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Sublimation Supplies and Blanks to Get Started!

What sublimation supplies do you need to get started? Let’s dive into what you absolutely need to start sublimation printing at home!

I have several sublimation posts on my site, but today I thought I’d just share the sublimation supplies you would need to get started!

Anytime you are venturing into a new hobby (or five!), there are always upfront costs that you need to be mindful of.

And sublimation is no exception! There might be a few items you already have if you are a Cricut crafter or use heat transfer vinyl already, but then there are supplies needed just for sublimation.

sublimation supplies

If you are new to sublimation and wondering what the heck it is, make sure to check out my full-detailed posts about getting started with sublimation and/or sublimation vs vinyl.

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Sublimation Supplies

We are going to go over sublimation supplies in different categories since there are a few different brands of items you can use.

I'll list my favorite products from years of experience, and also other highly rated products, substrates, and blanks.

You can find all of these products on Amazon (I know that's where most of us shop!), but you can also find some of them at your local craft store or even Target or Walmart.

Keep a look out for deals! I rarely ever pay the regular price because craft items always go on sale every few months!

Sublimation Printer and Ink

Probably the biggest price point when starting with sublimation is a sublimation printer. You can not use any printer!

A sublimation printer uses specific sublimation ink that goes through a chemical process of infusing into the base poly material/ coating when high heat is added.

As sublimation keeps rising in popularity, I would bet there will be more printers to come on the market so hopefully, the prices will drop with some competition.

Sublimation Paper and Small Supplies

Once you have a printer and ink, you'll need sublimation paper. Again, you can't just print on any paper!

When you print on sublimation paper, you'll need to make sure you print on mirror setting if you have any words or directional images. The images will seem dull.

Once you add the heat, the colors turn vibrant and gorgeous!

Then you'll also need a few small supply items like heat-resistant tape, butcher paper (to protect heat presses), and I recommend gloves.

Heat Press

If you have been using iron on vinyl then you might already own a heat press.

A constant high temperature is needed for sublimation so a home iron will not do.

Depending on what kind of items you want to sublimate will depend on the type of heat press you need.

Sublimation Blanks

Now on to the best blanks! This is where the fun is, in choosing what kind of sublimation projects you want to make, and there is a ton of different types of sublimation blanks to choose from.

You can't just use any blank! Sublimation requires a poly blend of materials or a poly coating to react with the dye, so you can't just pick up any ceramic mug at the Dollar Store.

Look for words like "sublimation blanks" or "sublimation compatible" on mugs, tumblers, mobile phone cases, key chains, etc to make sure it's a sublimation product.

Sublimation Shirts

When it comes to the best shirts to sublimate on, you don't really need a specific brand, just material and color.

Since sublimation requires a poly substrate to work, any shirt with higher polyester counts is going to work best. 100% polyester will give you the best results, but you can also sublimate on mixed soft blanks as long as they have a pretty high polyester count.

White or light shirts are always going to produce the most vibrant colors on their own.

I tend to go to Walmart and find a high polyester count shirt that fits well and is soft to use!

There are certain ways to sublimate on dark shirts and cotton shirts but using sublimation spray or on top of heat transfer vinyl.

As you can see, there is a huge range of sublimation supplies to choose from! I hope this post gave you some guidance on where to start and what you’ll need.

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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