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DIY Snow Globe Christmas Card with Photo: Free Template & SVG!

Learn how to make a shaker snow globe Christmas card by using this free snow globe PDF template or free SVG file to cut with a Cricut.

Christmas crafts, here we come! And specifically, DIY Christmas cards!

After making my fun shaker card a few months ago, I knew I wanted to make a holiday shaker card too. I’ve been hard at work designing this snow globe shaker card and I am so happy with how it turned out!

Since I know not all of you own Cricuts, I have a snow globe card template PDF that you can download and cut with scissors plus also a FREE snowglobe Christmas card SVG file.

The entire card is shaped like a snowglobe and we are making a window to add some faux snow and glitter in so that the snow shakes when the recipient shakes the card… fun, right??

DIY Snow Globe Card

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Supplies Needed for Snow Globe Christmas Card

So, let’s get started putting together this handmade snow globe card. The free files to download are towards the bottom of the post plus there is a full detailed video if the directions don’t make sense!

snow globe card supplies

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Down below the snow globe Christmas card instructions, you’ll find the download button. There is a snow globe card template PDF that you can print and cut with scissors and then use those pieces as templates for different color cardstocks.

Or there is a snowglobe card SVG file that you can download and cut with a Cricut cutting machine. This is the process I will go over in the post, but putting together the snow globe card pieces is the same once everything is cut!

If you are still deciding on a Cricut machine, check out my post on which Cricut is right for you (compares the Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore family, and the Cricut Joy).

Making a Snow Globe Shaker Card with a Cricut

Once you download the snow globe SVG from below, upload the file into Cricut Design Space. If you wish to resize the snow globe Christmas card make sure to keep the images grouped and change the size first so they all stay proportionate.

Also, if you are new to CDS, make sure to check out my series of Cricut Design Space 101 tutorials to get started.

There is one extra piece I didn’t use on my card but I left it in in case you want to add another color to the top of the snow globe. It’s dark blue, I just deleted mine off.

snowglobe cricut design space

There are two mustard color pieces. One is to use to cut the acetate sheet with. The other one is to crop the snow globe photo with.

Upload the photo you want to use and size it to about the same width at the mustard image.

changing photo shape cricut design space

Place the mustard image over the picture where you want it cropped. Drag your cursor over both (to select both of them) and then click on Slice.

cropping photo in cricut design space

You will be left with the snow globe shaped photo to print and cut. Delete off the extra photo and the mustard shape image since you’ll only need one now to cut the acetate.

clipping mask cricut design space

Now follow all the Cricut Design Space prompts to cut out each layer. I have the full video tutorial on using your Cricut to make the snow globe card so make sure to watch that if you need additional help with these steps.

cricut snowglobe card
snowglobe card template
This layer will be folded in half for the card itself.
fold snowglobe christmas card
cutting shimmer paper cricut
snowglobe card svg layer
I cut Cricut shimmer paper for the background.
snowglobe base cut

For the plastic sheet, the acetate sheet setting worked perfectly for my Cricut.

BeFunky photo
acetate for christmas snow globe shaker card

Keep cutting all of the layers to the snow globe card. The last layer will probably be the photo. Send it to your printer.

Then place the printed sheet on a Cricut mat and load it. Select the setting for whatever paper you are using.

photo snowglobe card

The Cricut will read the rectangle box and then cut the photo out.

photo snow globe christmas card diy
make photo christmas snow globe card

Assembling the Snow Globe Card

Once all the pieces of the snow globe are cut out (whether by a Cricut or with scissors), it’s time to assemble!

snowglobe christmas card layers

Again, making the snow globe a shaker is optional. If you do not want to add a window with snow, you can skip the next few steps.

The first thing I want to glue together is the acetate plastic sheet to the open snow globe layer. Tacky glue takes a few minutes to dry so I want to let it dry while I glue the other pieces together.

I put my tacky glue into a fine needle nose bottle that I used for my glue in when making my rhinestone tumbler so that I would only get a nice thin line.

tacky glue shaker card

I applied a line of glue all the way around the backside of the globe layer where the acetate window will sit (just the top half).

applying tacky glue to snowglobe card

Then I laid the acetate sheet on top of the glue and gently pushed it with my fingers. If some of the glue smushed out, I just wiped it away with my finger. Then let it dry.

snowglobe shaker christmas card diy

Now we are going to put together the rest of the layers.

As I mentioned before, I cut the wording out of adhesive vinyl because I don’t like having to glue down each individual cardstock piece, lol! I used clear contact paper from the Dollar Tree as my transfer tape since it’s a little less sticky and cheaper!

snowglobe adhesive vinyl sentiment
scraping adhesive vinyl contact paper

I glued the two offset cuts together and applied the vinyl wording on top.

adhesive vinyl on cardstock

I used a gluestick to glue the rest of the layers together. First glue the shadow layer to the front of the folded card (they just match up).

gluing top layer snowglobe cricut card
glitter snow globe christmas card diy

Then I glued the bottom of the snow globe onto the layer with the window and then glued the sentiment on top of that. Remember you don’t have to use all of these layers! Use what you want!

gluing snowglobe layers together diy
diy snow globe christmas card shaker

Then glue the photo on top of the card leaving about 1/4″ around the edge. Place the layer with the window over it to see exactly where it should be placed.

diy photo snow globe christmas card

Making the Snow Globe Card snow!

For the optional step of making this a shaker snow globe Christmas card, we need to make the top layer pop out a little bit so glitter can fit behind it.

pop dot tape dollar tree shaker

The glitter will settle at whatever level you put the bottom piece of pop out foam tape. I used the second thickest foam tape and put mine about 1/4″ down on the backside of the window layer below where the window is.

Then I placed two more pieces of foam tape on the bottom.

how to make snow globe shaker card cricut

This part is hard to show in pictures, so make sure to watch the video at the bottom. You’ll want to apply the thinnest foam tape all around the edge of the snowglobe. You need to create a tight seal where the edges of the tape meet the tape line we just applied to hold the snow up.

taping double sided foam tape to snowglobe card

Then peel off the paper backings off the foam tape.

remove paper backing for shaker card

Now you’ll want to add a little bit of faux snow or/and glitter. I added way too much the first time and you could barely see the picture.

So I would suggest just putting a little bit. I put a combo of faux snow, chunky white glitter, and extra fine white glitter.

adding glitter to snowglobe shaker card
snow inside snowglobe card

Then flip over and line up the window layer and press it down very well so all edges are sealed with the foam tape.

adding top layer to snow globe christmas card
press down well diy snowglobe

Your snow globe Christmas card DIY is already!

diy snow globe christmas cards
snow globe christmas card

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Snow Globe Cricut Card Video Tutorial

To watch the full video tutorial on making the holiday snowglobe card, head on over to my YouTube video here.

DIY Snow Globe Christmas Card Template

As a reminder, all of my FREE SVG files are for personal use only and not for commercial use. Please click here to purchase a commercial license if you want to use the files for commercial purposes such as to sell items for your small business.


For the SVG file, it will download as a zipped file. Extract all the contents and you’ll be able to use the SVG, EPS, or DXF.

snow globe christmas card
snow globe christmas card

How to Make a Snow Globe Christmas Card

Yield: 1 snow globe card
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Cost: $1

Make a unique Christmas card this year, with this snow globe photo card template!


  • coordinating cardstock
  • acetate sheet (if want to make a snow globe shaker card)
  • tacky glue, glue stick, or double sided tape runner
  • faux snow or white glitter to use as snow
  • double sided pop dot foam tape - I got mine from the Dollar Tree
  • brochure glossy paper (what I used), photo paper, or plain paper for photo
  • printer
  • Cricut cutting machine (optional)
  • adhesive vinyl - I used this for my wording, but optional.


  1. Download SVG or PDF file from blog post. If using a Cricut, upload the file into CDS. Upload a photo into CDS.
  2. Use one of the mustard shapes to slice your photo in CDS.
  3. Cut all shapes on cardstock, except mustard color shape out of an acetate sheet. Send photo to printer to print then cut.
  4. If using the PDF, print on white paper. Cut out images and use them as a template to trace onto colored cardstock and acetate sheet.
  5. If making a shaker snow globe card, glue the acetate sheet onto the backside of the snowglobe layer with an opening with tacky glue.
  6. Fold back snowglobe card. Glue next layer on top (will be the full snowglobe.)
  7. Glue the offsets together and add wording. Glue to snowglobe base piece.
  8. Glue the base piece to the layer with the glued on acetate snow globe christmas card shaker
  9. Glue the photo on the base piece.
  10. Pour a little bit of faux snow, chunky glitter, or extra fine glitter on top of the photo.
  11. Apply double sided foam tape to the backside of the acetate layer. Three lines on the bottom and one line all the way around the globe making sure the ends close off the acetate window.remove paper backing for shaker card
  12. Peel off the paper packing of the tape, turn the layer over and place it over the card. Press down with fingers well where all the foam pieces down well diy snowglobe
  13. All done! Enjoy the cute snow glove shaker card!


See post for FREE snow globe photo card template PDF and SVG file and step by step detailed instructions with photos.

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