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Cheap Spa Party Ideas (Elegant and DIY!)

Tons of cheap spa birthday party ideas! Give your daughter and her friends a night they will never forget with a DIY spa party while staying on a budget!

Every few years I host a big fun party for my kids, especially for their milestone birthdays. For my daughter’s 10th birthday we went a little crazy and had a fabulous DIY spa party.

And throwing a little girl a spa party is so much fun!

It took a few months of prep work and researching at-home spa party ideas but it was worth it.  Everything came out better than expected!  Scroll on through to check out a ton of DIY spa birthday party ideas.

cheap spa party ideas kids

Spa Birthday Party Ideas

I will try to separate all at-home spa party ideas into different sections so you can see how everything went together.  I threw this spa party for girls before I started blogging, so I don’t have as many step by step instructions for the steps.  Sorry!

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I will link to some of the tutorials I used to make some of the cheap spa party items.  Of course, I didn’t take a picture of the girl’s spa party invitations. You can see one in the picture below laying up against the flowers.

The invitation was a pillow box cut with my Cricut out of cardstock with a card inside of it.  We dropped them on all the girl’s doorsteps.

Spa Birthday Party Ideas

Spa Birthday Party Decorations

It really was fun turning our home into a serene and relaxing spa. Since my daughter wanted chocolate included she decided on a pink and brown color scheme.

I bought some brown fabric and tulle in the 50% off Remnants at Joann’s so they only cost me a few dollars.  I cut it in half and hung them from the ceiling in my family room and the other in the dining room.  Then I tied them will some pink satin fabric.

kids spa party

I bought a few pink and brown paper lanterns to hang along with some homemade tissue paper flowers and balloons. I made the “Buchanan’s Chocolate Day Spa” sign with my Cricut Explore and taped it on the front door.

spa birthday party
spa party for girls

I also cut out vinyl (found here!) with my Cricut that said “Relax, Refresh, Unwind” and hung applied it to my mantle (not the permanent kind! This stuff came right off after the party).

I used a lot of battery-operated candles and placed them around the house to imitate a real spa.  I also placed scrap pieces of pink and brown fabric under the candles or on the end tables to add pops of color to the girls spa party.

Girls Spa Party Favors

The part that took the longest was making each girl their own personalized towel wrap.  I embroidered their first initial on the bottom.  This was a little tricky since my daughter is on the smaller side so it was hard to estimate how big to make the body towel wraps.

kids spa party

I just bought cheap brown towels from Walmart and my daughter picked out some fabric from Joann’s, so we had half pink and brown polka dot and half blue with polka dots.  The tutorials I followed for the DIY bath towel wraps are found here and here.

I also made a personalized organizer for all the girls that served as their goody bags.  I found these pink hanging organizers on clearance at Target for $0.20 each!!!  Major score!!

I just happened to see them one day in their Spot Bins upfront.  I cut out each girl’s name out of vinyl with my Cricut and applied it to the top section.

I use my Cricut a lot with all my parties!  To learn more about it, make sure to read my posts on the Cricut Explore Air and Cricut Maker.

We filled each with nail polish, emery board, lotion, high heel corkboard (another Target clearance item), and then I also made all of them a matching sleep mask.  

Most of these items were from the Dollar Store.  They were all hanging up waiting for the girls as they arrived.

Spa Birthday Party Ideas
girls spa party

I had all the towel wraps and organizers hung on a portable rack and as each girl came in, I helped them put on their towel wrap.  We kept the organizers there to take home as favors as they left the kids spa party.

girls spa party at home

Other goody bag spa favor ideas:

DIY Spa Party Food and Cake

We did pretty easy food for the spa party.

For the cake, I made one that looked like a bottle of nail polish.  I topped a few 8-inch cakes on top of each other and used a pringle can covered with brown cardstock on top.

Spa Birthday Party Ideas
cheap Spa Birthday Party Ideas

We, of course, had a chocolate fountain since it was a chocolate spa party!  The girls loved this!  We put out pretzels, strawberries, and marshmallows for them to dip in it.

spa birthday party

At Home Spa Party Ideas

These are the different activities and stations we had at the spa party for girls and the line up of how things went.

I hired our babysitter and a friend of hers to come over and help out.  They did the makeup and hair station.

girls spa party at home

My mom always comes to help me out and she did the nail station!  

I kept emptying the water at the pedi station and helped them make lip gloss.

spa birthday party

Line Up on Girls Spa Party Activities

After the girls arrived, they sat down at the table and had a strawberry smoothie in these cute mason jar cups. I took the top out and made an outline of cute cardstock and cut them out.

Then I put them on contact paper (on both sides so they didn’t get wet) and cut them out again and stuck them below the clasp.  I printed their names on some punched out cardstock and tied it on the jar.

spa birthday party ideas

Face Mask Station

This is how the table was set up for the face mask station.  I bought a few mirrors at the Dollar Tree and some cheap washcloths and tied a brown ribbon around each.

girls spa party
Spa Birthday Party Ideas

They also had hair wraps (Dollar Tree!) at all the place settings that we helped them put on so the masque wouldn’t get all over the place.

Each of the girls had a bowl to mix the chocolate facial mask together.  The ingredients were on the table and they all made their own and then put it on their faces!                                   

Then they put the masks on!  It was so funny, they were freaking out and it was great to watch.

girls spa party at home
girls spa party at home

I had made all of them personalized pillows (another spa favor!) with iron-on vinyl(found here) and set them out on top of some blankets on the ground.  

After they had the masks on, they laid down on their pillows with cucumber slices on their eyes while we played relaxing music.                    

Spa Birthday Party Ideas
how to throw a spa party at home
Spa Birthday Party Ideas budget

After they all washed their faces off using the washcloth, they moved through the following spa treatment stations:  Hair Station, Make-up Station, Mani Station, Pedi/Foot Soak station, and make your own lip gloss station.  

Hair Station

I made cute signs for all of them with my Cricut and set them up in different parts of the rooms.  There were also Discovery Girl magazines for them to look at while they got their hair done and rainbow looms out to play with.

cheap spa party ideas

Hiring a few teenage helpers was definitely an excellent choice!

how to throw a spa party at home

Manicure Station

We had a folding table set up with two bowls of warm water to soak their nails. Then I used my tiered plate rack and filled it with nail polish, nail polish remover, lotion, nail files, and cotton balls.

kids spa party
Spa Birthday Party Ideas

Foot Soaking Station

In front of our coach, we had a few foot baths and a foot massager. These were just laundry buckets I got from the Dollar Tree.

spa party for girls

We put bath salts, pebbles, and switched out warm water in between all the girls. I also placed a basket of towels to dry their feet off with and some foot lotion.

cheap spa party ideas
how to throw a spa party at home

Lip Gloss Station

The last station was a lip balm making station. I had ordered small containers to store the lip balm in when they were down. I had them mix some vaseline with cocoa powder to get the chocolate flavor! You could also make sugar scrubs pretty easily too!

spa party for girls

After all the stations, the girls ate dinner and then watched a movie.  My mom and I were exhausted but we got up with them in the am and made them all breakfast too!

Spa Birthday Party Ideas

It was a very fun party and everyone really had a great time and hope you did too!

A few years later, we hosted a fun Baking Birthday party!  Click here to check out some ideas for a baking party!!

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spa birthday party for cheap

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you got some great spa birthday party ideas that you can use!

Have a great day,

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Spa Birthday Party Ideas
cheap Spa Party Ideas

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