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Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket Ideas for the Whole Week!

Need some easy and fun teacher appreciation gift basket ideas?? Here’s a list of some of our favorite ways to spoil our teachers!

 Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up soon. Teachers put so much of their time, patience, love, and even their hard earned money into helping our kiddos so it’s nice to give them some much-deserved love.  

Our elementary school has done a lot of amazing things to celebrate our teachers during the week.  There are so many great ideas for Teacher Appreciation gift basket ideas for the week out there!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket Ideas

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At our school, each individual class has a room parent and they organize what they want to do for their specific class.  We do something every single day and try to give the teachers something that will really mean something. 

Here are some teacher appreciation gift basket ideas that you can hand them each day of the week:

  • Thank you notes from students or their parents.  The kids can hand them to their teacher as they walk into the classroom or you can put a booklet together of all the notes and put in a basket with their favorite candy.  In my teacher survey results, handwritten letters from students and/or parents were their most treasured gift!  Most of them keep all of them.  So definitely make sure to include this simple but meaningful gift.
ideas for teacher appreciation week
    • School supply basket!  By the end of the school year, most teachers’ supplies have dwindled down so why not restock them?  You can ask the teacher what they are specifically low on and put that in the note you send home to the parents.  Examples are sharpies, kleenex, glue sticks, crayons, colored pencils, paper,etc.

    • The Best Things about my Teacher Basket!  I had each child fill out a form of questions about their teacher and to name one word that describes their teacher.  I made a word art collage out of the words and cut it out of vinyl with my Cricut and put it on a shadow box frame.  From the questions, I made a booklet of all the answers to present to the teacher.
Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket Ideas
ideas for teacher appreciation week

Memory Jar/Basket  You can have each student write a favorite memory on a small piece of paper and then decorate a mason jar or cookie jar to put them into for the teacher.

Bring a flower day!  Have each student bring a flower, preferably from their own garden, and hand to the teacher at the beginning of the day.  Have a decorated vase to put all flowers in to make a beautiful arrangement.  You can also easily make an etched vase with their name!  

Night Out Basket!  A basket filled with movie ticket gift cards, restaurant gift cards, and babysitting gift card (if they have kids and you have a Kids drop off Camp in your area).

Teacher Appreciation Door Decoration

Our class also decorates all the teacher doors the day before Teacher Appreciation Week.  There are lots of examples of teacher appreciation door ideas on Pinterest, but here are some we’ve made.

Try to incorporate their name, favorite movie, hobby, or interests.   We had a teacher who loved the movie Up, so I created one that read “Ms. X floats UP above the rest” and had a picture of her floating holding a balloon with each student’s name on it. Of course, I can’t find my picture of it!

I made this teacher appreciation door decoration for one for a teacher who loved to run.  I cut everything out with my Cricut, it turned out pretty cute!

teacher door decoration ideas

 I created this teacher door a few years ago when our teachers’ last name was Bridges.   All the balloons, trees, boats, and dolphins had each student’s name on it and were cut out with my Cricut Explore.

ideas for teacher appreciation week

This one was a fun door decoration.  I loved cutting out the owls.  I used brown butcher paper for the tree and twisted it for the branches.

teacher appreciation door ideas

For another teacher who loved lattes, we made this door with each student’s picture on the front of a coffee cup.  I used my Cricut to cut out all the coffee cups and just used a round hole punch to cut out the pictures.

teacher appreciation door ideas
teacher appreciation door ideas

We had a great 6th great male teacher who loved cars. I cut out all the cars and wording with my Cricut and then we used the student’s yearbook pictures and stuck them on the top of each car. Usually, the teachers will get one or two sheets of student picture stickers and we just asked if he had any extras!

teacher door decorating ideas

Here are a few other decorated teacher doors from around the school (sorry, it was a sunny day and the photos are not great!)

teacher door decorating ideas
teacher door decorating ideas

For some teacher appreciation gifts DIY like these below check out my tutorials by clicking here!  Also, make sure to browse through my ultimate guide of teacher appreciation ideas.

ideas for teacher appreciation week
teacher appreciation gift

What other teacher appreciation gift basket ideas do you like??

Thanks for stopping by and have a great and creative day!

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