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Make Your Own Stencil for a Mug plus FREE Santa’s Milk SVG!

Learn how to make your own stencil to make a cute Santa mug! Grab a free Santa’s Milk SVG file to make your own!

Do you still have kiddos that like to put out milk and cookies for Santa??  All my kids, 6 years to 14 years old, still love too.  The dog especially likes it if they are put down low… lol!

If you want to make a cute personalized cheap Santa Mug DIY for the holidays, you are in luck! 

Follow my tutorial on how to make your own stencil (with a Santa’s Milk SVG) and you’ll have your own Santa cookie plate and mug for years to come.

santa cookies and milk set

Now, I’m going to tell you upfront, this Cricut stencil mug is a little tricky.  I had to re-do mine three times before I was satisfied with it.  The nice thing about the glass paint is that is easy to wash off and start again.!!

Materials for Santa Mug

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  • Glass mug – I got mine from the Dollar Tree
  • Enamel paint – You can find by clicking here or at Walmart
  • paint brushes or sponges
  • contact paper
  • Cricut or other cutting machine

Santa’s Milk SVG File

As with all my files, these are for personal use only.  If you would like to purchase a commercial use license, click here.

Sometimes the file will look blurry when you first open it, but once you download it, the SVG will open up clearly.

If it doesn’t automatically download, you might need to right-click on it and Save As. If you need additional help, make sure to check out my post on how to download and upload files to CDS.

Or check out my Cricut Design Space 101 series for even more tutorials.

Santa’s Milk File – You can Download here!   

santa mugs

How to Stencil on Glass

The first thing you’ll want to do to make your own stencil is cut your file.  If you have great freehand skills you can always just paint it on with a paintbrush!! 

I don’t, so that’s where my Cricut comes to my rescue!!  Download the file then upload it to your Cricut Design Space

Sync all the colors so they are the same and then cut it out on contact paper. 

Contact paper works better on this project because it doesn’t stick as well.  I tried with vinyl and it pulled some of the paint off.

how to paint on glass

Add transfer tape to your weeded design.  I make cuts on all sides so that it lays better on a curved surface. 

santa mugs

Then apply the contact paper to the mug and peel off the transfer paper.

santa mugs

Use the enamel glass paint to paint inside the letters.  If you want a textured look, use a round sponge brush to blot on the paint. 

santa mugs
santa claus mug

Now, this is where you need some patience and trial and error.  If you let the paint dry too long on the glass, it will stick to the contact paper and come off when you pull off the stencil. 

santa claus mug
santa mug

This is what ended up working for me:  Let the first coat dry for only about 5 minutes.  Apply a second coat.  Again only let dry for a few minutes.

It will still be a little wet.  But again if you let it dry too long it will get pulled off. 

This part requires some patience;)  I cut the contact paper into strips so I wouldn’t have to pull it off all at once.

santa claus mug

Then slowly start pulling off part of it.  You might have a few smudges but that’s ok you can touch those up.

santa claus mug

Pull off the extra pieces with a weeding tool.  I stuck mine through the contact paper so it pulled it up straight without smudging through the paint.  You can use tweezers if that’s easier for you.

santa claus mug

Once all the contact paper is removed you can go back and touch up little parts.  If you have smudges or leaks, use the weeding tool (click here to see it!) and scrape off the paint carefully.

santa cookie plate and mug

I added some extra dots around the mug.  Use a paint brush, a small round sponge, the end of a pencil or whatever you have.

santa cookie plate and mug

(Optional)  Turn the cup over and paint the bottom of the mug to get the red base.  I painted two coats with letting them dry in between.  

santa cookie plate and mug

I let the whole thing dry overnight and baked it according to the directions.  You can let it air cure for 21 days or place it in a cool oven, then heat to 350F and bake for 30 minutes. 

Let it cool in the oven and then remove.  There you have it, an adorable Santa’s Milk mug! 

santa cookies and milk set

A mug that now can be washed without the paint coming off and it won’t scrape off either!

Now set it out with your plate of cookies for jolly old St. Nick to enjoy!  (I made my plate from a Dollar Tree plate and vinyl).

santa cookies and milk set
santa cookies and milk set

You can also make this cute red truck burlap sign by clicking here and downloading my FREE SVG cut file!!

santa cookies and milk set

Want to save this for later?? You can PIN it now if you’d like!!  Also, make sure to check out all the other DIY Christmas decor and gifts I made with my Cricut by clicking here!

make your own stencil

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Thank you for stopping by!!  Have a great day!

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