.

When I was thinking about what kind of school printables would be helpful, I always remember my kids telling me about their weekly or monthly jobs.

They were either happy or not so much about the new jobs that were assigned to them (better than at home, where they are NEVER happy about any jobs I give them!

printable classroom jobs pin

I love the idea of creating life skills by giving each student their own job. They can really take pride in the help they are providing to the classroom community!

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How to Use the Classroom Jobs Printable

At the bottom of the post you will find the download button for the classroom jobs printable. There are actually two different versions of the printables for classroom management.

The first is smaller and has four long horizontal job signs per sheet.

class jobs list

And the second has larger classroom job signs with only two per sheet. I know everyone has their own style so I like to give a variety!

classroom jobs large pdf

You can make your own classroom job chart or buy one online to attach the class jobs too. A bulletin board works great to pin the jobs too.

Then have each student’s name on a clip or clothespin so you can move the student names around easily each week. Library pockets are also a cost-effective way of organizing student jobs.

I’d recommend laminating the sheets so they will last for the next school year!

classroom jobs pdf

Simple download and print!

free printable classroom jobs

Classroom Job List

I put a large variety of fun classroom jobs on the list. Each job sign has the job titles and an image so that these printables can be used for elementary age children and even as preschool classroom jobs.

printable classroom jobs

Here is a list of the different jobs and ideas of what your classroom helper can do!

  • Line Leader (gets to be at the front of the line. Great way to alleviate fighting when a leader is assigned!)
  • Caboose (always is the last person at the end of the line and makes sure classmates stay in line)
  • Restroom Monitor (makes sure things are picked up if you have a restroom in your class)
  • Paper Delivery
  • Paper Pick-up
  • Trash Monitor 
  • Recycle Carrier (takes the recycling bin out to the school’s large bin)
  • Pet/Plant Keeper (helps to keep the class pet or plant alive!)
  • Lunch Count Runner (gets head count for school lunches in the morning and relays to cafeteria)
  • Attendance Deliverer
  • Classroom Technology Monitor (makes sure tech is returned to the cart and plugged each day)
  • Schedule Monitor (checks off activities on the daily routine)
  • Light Switch Assistant
  • Class Greeter (greets visitors to the classroom)
  • Door Holder
  • Teacher Assistant (helps lead the class through the calendar and grabs supplies when the teacher is busy)
  • Table Captains (responsible for making sure all supplies are organized on their table at the end of the day)
  • Encourager (cheers their peers on)
  • Board Cleaner
jobs for students printable
  • Messenger (takes any notes to other teachers or paperwork to the office)
  • Class Librarian (organizes the books in the class library)
  • Nurse Transporter (walks others to the nurse’s office when needed)
  • Welcoming Committee (walks a new student around the school and helps them get oriented)
  • Paper Towel Monitor (gives each student a paper towel for snack or refills when empty)
  • Germ-X Pumper (gives each student some hand sanitizer before lunch or after recess)
  • Table Washer (wipes down tables at the end of the day)
  • Date Changer (changes the date on the daily schedule)
  • Meteorologist (checks the weather each day and updates it on the calendar)
  • Flag Holder
  • Lunch Box Assistant (passes out lunch boxes before lunch)
  • Substitute Helper (helps a substitute with anything they need)
  • Chair Stacker (stacks all of the chairs at the tables at the end of the day)
printable classroom jobs free
printable school jobs for students

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Printable School Job Signs Download

As with all my free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files. Thank you!

Simply click on the download button below and the classroom job list will automatically pop up to download into a PDF file. Print on any home or school printer.

teacher class jobs printable

If you’d like to save this classroom job system for later, simply hover over the image below and PIN It now!

classroom jobs printable free

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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