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Rae Dunn Christmas Inspired Pillows with FREE Christmas Pillow SVG!

Make your own cheap DIY Rae Dunn Christmas inspired pillows with a free SVG cut file and step by step directions on how to make a super easy pillow cover!

Simple. Playful. Organic.  Words to describe the beautiful pottery by Rae Dunn that is all the craze these days.

Pictures of her products and inspired items are all over Pinterest and Instagram and I have been loving it!

  Lightbulbs kept going off of all the beautiful decor I could make to turn my family room into a black and white, Rae Dunn inspired, winter wonderland.

I’m also loving all the buffalo plaid, are you?  I went to Joann’s last week and went a little crazy shopping for fabric since they were having their extra coupon days.  Of course, I ended up walking out with way more than I went in for…

Make your own DIY holidays pillows with this free Cricut file inspired by Rae Dunn Christmas. Learn how to make the easiest pillow cover ever! #christmas #pillow #diy

Yesterday, I had a very productive day and made all my Rae Dunn Christmas inspired pillows!  Yay!  I thought I’d share with you how to make the easiest pillows ever and give you a free cut file for Christmas pillows!  If you prefer printable instructions, I have some at the bottom for you!

If you don’t know about the natural and simplicity of Rae Dunn’s style, click here to browse her products!

Materials Needed for Rae Dunn Christmas Inspired Pillows

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  • pillow inserts or stuffing
  • fabric – I used a polyester white fabric that I found in the remnant section at Joanns.  They pillows are only going to be out for a month so I didn’t need anything fancy or expensive!
  • Heat transfer vinyl  – I like Siser Easyweed
  • Cricut cutting machine – always check prices between and Amazon (click links to compare!)
  • Heat Press or Iron
  • Sewing Machine
  • Other assorted fabric and matching thread if making more pillows!
buffalo plaid material for DIY pillows

Aren’t these fabrics so cute?  I got them all at Joanns.  The moose one is fleece, the plaid is flannel, and the white is polyester.  Remember to always use coupons and wait for the extra 25% off everything coupon to add on top of it!

Tips On Pillow Inserts

Sometimes if pillow inserts are on sale with an additional discount, I’ll get them at Joanns.  If you are near IKEA, they have pretty cheap inserts.

finding pillow inserts at goodwill

Another great place… thrift stores!  I got four pillows at Goodwill for under $11.  Two 15″ and two 18″ for $2-3 each.  Just take off the covers, wash the insert, and there you go!

Try to find ones with zippers since those pillows actually use inserts.  Some of the ones that are completely sewn together just have polyfill.  Two of the pillows I bought had polyfill, but I just stuffed that into my new Rae Dunn Christmas pillows!  If they don’t have zippers, use a seam ripper to rip out the stitches.

removing pillow covers with seam ripper
diy christmas pillows

For my large pillows, I ended up using my large 20″ outdoor pillows.  It’s starting to rain so they were just going to sit in the garage, why not use them?  Since these are envelope pillows, I stuffed my large pillow inside with it’s outdoor cover on and all!

Ok, let’s get to it!

rae dunn christmas pillows diy

Rae Dunn Christmas Inspired Pillows with FREE Cut file!

Yield: 1 pillow
Active Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time to Apply HTV: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner Sewers
Estimated Cost: Under $10

Make your own Rae Dunn inspired Christmas pillows with basic white fabric and a free SVG cut file.


  • Fabric - polyester, cotton, or flannel
  • Matching Thread
  • Pillow Inserts
  • Cut File - see blog post
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl - Black


  1. Cut your fabric depending on your pillow insert size. For the 15" pillows, I cut my fabric to 16" x 37". Since I will be sewing the two sides, I will lose about 1/2 inch on each side, so that's why I start with 16". The long side is front and back piece plus a little extra for overlap... 16"+16"+5" = 37". I was making two pillows, so I have two pieces of fabric. rae dunn christmas pillows
  2. Next you'll want to press down one short side and stitch it together. Lay the fabric right side down. (Right side = side that you want seen) I folded it over twice, so you don't see the inside seam, but if you just want to fold it over once, go for it! Who's going to see the backs anyway, right? If you just fold it over once, here's what it looks like.rae dunn christmas pillows
  3. To fold over twice, fold it over about 1/2", press it, and then fold that section over itself and press it again. Now no edges show. rae dunn christmas pillows
  4. Do a simple stitch down the whole length. I lined up the left side of my presser foot with the inside rim.rae dunn christmas pillows
  5. Now you are going to fold it kind of in thirds. Lay the whole thing flat right side up.  Fold the side with the hemmed edge over about 1/3 - 1/2 the way up. Then fold other edge over so that it overlaps on top about 4-5 inches. The hemmed edge needs to be on the bottom so when you flip it inside out, it will be on the outer side.rae dunn christmas
  6. You want the square once it's folded over to be 16 inches. Then pin both open sides in place. Make sure to place pins where the hem is so that it stays flat when you sew it.
  7. Now simply sew the two sides up with 1/2" edge margin.rae dunn christmas
  8. Remove the pins and trim the corners so that they will have less bulk and push out nicer.rae dunn christmas
  9. Turn the pillow cover inside out and you're done with the cover!diy christmas pillows
  10. Now to add some Rae Dunn Christmas inspiration to it! Cut out whichever words you want for the Rae Dunn Christmas pillow covers you want from the FREE Christmas pillow SVG below, cut it out on mirror setting of HTV or iron-on vinyl, and weed it. If you need help with this step, watch my video tutorial on cutting and weeding vinyl here.rae dunn christmas
  11. You can use an iron, but I have a heat press and love it! If you want more information on my heat press and to watch a video of me using it click on link.rae dunn christmas
  12. Stuff the insert of polyfill into the case and you're all set!rae dunn christmas

As with all my files, these are for personal use only. If you would like to purchase a commercial use license, click here.



If you need help with downloading and then uploading SVGS to Cricut Design Space click here.


I made all three different Christmas DIY pillow covers the same exact way.

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I also made plaid DIY Christmas pillows out of buffalo check flannel fabric and moose and bear pillows out of fleece.  I did the same exact steps.

For the 18″ pillows, I cut the fabric to 19″x 43″.  Hem one side then fold the two sides in to make the square 18 inches (make sure hemmed side is the first one laid down).

diy buffalo plaid christmas pillow fabric
making pillow covers
plaid christmas pillows
measuring fabric for pillow covers
pinning together plaid christmas pillows

Stitch, trim corners, turn inside out and insert your pillow forms.

rae dunn christmas pillows diy

Now you are all set with brand new DIY Christmas pillows for the holiday season!  Envelope pillows are perfect to make since you can switch them out so easily for every season.  Now I just need some new couches that they will look better on (not these 16-year-old couches!!)

rae dunn christmas pillows diy

The new plaid Christmas pillow covers go perfectly with the buffalo plaid stockings I just made and the rest of my DIY Christmas decor.

rae dunn christmas pillows diy pinterest

I am on my way of converting my family room into a buffalo plaid and Rae Dunn inspired room!  If you’d like to see my Christmas home tour click on link.  I have another frugal way to add snow to your holiday decor here!

buffalo plaid decor with painted tray and diy pillows
buffalo plaid decor
free christmas cricut svg files

I also made these super easy family Christmas mugs with my FREE deer head SVG cut files (found here).

If you want some inspiration for what to fill the mugs with, check out my roundup of 60 amazing Hot Chocolate recipes here!

easy hot chocolate recipe in mug

Or if you want to stick with the black and white motif like I am, make sure to grab some of my new Christmas SVG files that I added to some dollar store mugs.

free christmas svg files on white mugs

Want to save this idea for later, hover over the top left of the image below and PIN it!

Make your own DIY holidays pillows with this free Cricut file inspired by Rae Dunn Christmas. Learn how to make the easiest pillow cover ever! #christmas #pillow #diy

I hope these DIY Christmas pillows inspire you to make some for yourself for cheaper than you can buy some!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Have a creative day!

leap of faith crafting

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