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Star Wars Birthday Ideas for a FUN and CHEAP Party!

Do you need some great Star Wars birthday ideas? Check out these Star Wars food ideas, activity ideas and favor ideas to have a fun party!

Hi Friends!  I have to admit when my son wanted a Star Wars birthday party for his 7th birthday, I was excited!  I love Star Wars too and was looking forward to planning a fun party.

There are a ton of great Star Wars birthday ideas online and I put together the ones I liked best for an action-packed good time.  We had 10 seven-year-old boys over and they were kept busy the whole time!

I do not like to spend a lot of money on birthday parties so I made pretty much everything myself.  I hope you get some fun inspired for Star Wars birthday ideas.

Star Wars Birthday Ideas

Star Wars Birthday Ideas

Star Wars Party Invitations

I copied some clip art I found online and made the invitation on a printing program I have following an outline of some invitations I found online.  I uploaded it to Shutterfly and had it printed since I didn’t want to waste all my ink.

Star Wars party invitations

Star Wars Birthday Party Decorations

For our DIY Star Wars birthday decorations, I wanted to use what we had so I didn’t have to spend much money.  If your son is a big Star Wars fan, I’m sure you have a ton of toys that you can use as party decorations around your house.

I put some of our Star Wars toys around the house as decorations.  I also bought a few black plastic tablecloths at the dollar store and decorated them with puffy paint and some cut out ships.  My son had a lot of fun helping me decorate these with puffy paint!

I hung them above the food table and on a few walls as decorations.

star wars party decorations diy

star wars birthday party favors

Star Wars Birthday Ideas

Star Wars Birthday Party Activities

I had a lot of fun coming up with all the Star Wars birthday party ideas for activities and games.  I found some great ideas online that I was able to morph into what I wanted.

I found a great tutorial on how to make Jedi robes so I made each boy one.  This probably took the most time in preparing for the party but it was worth it!  These were a huge hit and were perfect as one of their Star Wars favors that they got to take home.

star wars party ideas

As the boys entered the house, they were each given a robe to put on and wear during the entire party.

Then the first station was a Teamwork Lego table where they just got to build whatever they wanted as we waited for all the other guests to arrive. This would also be a fun time to use our Star Wars color by number printables.

For every station, I made a little sign telling them what their Jedi Mission was.

star wars birthday decorations

star wars birthday lego

They were pretty cute all dressed up in their Jedi robes!

star wars birthday lego

Star Wars Birthday Ideas

Star Wars party station 2 was a Feel the Force station.  We blindfolded all the boys and had them taste different things and try to guess.  I had them try goldfish, blueberries, grapes, cutie slices, and cereal.  They had to guess what they thought the food was once everyone tasted it.

Of course, I had to dress up as Princess Leia!  I made a simple costume with some white fabric I found and puffy painted some white felt for a belt.

star wars jedi birthday

star wars birthday party games

Then I played different Star Wars sounds and music and they had to guess who it was talking.  They were all very into it and got very excited when they got it right!

star wars jedi activities

Star Wars Birthday Ideas

Station 3 was physical training, aka an obstacle course.  Luckily I found a Yoda backpack on Craigslist for cheap!  But you can also find one on Amazon here.

Each boy had to wear Yoda on his back while he rolled, walked on stilts (cups), shoot a balloon with a water gun, climb our playground ladder, then slides down the slide.  They took turns one and a time going through the course and cheering each other on.

star wars party games

star wars jedi robes diy

diy star wars birthday

star wars bday party games

jedi birthday ideas

yoda backpack

Star Wars Birthday Ideas

Station 4 was Lightsaber Training by balancing a balloon on a lightsaber.

I made the lightsabers with pipe insulation from Lowe’s with PVC pipe inside to make them stronger.  I got blue and green duck tape and wrapped it around 2/3s of it for the light part and then used black tape to wrap the handle.

star wars birthday party ideas

Star Wars Birthday Ideas

Then, of course, they had to test their training by battling Darth Vader!  My hubby dressed up and came out with the music playing and each young Jedi took a turn battling with him.  Some of them got a little aggressive!  It was great to watch.

diy star wars party

boys star wars birthday party

Then it was pinata time!  I found a tutorial on how to make a death star pinata.  Unfortunately, I didn’t attach it to well and it fell on the third Jedi but they didn’t really care as they dived in for the candy.  I had brown paper bags already set up with their names on it to collect their candy.

diy star wars pinata

diy star wars party ideas

diy star wars activities

diy pinata star wars

Star Wars Birthday Ideas

Star Wars Party Food Ideas

There are a ton of great Star Wars party food ideas online for food names.  I kept it pretty simple.  The cake I just ordered from a store.

We made “double-sided lightsaber hot dogs” out of crescent rolls and long hot dogs, “lightsaber kabobs” with grapes on a skewer and a cork covered in foil at the bottom, “Yoda Soda” was a green ice cream punch recipe and “Chewie Chips”.

star wars party food

star wars party food names

star wars cake

star wars easy party food

Star Wars Birthday Ideas

At the end, they all received their Jedi Medal that I made of cut out circle corkboard that I painted with a stencil.Star Wars Birthday Ideas

Star Wars Party Favors

Most of the Star Wars birthday party favors they used during the party and then took home.  The favors included the jedi robe, DIY lightsaber, bag full of pinata candy, their Jedi medal and a frisbee.

I bought a pack of frisbees and printed out a Thank You Star Wars sign out of sticker paper and attached it to the top.

star wars birthday party favors

We all had a lot of fun at the Star Wars birthday party, especially the grown-ups!!  I love that Star Wars made a comeback and it’s something we can all celebrate and love together!  Hopefully, my youngest son will ask for a Star Wars party someday:)

star wars costumes party

If you’d like more birthday party ideas, make sure to check out my dinosaur themed birthday party.

Want to save these Star Wars party ideas for later??  PIN it now!!  Thanks so much!

Star Wars Birthday Ideas

Thanks for stopping by and Have a great day!

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