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Wedding Favor Bags: How to Make Printed Gift Bags for Cheap!

Make your own printed gift bags for donut wedding favors or wedding sweet bags. Easy and cheap to make with a FREE PNG file and a printer!

Wedding season is upon us!  One of my cousins is getting married and while I was talking to her I got inspired to make some DIY wedding projects.

Since I got married 17 years ago, I had no idea what is even popular nowadays.  That makes me sound old…ugh!

I was surprised to hear that donuts are a huge thing at weddings now!  What a fun idea for easy wedding favors.  So, I made a few files you can download to make your own wedding favor bags.

wedding favor bags pin

Materials Needed for DIY Wedding Favor Bags

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links from I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my links (purple text).
    • Waxed Paper Bags– I used these 5.5 x 7.75 ones
    • Printer – I have an Epson all in one printer
    • FREE PNG files – see bottom of the post

How to Make Printed Gift Bags Using Google Docs

I didn’t have any problems using my inkjet printer.  It’s an all in one 5-year-old printer and it did the job perfectly without any smearing.  However, I can’t guarantee that these will print on every printer without smearing.  They are pretty cheap so I think it’s worth trying!

I used both Google Docs and a Hallmark program to print them out. (You can use any software you are comfortable with!)

In Google Docs, open up a new project and insert the PNG.  Insert-> Image-> Upload from computer

printed gift bags

Once it’s inserted, you can resize if you want it a bit smaller by dragging a corner in.  Make sure it is centered on the page with the alignment button (mine inserts centered!)

printed gift bags

To make personalized candy bags, move the cursor to the bottom and type in names and the date. (Make sure the center alignment is on)

printed gift bags

Printing Wedding Sweet Bags

Now, all that is left to the donut favor bags is to print them.

This part may be different depending on your printer software.  I’m not sure how different printer drivers can be between PCs and Macs and in general.  So, you might have to look around in your software if you can’t find the options I have.

Once I hit the print button, this box pops up.  I click on the bottom text “Print using system dialog”.

printed gift bags

Then another box pops up with my printer that is already selected.  I click the “Preferences” button.

printed gift bags

And a new window pops up.  This is where I set the size.  Click on document size at the top and scroll down until you see “user-defined”.printed gift bags

This will allow you to input whatever size your bags are.  Mine are 5.5″ x 7.75″ inches so that’s what I typed in.printed gift bags

You can click to save the settings and name it whatever you like.  Press OK.

Now you need to know how you’re printer prints.  Mine prints so that when it comes out of the printer it’s right side up.  I need to insert the bags with the bottom down, so that means my printer will print them upside down.

You can always print one to see what happens. If it prints correctly, you can skip the next step.

If it’s upside down, you’ll need to rotate the whole page 180 degrees.  The easiest way I found was to click on the More Options tab and then click “rotate 180” down at the bottom.printed gift bags

Then click OK and Print.

If you can’t find a “rotate 180” you can always go back into the doc and rotate the image and text by flipping the box over with the handle.

I have a slide on the back side of my printer where I put in the paper so that it stands up straight.  I slid it over so it’s snug against the bags.  I inserted with the bottom down and printed gift bags!

wedding sweet bags

wedding sweet bags

I wouldn’t advise sticking 100 bags in and letting it go.  I would print 10 at a time to make sure they don’t jam.  If your printer seems to handle more, then go for it!

wedding sweet bags f

Set the printed gift bags out with the donuts or candy bar and see how impressed your guests are that you made them yourself!

donut wedding diy

donut wedding diy

Put them out with a donut platter embellished with Cricut paper flowers and a DIY cake topper.

FREE PNG Print Files for Wedding Favor Bags

I have two different files to give you some options.  Use the same steps above to customize and print either of them.

As with all my files, these are for personal use only.  If you would like to purchase a commercial use license, click here.

Donut Party Favors Bag File

This one is perfect for a donut party favors for either a wedding or birthday party.donut wedding i do


donut wedding diy

Wedding Candy Bags File

This one would be perfect for donuts or a candy bar at a wedding.donut wedding sweet


donut wedding diy

Cute and cheap wedding favor bags, right?

If you’d like to save this idea for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now.donut party favors pin

Thanks so much for stopping by and please let me know if you have any questions!

Have a creative day,

leap of faith crafting





printed gift bags pin




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