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Cricut Halloween Shirt Ideas!

Use your Cricut to make your own DIY costume shirts. Infusible Ink is the perfect material to make matching couple shirts. Plus more Cricut Halloween shirt ideas!

I love using my Cricut to make all sorts of Halloween projects.  It is the perfect tool to personalize Halloween bags, buckets, making DIY decor, making your own costumes, and so much more!

And when it comes to Halloween, sometimes you want to do easy, am I right? I love looking at all the elaborate DIY costume ideas, but there are years when I just want to put on a shirt and go!

That’s where my Cricut machine comes in super handy. I can whip up a Halloween shirt for myself, for my kids, for my husband, or even matching shirts for the entire family!

This year I decided to do matching couples shirt with Infusible Ink.

playing card costume pinterest

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Most of the time I am still amazed that I actually made these items.  Or honestly… I’m still amazed at what the Cricut machine can do! There is a never-ending list of possibilities of what you can make with a Cricut.

Before I even started blogging I made all my kiddos cute Halloween buckets and bags.  These are just buckets from the Dollar Store!  It’s amazing what some vinyl can do!

DIY Halloween buckets bags

Last year I used my Cricut to make my hubby and I some M&M costume shirts very last minute (the afternoon of Halloween!)  Having a Cricut makes last minute t-shirts possible!

cricut halloween shirts

This year Cricut released a new revolutionary product called Infusible Ink.  I’ve used it on several projects like this cute summer beach bag and Cricut gifts my daughter’s artwork.  I knew it would be the perfect medium to use in creating my hubby and my DIY costume shirts for this Halloween.

What is Infusible Ink?

Infusible Ink is a revolutionary new group of Cricut products that allows for professional-looking heat transfer shirts, totes, onesies, and coasters (for now… more blanks to come!).  The ink actually infuses into the products and they become one.  What does that mean?

You get exceptional bright colors and no more peeling, cracking, fading, or wrinkling!  Hallelujah!  People will be so impressed by what you make since it will look so professional!

There is no printing involved.  The infusible ink transfer sheets are already pre-inked.  All you need to do is design, cut, and apply.  Find out more about it at

One of the reasons I love Infusible Ink is that you can’t feel it.  It literally infuses inside the t-shirts or whatever you are making.  Since this year, I was wanting to make playing card matching Halloween shirts, I knew iron-on vinyl would cause the shirts to be too thick since it’s such a big design.

Materials Needed for DIY Playing Card Costume

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infusible ink

Cutting Infusible Ink

I found these two heart card files in Cricut Access.  You can use the ones I used here.  I sized them to cut on one 12×12 Infusible Ink transfer sheet.


Make sure to click on “mirror” on the preview screen and then select “Iron-On Infusible Ink transfer sheet” for the material setting.

cutting infusible ink with cricut

Place the transfer sheet with the ink facing up on a standard grip mat.  Cut all of the mats following CDS prompts.

I used a brand new mat and it was super sticky so I had a little trouble getting the Infusible Ink sheets off the mats.  I flipped the mats over and pulled the mat from the sheet.

cracking infusible ink

Then roll it so you hear a cracking sound.  This releases the sheet from the backing.

unnamed file

Pull off the excess pieces with your fingers so you’re left with just the design that you are transferring to the shirt.

infusible ink

Applying Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets to Shirts

easypress heat guide

Time to preheat an EasyPress that is larger than your image.  I always go to to check what I need to set my EasyPress 2 too.

cricut heat guide screenshot
lint rolling t shirt

Put a white piece of 12×12 cardstock inside the shirt and place them on an EasyPress mat.  Use a lint brush to remove any small debris where the transfer will be going.

cricut infusible ink tutorial

Once the EasyPress is preheated and beeps, place a piece of clean butcher paper (comes in a package of Infusible Ink) where the image will go and preheat for 15 seconds.

Let the shirt cool for a few seconds and then center the queen or king of hearts image with the ink side down.  I added heat resistant tape to the sides because some of my transfer sheet cut all the way through and I didn’t want it to move.

infusible ink t shirt
cricut easy press

Place a piece of butcher paper over and press for 40 seconds.

removing infusible ink transfer sheet

Let the transfer cool for a few seconds (it will be hot!) and remove the backing.

Since this is a big transfer, I added the K and heart second.  You don’t want to press the King part again because it can fade the colors.  This would be a perfect time to use the small EasyPress or the EasyPress Mini.

Move the cardstock to the side and move the shirt to the side of the mat.  Place the image ink side down.  Cover with a clean piece of butcher paper and press for 40 seconds.  Repeat for both sides.  Remember to apply the bottom K or Q upside down!

cricut infusible ink on shirt
how to use infusible ink

I applied pressure to the top of the EasyPress since I was still using the big one.

infusible ink with easypress
infusible ink

The Infusible Ink transfer sheet pack came with 1 sheet of 4 different patterns so I used slightly different patterns on each shirt.  You could always buy two packs or use a different pattern that comes with two sheets of the same.

card costume

Repeat all the same steps for the Queen of Hearts shirt and now you have Halloween matching clothes for couples!  So fun, right??

queen of hearts t shirt pinterest

More Cricut Halloween Shirt Ideas!

Here are some more cute Cricut Halloween shirts that you can make with the help of these creative bloggers, Simply click on Continue Reading to hop on over to their blog posts for tutorials.

If you’d like to save this tutorial for later, simply hover over the top left of the image below and PIN It now!

diy couple themed costumes pinterest

Happy Halloween!

Have a creative day,

leap of faith crafting

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