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FREE Summer Reading Challenge Printable PDF Pack!

Get the kiddos off the devices and reading this summer with this fun summer reading challenge printable pack! Includes reading log chart, book review, and more!

With summer starting soon, if you are anything like me, you might be wondering what the heck can I do to keep the kiddos busy and off their devices??!!

I know now all kids are book lovers, but encouraging children to read is probably the best and only homework they need to do all summer.

Out of my three kids, only one is an avid book lover. She used to fly through books over the summer and it was hard to keep up with her. She even has her own book review blog now!

But my other two kiddos definitely needed motivation (and yes, sometimes money was involved!).

No matter which end your child lands on, this fun and FREE summer reading challenge printable pack is perfect for anyone (even adults!). The printable pdf goes a little beyond just keeping track of books.

summer reading challenge printable pin

If your town has a library you might want to stop by and see if they also offer a summer reading program. Ours gives out prizes (books!) at the end and sometimes will have a summer reading bingo chart to fill out with additional events attended at the library itself.

What’s Included in the Summer Reading Challenge Printable

This summer reading log printable pdf consists of five different pages. Print them all out on regular paper and staple them together or put them in a binder.

summer reading log printable

Two of the five pages are a summer reading chart with circles for each of the summer months… June, July, and August. Your child can color the circles in with markers, colored pencils, stickers, stamps, etc.. whatever excites them!

You can even have them put a little prize at the end of each row or month like a trip to the ice cream store, DVD rental, playdate of their choice, trip to the book store or library, special date night with Mom or Dad, etc. You know your child best, so whatever can motivate them to read and fill out the reading chart! For my youngest, it was trips to the Dollar Tree to buy toy cars.

summer reading chart printable

Then there is summer reading log printable sheet. You can print as many as you want! This helps your child practice their handwriting and keep track of all the amazing books they want to read and then they can check them off when they’ve finished.

summer reading log pdf

The last part of the summer reading printable pdf, is a book review printable. You’ll probably need to make a bunch of copies of this printable.

This is a great way to get your child thinking more and actually engaged in the book. For the younger kiddos, you can fill it in for them and they’ll love seeing their words come to life!

book review printable

If you need help finding books appropriate for your child’s age, check out the to get suggestions.

If you are looking for even more ideas to keep your children busy, make sure to check out our free printable bookmarks, making cards for soldiers, and kindness chart.

FREE Summer Reading Challenge PDF Download

As with all of my free printables, this reading log printable is for personal use only. Please no reselling, but feel free to share with friends!

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